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Welcome Fairy Souls 

I am so grateful that you are here! I am on a mission to support people in spiritual growth. I offer spiritual coaching in topics within life purpose, manifestation, and emotional healing. As a Certified Angel Card Reader and Professional Astrologer, I use the wisdom of the angels and the tools of the stars to offer greater depths for you of learning, healing, truth, and peace.


Read on for fairy love in My Healer's Manifesto, My Blog, and more.

My Healer's Manifesto

Hot Off The Press_ ISSUE #14 of my moon


We are nothing without knowledge of our birthright.

We are spiritual beings here on this physical Earth here to enact a mission: to grow and heal, to explore, and to be a catalyst to other's growth and healing. I am a linguist of the stars and a student to Egyptian and Celtic mystery schools. I bring together knowledge of the divine feminine, energy work, crystal magic, Wheel of the Year Wisdom, working with higher frequency beings, and manifestation principles of metaphysics. I channel from the angels, the ascended masters, and the fae, and I am here to hold your hand and help you walk the spiritual path with me. My healing tools are the maps of the stars and the oracle cards to guide, mentor, and coach you. Being a fairy spirited soul myself, I am also very passionate about protecting our Earth, our animals, and its resources. My work through The Fairy Foodie also encompasses compassionate and plant-based eating and lifestyle practices.

Stick around here for guidance of the juicy goddess variety, for you are a mystical one too, dear one.

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What People Have to Say

"Julie is AMAZING! She is super nice and friendly. This was my first angel card reading. She really hit things on the head. We talked about what areas of my life I wanted to work on... and she was SPOT ON! This reading gave me a TON of clarity as well as confirming some things for me that I knew, but had second doubts about. I HIGHLY recommend Julie- - if I could give her 10 stars I would! love and light <3 "

-Lindsey Desilets, C.T.

"I didn't know what to expect when I had a reading with Julie as it was my first time. She was so nice, down to earth and humble. She even took extra time to explain things into detail. My reading has really helped my life in so many ways. I definitely recommend Julie!"

-Priscila Barraza, C.A.

"The connection she has with Angels and Masters is awesome, the special messages she receives from them to share with us is magical and full of unconditional love. Compassion and faith were with us during all the session, I feel so good in body, soul, mind and spirit. ¡Gracias!"

-Amanda Gomez Diaz, Mexico

"She has given me my hope back and showed me how to channel this setback I'm

 currently facing and turn it into fuel for my creative fire."

-Meagan Mermaid, C.A.

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