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Welcome to the  Soul Coaching Playground

Guidance for Purchasing Soul Coaching:

Soul coaching is when I combine cards and astrology to give a total holistic experience. This is done via video chat via Zoom. Sessions are recorded for you to download and keep.

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1.   Start with a single soul coaching session, then decide about a deeper package later!

2. After payment, you must email me  at   We need to coordinate your first session!

3. Come prepared to your session with lots of Qs! This is the place to dive in deep. For astrology, location, full date of birth and time are needed.

The Unsexy Notes:  Remember that readings are intended to serve as a compliment to mind-body holistic care. It is not intended to serve as a replacement to medical advice or replace seeing and being treated by a doctor. Also, readings are best done reflected from the self and the person requesting the reading. Readings once completed are non-refundable, but where there is a miscommunication or desire for different services prior to reading given this can easily be rearranged. 

All the Time Offerings
Soul Coaching 1x.png

This coaching    is for you if...

  • You are ready to experience the combined healing of cards and astrology but are not ready to commit to a full month or multi month package


  • You have previously worked with me for soul coaching and you need a bonus session!

Session includes:

  • ONE 60-90 minute live session harnessing a dual holistic experience of oracle cards/tarot and astrology 

  • Recording emailed to you for download after the call so you can re-listen anytime

  • Specific follow up recommendations from your session

Single Month Soul Coaching.png
  • You want a single focused month of spiritual journeying for cards and astro combined

  • Savings: 5% off purchasing 2 individual sessions

Package includes:

  • TWO 60-90 minute live sessions exploring key life themes, patterns, experiences, pain points, strengths, goals, and growth areas of interest to you

  • Recording emailed to you after each session

  • 25% off a follow up Teaser Level card reading OR Customized Moon Report

This coaching is for you if...

Soul Coaching Three Month Package.png

This coaching is for you if...

  • You are ready to commit deeper for 3 months of extra  support via cards and astro combined

  • Can be spaced out as alternate months

  • Savings: 10% off purchasing 6 individual sessions


Package includes:

  • SIX 60-90 minute live sessions (2 sessions/month) harnessing guidance within life themes, patterns, health, healing, and past life patterns 

  • Recording of sessions for re-access any time

  • Free access to a spiritual curriculum of your choice

Soul Coaching Six Month Package.png

This coaching    is for you if...

  • You know you need guidance from solstice to solstice and are ready to commit to a total half year experience of healing

  • Can be spaced out as alternate months

  • Savings: 15% off purchasing 12 individual sessions


    Package includes:

  • TWELVE 60-90 minute live sessions (2 sessions/month) working through life themes, healing patterns, and the Wheel of the Year

  • Recording made available after each session

  • FREE 1 time Customized Moon Report, $44.44 value

  • FREE Personal Sign OR Moon Planner prepared for you based on your natal chart, $111 value

All Inclusive Fairy 2.png

This subscription    is for you if...


  • You want consistent micro guidance in cards + astro support to refer back to weekly

  • You are interested in staying up to date with energy updates in a sacred container

  • You are looking for a monthly coaching option more affordable than private coaching sessions


Monthly Membership includes:

  • Access to all the perks of both The Fearlessly Fairy membership and the Astro Fairy membership

  • Access to both Private Facebook groups

  • 35% off ANY private reading with me!

Access to both the Astro Fairy and Fearlessly Fairy groups starts after 1st month of paid subscription. There is no separate FB group for All Inclusive Fairy.

Specialty Offerings
Pendulum Clearing Script (1).png
Chakra Clearing Curriculum.png
Pendulum Clearing Script (3).png

This guidance is for you if...

This guidance is for you if...

This guidance is for you if...

  • You want to learn how to work more with the archangels and seek wisdom about crystals, themes, and life areas w/them

    Curriculum includes:

  • Access to a 17 page PDF document available for download that features key information in cheatsheet form about each of 15 archangels

  • Audio recording  for each archangel page for those with visual impairments or audio learning preferences

  • You want to learn more about your chakras, why they need clearing, and how to clear and maintain a healthy auric field

    Curriculum includes:

  • Access to a 17 page document with beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques for chakra clearing including key terminology for newbies

  • Free access to a chakra clearing meditation designed and recorded by Julie Ann Fae for further healing & clearing

  • You are craving the wisdom that energy clearing can provide and how to do so at the tip of your fingertips 

    Curriculum includes:

  • Access to a 7 page document for download with all the know how on the use of pendulums including step by step clearing guidelines

  • Emailed PDF document to DL

  • Access to Julie Ann Fae via email for one follow up question if you so choose

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Frequently Asked Questions: Coaching

What is soul coaching?

Soul coaching is spirituality focused life coaching. It melds together different modalities to create a more synergistic healing experience. In my soul coaching I combine astrology readings with angel card readings.


Is there anything unique about getting soul coaching vs. just a card reading or astrology?

Depending upon what speciality service you pick there may also be incorporation of select goddesses or knowledge from pagan or Egyptian traditions. My soul coaching clients get access to the full range of my healing services: mystery school knowledge, spiritual curriculum discounts, and the opportunities to receive energy clearings.


What can I expect in soul coaching with you?

I combine knowledge of the divine feminine and divine masculine, cycles and rhythms of the universe, goal setting, the wheel of the year, knowledge of the ascended masters, chakras and energy systems, and plant based eating. You get my years of wisdom as a teacher, ardent lover of spirituality, and presence as an experienced spiritual seeker to inform a really effective spiritual teaching experience for you.


Can I expect results in my physical body?

