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Welcome to the  Astrology Playground

Instructions for Purchasing Astrology Readings:
Astrology readings are where I work with your natal chart to identify    key life patterns, themes, growth areas, and transiting planets in your chart. This is done  via Zoom. Sessions are recorded for you to download and keep.

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1. Start with a natal chart session first! For   budget options,  check out my    Astro Fairy membership or a customized moon report.
2. After purchase, email me  at   We need to coordinate your birth details! Location, full date of birth and time are needed. Birth charts can be run without a time,  but I cannot speak to house system or the angles.
Note: some of these reading types link directly to  my Etsy shop

Disclaimer:  Readings are intended to serve as a compliment to mind-body holistic care. It is not intended to serve as a replacement to medical or psychiatric advice or replace seeing and being treated by a doctor. Readings are for "entertainment purposes only" and should be used in combination with other medical support where applicable.  

All the Time Offerings
Astro level 1.png

This astro is for you if...

  • You seek a full deep dive into all of the beauty, strengths, and challenges of the energies w/in your birth chart and need a translator

  • You are ready to level up your astro birth chart info

Session includes:

  • 60-90 minute live session exploring sign placements, aspects, & dominant energies, select asteroids, positioning of current transits affecting you

  • Recording emailed afterwards to re-access any time

  • Mutual conversation about life progress and goals!

Astro level 2.png

This astro is for you if...

*Returning clients can contact for a discount*

  • You seek a deep dive into the inner astrological alchemy (beauties, strengths, challenges) of you and another person

  • Note that this type of reading can be done with a relationship of any kind: family member, romantic partner, business partner, friend, ex-partner etc.

  • It can be a great way to heal retroactively from past hurts, pain points, or past life patterns


Session includes:

  • 60 minute live session exploring sign placements, aspects, & dominant energies, select asteroids between you and your person of interest

  • Recording emailed afterwards for re-access any time

_Astro level 3.png

This astro is for you if...

  • You have worked with me on your natal chart and are seeking deeper, more nuanced energetic aspects of your birth chart imprint

  • You seek specific clarity around deeper underpinnings of life cycles you are in such as your progressed moon


Session includes:

  • 45 minute live session discussing  shifts and aspects in your progressed chart w/particular emphasis on progressed moon 

  • Recording emailed afterwards to re-access any time

  • Specific recommendations for life focus areas within the 2-3 year cycle of your progressed moon

Astro level 4.png

This astro is for you if...

  • You have previously worked with me and need updated guidance

  • You are interested in learning what is the latest happening in the astrals in accordance with your chart for clarity, healing, and wellness

Session includes:

  • 30 minute live session OR audio recording identifying the most noteworthy planetary influences you are under right now

  • Recording emailed after session for re-access

  • Specific follow up recommendations such as crystals, goddesses to work with, angels, rituals etc. 

Copy of Fearlessly Fairy.png

This subscription    is for you if...

  • You are interested in receiving monthly support

  • You seek a like minded astrology spiritual community

  • You are looking for an economical way to stay plugged in to current astrology transits and learn more astro

Monthly Membership includes:

  • Video walk through of a key astrological aspect for each week of the month

  • Private Facebook group to connect w/like minded souls

  • Monthly journalling focus document 

  • 20% off any private astrology readings with me

        *Access to FB group after 1st paid month

Specialty Offerings
customized moon report.png
Personal Sign Planner (1).png
Personal Moon Planner (1).png

This astro is for you if...

This astro is for you if...

This astro is for you if...

  • You seek clarity on what the next moon month ahead looks like and want key themes, medicine to pay attention to 


    Reading includes:

  • Astrology recommendations for unique aspects (challenging and strengthening) of the energy of the full and new moon of that month

  • Audio recording emailed w/pictures of bonus oracle cards, 1 for new moon and 1 for full moon 

  • You are a seeker of astrological wisdom and want a consistent written guide to refer back to for each sun season

    Reading includes:

  • A sign by sign document customized for you with written astrological guidelines of your chart w/ each zodiac season

  • A customized PDF document for download you can keep and reuse again and again

  • Note: does not include transits

  • You are an astrological seeker and now seek clarity in the shifting harmonies of your moon sign w/ each moon shift

    Reading includes:

  • A sign by sign document outlining each moon phase in sign and how this harmonizes with your natal chart

  • Emailed PDF document to DL

  • Can be used to make informed decisions about self care and goals

  • Note: does not include transits

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FAQ Astro
Frequently Asked Astro Questions 

What is astrology?

Astrology is what I would call a “Sacred science”. It is an entire mathematical and spatial language and requires precise calculations and mathematics as you would find in any science, but it also has a paradoxical intuitive quality to it where some things can only be explained by faith, intuition and belief in a higher power and divine orchestration. This is one of the reasons why I love it so much! It is bottomless and unending. There is always more to learn, always new things being discovered or explored and yet it is also so ancient and so sacred at the same time.


What’s the difference between astronomy and astrology?

Astronomy is the scientific study of the planets, asteroids and outer space etc. from an observational and measurement based practice. It includes everything from technologies to get to outer space to how many moons Jupiter has to the average estimated temperature it is on Mars or how fast a light year really is. Astrology is the sacred science that studies the effect of these space influences on us as soul beings here in physical bodies, the connection of the soul to the oneness of the universe, past lives, karmic energies, day to day workings of the sun and moon etc.


How is this a “reading”?

