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Welcome to the  Card Reading Playground

Guidance  for Purchasing Card Readings:
Card readings are where I use oracle, angel, and tarot cards to tune into specific life questions you may have. This is done  via recorded audio and is emailed to you with pictures of your cards.

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1. Read through my menu of services. Once decided, click the Buy Now button to pay.
2. Email me  at to get setup for your reading delivery.
3. Readings are delivered via email as recorded audio files with pictures of the cards. Estimated turnaround time is  7 business days but can be up to 9-14 days during a busy season.
Note: some offerings link directly  to an Etsy shop listing


Disclaimer:  Readings are intended to serve as a compliment to mind-body holistic care. It is not intended to serve as a replacement to medical or psychiatric advice or replace seeing and being treated by a doctor. Readings are for "entertainment purposes only" and should be used in combination with other medical support where applicable.  

All the Time Offerings
Teaser Level (1).png

This reading is for you if...

  • You are new to card readings and want just a taste

  • You are a spiritual babe on a super budget

  • You need specific advice on one scenario or support area


Reading includes:

  • Recorded audio message of about 15-20 minutes

  • Emailed reading with an audio file and pictures of your cards as well as any follow up reccomendations

Booster Card Spread

This reading is for you if...

You need to go deeper on a specific topic or life area

  • You need to go deeper on a specific topic or life area

  • You are ready to provide context for your card reading and/or craft 2 focus questions


Reading includes:

  • Recorded audio message of about 30-40 minutes

  • Emailed reading with an audio file (can be converted to video time permitting), pictures of your cards, and any specific follow up recomendations

Soul Coaching 1x.png

This reading is for you if...

  • You know your needs are varied and multi-faceted

  • You are working through some intense life themes and need full spectrum support

Session includes:

  • One 60-90 minute live session harnessing a dual holistic experience of oracle cards/tarot and astrology 

  • Recording emailed to you for download after the call so you can re-listen anytime

  • Specific suggestions on 1-2 chosen life areas (2).jpg

This subscription    is for you if...

  • You are interested in receiving monthly support

  • You want week to week guidance in the cards

Monthly Membership includes:

  • Video walk through of a key energetic message (or combination of messages) for each week

  • Private Facebook group after first month to connect with other like minded souls

  • Monthly journalling focus document 

  • 20% off any private card readings with me

Specialty Offerings
Season Ahead Reading (1).png
Solstice Ahead Reading
Year Ahead Reading

This reading is for you if...

This reading is for you if...

This reading is for you if...

  • You seek clarity on what the next 3 months ahead look like and want key themes, medicine to pay attention to 

    Reading includes:

  • 3 card reading + single bonus advice card focusing on each month in chosen season

  • Reading emailed w/pictures of your cards 

  • Optional add on: focus document w/goal setting prompts I will witness

       *For add on pay here

  • You seek clarity on what the next 6 months ahead look like from either the winter (Dec 21) or summer solstice (June 20)

    Reading includes:

  • 6 card reading + single bonus advice card focusing on each month in chosen cycle

  • Reading emailed w/pictures of your cards

  • Optional add on: focus document w/goal setting prompts I will witness (two-parted) *This add on pay here

  • You seek clarity on what the next 12 months ahead for you are in healing awareness (best for birthday or Dec/January)

    Reading includes:

  • 12 card reading + single bonus advice card focusing a message for each month of the year

  • Reading emailed w/pictures of your cards

  • Optional add on: focus document w/goal setting prompts I will witness (four-parted) *This add on pay here

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FAQ Cards
Frequently Asked Card Questions 

What are oracle cards?

Oracle cards, also known as tarot, angel cards, or “pulling a card” are a divination method used to extract spiritual wisdom. In essence, they serve as a focal point to communicate with the divine in a more specific and nuanced way. They are different than affirmation cards and tarot cards in that they provide more depth and do not have to follow as strict a structure as tarot cards do.

What is divination?