You will likely experience a release of energy, or (more appropriately said) a merging into greater acceptance of where you are now and what you need to focus on doing next. I cannot guarantee any physical healing of the body as I am not a medical doctor. Most people express, however, that they feel “lighter”, more alert, awakened and present, hopeful, recentered, aware of what they CAN do, and positive when finishing a session. Think of it like an energy realignment + talk therapy!


What does an energy clearing provide?

Again, I cannot guarantee any physical healing of the body as I am not a medical doctor. You may find, however, if I am doing energy clearing work for you or your space that this can create a detoxification of some sort in both your immediate environment and physical body. You can expect more ease, a more free-flowing quality to the energy of your or your space, and most certainly with yourself a surge and uplift of energy. Also, I find in my energy clearings (because I do them so deeply and intensely) there is often past life wisdom that comes forward to be released and healed.


How do you know which tools to use for someone in a given session?

Some sessions may be more angel card heavy and others may be more astro heavy, or some a balance between talk therapy, advice and channeling. It really depends on your needs and what I am guided to do at the time!


How do you define yourself as a lightworker?

I draw my strength from Celtic and Egyptian mystery schools. I have had lifetimes in each mystery school tradition and dip into wisdom, lore, and sacred practices from each, depending upon need and time of the year. I also know that I have been an astrologer in many lifetimes. In spiritual speak, I am clairsentient and clairaudient. I communicate with guides and angels through sensing in feeling first and then I usually perceive of guidance clairaudiently. As my spiritual practice as grown, so has my clairvoyance and claircognizance as well.


How is soul coaching different than life coaching?

There are many different types of life coaches out there. Life coaching involves informed guidance from someone’s life path and often life coaches specialize in a particular facet of life: career, money, relationships etc. Soul coaching is spiritually minded coaching. It includes care and maintenance of the auric field, the soul and spiritual bodies, the chakras, and the unseen wisdom of one’s body. It is energy focused and life supporting, whereas life coaching is life supporting and does not necessarily have to focus on one’s energy bodies at all (although I would bet some life coaches give advice that supports energy inadvertently).


What can you say about the chakra system- how would that relate to soul coaching? Can I expect any improvement with my chakras through this process?

Ultimately, the care and maintenance of your chakra system will be an ongoing process. I cannot magically sweep a magical carpet into your life that keeps them rotating perfectly clear all the time (although how magical would that be!). I can, however, give you the tools and the awareness to understand what given chakras need rebalancing and how to rebalance them. I do daily work on my chakras and energy system. When you become clear about their importance to you as part of your fitness in the whole, it becomes a more seamless and integrated process. Many of us need guidance- and even seasoned lightworkers too!


Do you incorporate any yogic practices into your soul coaching?

I am not a certified yoga instructor (yet- or tbd if that is to become part of my path!), but I am an ardent and faithful practitioner of kundalini yoga. It has changed my life, and I recommend it to so many people. There are specific breathwork practices and some poses of which I may recommend to you, but my recommendations may also be of the literary or exploratory kind so just be prepared for anything! All is fair game when your spiritual teacher is a former teacher haha- expect some homework!

I’m still a little you have any recommended resources for me to learn more about this?

Check out Kyle Gray’s book Raise Your Vibration or tune in to Hay House Radio! These are great resources to get started lifting your vibe and keeping you on a spiritual path. 


Helpful Concepts to Understand:


Chakra: chakras or “wheel of light” as it means in Sanskrit, is one of the 7+ energetic centers aligned within the auric field and extending outwards from the physical body. These chakras correspond to different body parts and areas of focus, and they also can be corresponded to different colors, crystals, essential oils, yogic practices and sound frequencies for healing. They are like the hidden gifts of spirituality!


Auric Field: this is the area extending beyond the physical body- often in a bubble as far as your arms can reach- that includes the full radiating extent of your chakras and your “sensitivity radar”.


Mystery School: this is the term for a specific spiritual tradition designated of a specific part of the world, culture, ethnicity etc. There are specific spiritual practices native to spirituality in all different parts of the world, and when you begin the journey of a spiritual path it is important you find which mystery schools call to you. In other words, what spiritual lineage calls out to you? It does not have to be related to your current ethnicity, or it can be. For example I am half Irish and I do draw strength from the Celtic tradition, but I have also lived many lifetimes in Egypt and the Middle East (of which I have seen through past life regressions) and the Egyptian mystery school goddesses and traditions are also very important to me.


Julie Ann's sweet, kind spirit comes through and she is nothing but helpful and supportive. She explained everything in a way that I could understand, elaborated when I needed clarification, and celebrated the "ah ha" moments with me. I would recommend her to any and everyone and will be a returning customer.

- Robyn Kilgore, T.N.

I enjoyed today's session immensely. Julie is wonderful. So much of the information today was on point, even if I didn't realize it. . I have so many resources to explore, and I am looking forward to my next session.. Julie is such a bright light. Thank you!

- Suzanne B., N.Y.

There are some things I need to set forth to put myself on the right journey and I've already started making changes to the way I think about certain things. People close to me can see and feel the different me, the more positive me and all of the credit goes to Julie Ann. Her energy is so beautiful, it gives me warm and comforting feelings in my heart.

- Heta Shah, I.L.

Julie Ann is so intuitive and outgoing. So much was brought up, and her recommendations are spot on!

- Sandra Brown, V.A.

Julie is just lovely. She has extensive knowledge on astrology and archangels + her readings always hit home!!

- Jenn Gehring, M.N.

The session was very well executed! Many answers sought. Thank you Julie!

- Puja Shi, India

She inspired me and helped me talk about my situation and suggested positive ways to make life better.

- Ellie Newton, N.C.

Julie Ann has a healing gift, the love and wisdom she spreads is pure.

- Amanda Gomez Diaz, Mexico

The session was very well executed! Many answers sought. Thank you Julie!

- Amber McDaniel, N.C.