The astrologer (me!) is a sort of linguist of the stars. I serve to translate the mathematical and spatial language that I understand into more common terms and language. I will translate the dynamics of energies I see using allegories and analogies for us to work within. It is truly like translating from one language into another.


How does an astrologer know which information to speak to?

I use an astrological software that helps plot the precise placements of planets, houses, asteroids and the aspects they make to each other. Then, I go in with my soul’s wisdom, energy guidance and keen eye to decipher what I am seeing into healing conversations for us to have together. I need a core of basic birth data info to do this including your full birthdate, place of birth and birth time.


What type of astrology do you practice?

I practice western astrology. There are many different types of astrology and each has their wonders! Although I studied vedic first and incorporate some wisdom from that at times, western is what I grew to love and that is the one I apply in the healing work that I do.


Why would you want to receive this information?

Looking at your natal chart is equivalent to your soul map. It is a tried and true way to plug into the wisdom your soul choose to incarnate under this time around the sun. It also can explain A LOT about current life cycles you are in which affect mood, energy levels, physical health of the body, and mental states. Its like you yourself are the website, but astrology is your source code. It is running and calculating all the time: dynamics underneath the surface. You may not always be aware of what language it is speaking, but it is there, operating within you.


How do use astrology?

I use astrology as a personal development tool. In my sessions, my intentions are to unearth greater amounts of spiritual knowledge about a client to foster self-love, self-awareness, forgiveness, and relief/release. It is ALL about witnessing yourself in the cycles and rhythms of your life. I encourage people to use astrology to determine more about who they are according to their star makeup: their strengths, weaknesses, what they came here to learn and do etc. Then, I assist people with understanding what transits they are under, i.e. what lessons are most prominent right now based on what planetary activity is most affecting you right now. It gets increasingly complex and you need a compassionate guide (such as me!) to hold your hand and walk the journey with you.


Are there any other benefits to using astrology?

You can also use astrology to determine compatibility between you and another in romance, business, or friendship. You can use astrology to pick a suitable launch date for a business, or a new website, or buying a house or starting a marriage- the opportunities are endless! I check astrological transits and witnessing them in accordance with my own chart on a daily basis. Being a leader within the divine feminine, I also hugely am passionate about the cycles of the moon and this is why I created such offerings as my Personal Moon Planners.


Is there anything about an astro session I should be mentally   prepared for?

Astrology combines the divine feminine energy and the divine masculine energy. This makes it very sacred. It is a powerful language to understand and with that type of power can come fear, especially by particular groups or people in history who may not want people to have access to a type of personal power. Much of what you may have been taught about astrology before (i.e. horoscopes in magazines) is likely only the tip of the iceberg. Most people’s minds are blown when they see exactly what a natal chart looks like or how complex the inner workings of an astrology reading can be. It is important to not be fearful but instead in awe of the depth and level of personal power that can be cultivated from exploring this miraculous sacred science.


I’m still a little you have any recommended resources for me to learn more about this?

I would check out the website It has a number of useful beginner articles on astrology. Pay attention to your feelings. How does exploring this stuff make you feel? If the answer is elated or opening, even a little bit, that is a nudge from your soul to keep going. Also, please don't hesitate to shoot an email to me, as I am happy to assess what type of reading might be best of service to you at this time (cards or astro).


Helpful Concepts to Understand:


Natal Chart: your natal chart is your “birth chart”. It is the spatial and mathematical stamp of what the skies were like at the time you were born. It reveals a lot of information about the planetary influences you are under this lifetime and also unique personality (and sometimes also physical!) attributes.


House System: your house system is an additional layer of information within a natal chart. It includes the placement of each of the 12 zodiac signs across your birth chart (which is set in the shape of a wheel). The house system is important because it places energy in certain areas and this leads to further information/significance. For example, you may have Jupiter in your 7th house or transiting Venus in your 5th house. Each of these houses carry a different meaning and add further depth and color to what a planet or transiting planet might be doing for you at that time there.


Aspects: aspects represent the mathematical angles that certain planets and features have to each other. There are different groupings of aspects, some that form 90 degree angles, some 180, some 60 and so on. It is the astrologer’s job to understand these dynamics and translate them for the person receiving the reading.


I love my monthly astrofairy membership! I feel more connected in knowing how planetary shifts can effect my emotions and my everyday life. I look forward to it every month and enjoy learning about what’s happening outside of our planet.

- Bethany G., Wyoming

Julie Ann is AMAZING! Her guidance is always so helpful and she is so down to Earth. She has definitely helped to make astrology something I can understand easily. I highly recommend her to anyone and I love the month ahead readings so I can prepare for upcoming astro events.

- Daynna L.F.-Jones, Hawaii

Julie Ann is amazing!! My husband and I subscribe to her monthly Full and New Moon Astrological reports which also include a card pull. She is so incredibly talented and wise. Even if you just want your natal chart explained, I highly recommend her!!

I ♡ U, Julie!

- Sheyna M., Switzerland

I had the most amazing Astrology Reading from Julie she did a long audio recording which gave me a deeper understanding of my Astrology Chart. Very inspiring and she explains things during her sessions with you with so much joy and enthusiasm. She is very gifted and knowledgeable. I know many people who do Astrology readings and she is top notch and among the very best!! I highly recommend Julie for all of your needs. She uses many different healing modalities which makes her a wonderful practitioner in the healing arts.. great job and Thank you very much 😊

-Shannon A., California

I needed a little guidance  in my everyday path and I couldn't believe how much the astrology forecast resonated with me. Very professional and you should feel confident with her readings. I know I sure did.

- Barbara M., Kentucky

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