Divination is a form of connecting to the divine. It brings divine guidance into something tangible that we can touch, interact, work with and manipulate with our hands. Divination has been occurring for a longggggg time, including way back into biblical times when stones were thrown or Viking times when runes were ascribed onto stones and rocks.

What’s the difference between tarot and oracle card readings?

They deliver messages in a more fluid, love based format that does not have to ascribe to the sometimes jarring imagery on traditional tarot decks, and they do not have to conform to as many rules as tarot. I was trained in oracle cards first and then I gradually moved over to tarot. Now I integrate both. However, I always like the new and alternate versions of tarot instead of the original R-W.


Why would you want to receive this information?

Before you reincarnated this lifetime, you set up a divine plan of what you wanted to experience, who you would be, the lessons you would experience, people you might encounter and more! Sometimes along the way we get lost or misguided on our true mission and we lose sight of our connection to our angels, nature and Source. Angel card readings and healing work can serve as a cosmic anchor and redirect us to the love we feel lacking in and finger point in the right direction when we need it most.


Is there anything tricky to know about oracle cards?

When cards are pulled it is important to remember they represent a trajectory of energy on a chosen vibrational path. They are  like the people waving the flashers along the highway during a construction scene. They show us your current energy is on this road and this is where it leads. You always have the choice of what you would like to do with the information and if you might like to reroute!


What other benefits can they have?

Oracle cards can also help us feel guided, protected, and connected to angels and our guides. We all have guides and guardian angels. They are there for us to be helpful resources on our journey and the card reader is there to be a channel to your guides and information from the divine.


Is there anything scary about these readings I should be prepared for?

No way! All messages are brought forward to you in a pure and positive light. Some people have heard and learned that tarot is “bad” but this is lots more of movie hype and very little of reality. True spiritual guidance is only based on love - and by that I mean divine, loving, life force-flowing-kick-butt-love!


I’m still a little you have any recommendations for me to experience    more?

Check out a couple of the helpful concepts to understand below. These are just a teaser of some of the amazing things you can learn in getting card readings! Also, check out my YouTube channel where you can find lots of videos of me doing readings.


Helpful Concepts to Understand:


Chakra: think of chakras as individuals wheels of energy that make up the body and extend from the base of the spine up to the top of the head, with each ascribed to a specific color and set of functions. These energy centers can become blocked and this is why it is so important to work on our energy health and awareness.

Ascended Master: these are beings who have walked on Earth and underwent the same types of spiritual tests that we do in our Muggle lives. The only difference is they reincarnated over multiple lifetimes again and again, becoming increasingly proficient at mastering deeper and more intense spiritual tests, across varying locales, historical time periods and world struggles. Examples of ascended masters are Buddha, Krishna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, and White Buffalo Calf Woman. Ascended masters can be involved in a card reading for added guidance along with your own guides and guardian angels. Pretty cool, right!?


I got the reading  by email and was blown away by the accuracy of the reading. She didn't offer me corny predictions. It was more of an hour long therapy session about exploring things in my life that I have been suppressing. For a complete stranger to evoke all of that in me was very powerful. I have recommended her to my friends after reading my report.

-Heta Shah, Illinois

This was hands down the best reading I've ever received, and truly the best year ahead type of reading I've ever received.! I was in awe of how much it resonated and Julie Ann intuitively sensed and described several themes and experiences that have been weaving through my life lately. I feel a great sense of empowerment and hope after this reading.

-Rebecca S., New Hampshire

I was impressed by the Month Ahead package and experience. I couldn't believe how relevant it was. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

- Barabara M., Kentucky

Julie Ann is a wonderful practitioner! The session was a beautiful balance of intuitive guidance and practical wisdom to guide me on my spiritual path. I don't have too much experience with readings, and Julie Ann did a great job explaining the process along in a way that made sense to me.

-Kandice Cole, Illinois

I especially liked that the reading came as a recording that I could listen to, and she has a wonderful voice of compassion and honesty. One after another, she described things that were spot on and really helped me focus on what I need to spend my energy on right now. I will be recommending her and know I will be back myself!!

-Robyn Kilgore, Tennessee

What People Say
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