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🌚💀The Well Deepens: New Moon Conjunct Pluto💀🌚

I don't always chat about the new and full moon charts in my blog because I like to reserve that privilege for my Astro Fairy members. However, this particular New Moon in Capricorn (happening late Tuesday evening into Wednesday) is conjunct Pluto and is a mighty powerful one.

I wanted to chat some of it up here because it holds tremendous power and purpose...

A new moon in Capricorn in itself heralds new beginnings, particularly as it relates to business, long term goals, planning, structures, and responsibility structures in our life. Its a wonderful time to launch a new job or start a new business. With this new moon being conjunct Pluto within exactly 1 degree, we can expect these new structures and initiations to occur at an even deeper level.

Pluto has been transiting in Capricorn for quite some time (since 2008), so this isn't new news. Pluto moves very slowly, but it is powerful and mighty. It will be continuing its deep purge and shake up activity of long term structures and governments through to its final run in Capricorn until it moves into Aquarius in 2024 (nearly there!).

So what does this new moon chart hold in terms of special potency?

Let's take a look. As always, I will work in the energy of the divine feminine as I like to do😉....

🌚Sun and moon conjunct Pluto🌚

With the Sun, Moon, and Pluto all in bed together in Capricorn, this is powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We might feel compelled by an almost irresistible and primal urge to proceed with something. If it provides structure in your life for a greater good and your own greater good, follow it. If it includes any shady dealings or sneaky energy that could corrupt, hurt, or misuse others, stay away. Pluto holds tremendous power, but if used wrongly can lead to obsessional tendencies, jealousy, and more. If Capricorn bodes an important player for you in the relationship area (Venus in Cancer, Venus in Capricorn, and corresponding moon signs) and you have planets in these last 5 degrees of Capricorn be mindful of entering any tempting but toxic endeavors at this time.

🌚Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius🌚

Saturn and Jupiter, newly in Aquarius, have cleared their initial 0 degree status by this time (more on that in my winter solstice blog post here) and are moving through the first 5 degrees of Aquarius. Begin to expect more shifts and changes in this arena, particularly with Jupiter as it moves faster. New inventions, societal progress, new ways to friend and gather, and scientific discoveries are a brewin' but will become more apparent once we enter Aquarius season.

🌚Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus🌚

I chatted about Mars entering Taurus in my blog post I wrote last week. This aspect has significant potential to bring in unexpected events, particularly as it relates to finances, material assets, and self worth. Check out more on the blog post I wrote for a deep dive on this Mars transit!

🌚Mars and Uranus square Saturn🌚

Mars and Saturn will be squaring off on one another within 1 degree. This is a tight orb for these too players and will definitely be felt. There will be a bit of stop, no...go energy abounding. Its not in the context of a Mars retrograde anymore, however, and its not involving Saturn as its most extreme and deprecating (Capricorn, its home placement) so we can expect this to be harsh, but not as harsh as it could be. Because this is in Taurus and Aquarius this is allllll about money vs. society. Do you go with the crowd or forge your own way?

🌚Ceres conjunct Neptune in Pisces🌚

Ceres, the divine feminine asteroid related to mothering and nurturance, moved into Pisces in the fall. I wrote about this more extensively on this blog post here. With her approaching Neptune in Pisces now, this aspect is going to be increasingly felt. Expect ways to feel supported, love, and embrace compassion with this magical pairing. Be cautious of over nurturing people who cannot appreciate or love you for your mothering abilities (or those who cannot mother you and as such its better you mother yourself).

🌚Lilith conjunct Uranus in Taurus🌚

Lilith moved over Uranus during the Winter Solstice and that late December shift point offered a powerful point to purge repressed feminine rage, particualrly as it related to self worth in relationships. Lilith is still within orb to Uranus (although she is moving on faster than he is now), so we are still feeling this aspect and doing some clean up work there.

🌚Mercury conjunct Pallas Athena in Aquarius🌚

Mercury and divine feminine asteroid Pallas Athena are playing a lovely game of cat and mouse with each other. Both of these players do well in Aquarius, as it helps them to scheme, plan, and divine brilliant solutions. Mercury always picks up the flavors of what energy it is closest to or blending within at the time, and it does very well in Aquarius where it is properly intellectually stimulated (even if a bit caught up in the clouds at times). This is a wonderful time to try new things, spark fresh plans, and test out new flashes of innovation that come to you. You can read more about Pallas Athena in Aquarius on my blog post here.

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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