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💕👯 The Power of Friendship in Aquarian Times👯💕

Its the start of Aquarius season and with Saturn and Jupiter also transiting in this space, its the perfect time to relook at what Aquarian energy is all about. (Indulgent Legolas gifs to follow 😉)

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and its associated with the realm of the upper heavens. It is exceedingly smart and quick witted, ruling areas of society such as astronomy, astrology, science, technology, and innovations. Its not always a stable or predictable energy (unlike its previous sign, Capricorn), and, in essence, it steps in to rebel and break free of constrictive molds that Capricorn may have put in place (the ones that don't serve - Uranus isn't unreasonable).

Aquarius doesn't do "norms". It is open minded (usually, but it is a fixed air sign so once it gets its head set on something its hard to shake it out), experimental, and a bit of here I am / here I am not at times too. There is often an energy of awkardness and detachment to Aquarian energy. Its often associated with being "cool" as it doesn't rise to emotion as easily as its steamy opposite sign, Leo, of element fire.

This is 11th house energy in astrology (also a number related to mastery in numerology) and its related to gains through shared community, friendship, and communion with society. Its in Aquarius energy that we learn to come together, ideate, and explore new pathways after the somewhat (or very lot bit if we consider 2020) hermit-ing energy of Capricorn.

So three cheers for getting out and about after being such a hermit....well, sorta. Let's look at how some of this energy can manifest and be best utilized by us in 2021. As a reminder, I use astrology with my clients as prescriptive, not predictive. I believe it is alchemical medicine we can witness and work to observe patterns in our lives, heal, self-witness, and identify best timing windows to create, redo, and implement things in our lives. With that being said, let's take a look at some of my top tips for this Aquarian tide we are now in.

👯Reassess the Communities You Belong To👯

Saturn transits provide restructuring and realigning boundaries in one's life. With Saturn now in Aquarius for good for the next 2-3 years, this is alllll about reassessing our friendships, ways we gather, and communities we belong to.

DO: Reassess the membership and Meetup communities you belong to. Which need to stay? Which don't align anymore? This is a perfect time to detach from some stale ones and try some new ones too.

DON'T: Assume this transit means looking for reasons to reject your current friends or replace them with new ones. At best, friendships might need some new energy alignments, or you might be doing some restructuring in unexpected ways. But don't take this to heart to mean you need to kiss all your friends buh-bye.

👯Make Technology your Friendddddd👯

For those of us that liked video chat meetings and remote work before the pandemic (raising my hand), good. You were ahead of the curve. This is not something going to go away anytime soon. Embrace opportunities to explore more of what you can do to connect virtually with friends, colleagues, and more. From online quiz games to online chess to playing Heads Up using your phones and Zoom to connect with a friend, ways to technologically connect and play will be on the rise.

DO: Embrace this as an opportunity to get excited about what could be. Surely, if I consulted someone from the 1800s about the nature of using an iPhone they would be weirded out by it, but that is now second nature to us. Just because something is new or different, don't dismiss it. Just ask the Aquarians; they are used to this challenge of societal acceptance all the time.

DON'T: Bemoan and complain what is. When I was a public school teacher pioneering technology with my lesson plans (yes, although I am not an Aquarius I am indeed quite Uranian myself) I met pushback from more traditional teachers, particularly in one more rural school district I worked in. Now, these things I was doing then are second nature in schools. The quicker you are able to ease into the new, uncertain, and innovative, the better equipped you will be for the future. And other people around you trying to re-innovate will thank you for it too.

👯Take Time Outs to Balance Traditional with Innovative👯

Because Saturn represents tradition and structure, and Aquarius counter-culture, unstructure and rebellion, these two energies will be at odds at times (a bit like what I was just talking about above). The key here is to not become so erratically experimentally that you lose sense of reason, rationale, and order. You will need to work at balancing the two energies: structure and unstructure. Take it with someone who has BOTH Saturn and Uranus in her 2nd house: this is no easy task. However, once you achieve mastery towards it (a moving target, not a finish line), you become so versatile such that you can adapt and apply yourself within literally ANY situation.

DO: Take breaks if the "new" feels too overwhelming to you. Dial into something more grounded and real as you need to. Perhaps you will enjoy rewatching Lord of the Rings as I feel called to do while making this blog post? haha

DON'T: Reject or shun those struggling to balance these two energies. Its not an easy task, and some people are just naturally more Uranian or more Saturnian. Its human nature people will have their differences. One of the things Jupiter in Aquarius will teach us is to embrace people's unique perspectives and differences. We're all learning and growing...together.

👯Tap into Friendships to Access Other Frequencies of Love👯

Aquarius follows after Capricorn and before Pisces because it is that space that allows us to embrace connection and community after we have worked so hard, mostly on our own terms. Yet, we are not ready to reunite with all that is such as what Pisces will teach us.

It is in Aquarius that we play in the space of friendship love and love of community, love of colleagues. Friendships are WONDERFUL resources to teach us how to better balance giving and receiving with others - something that often gets disjointed during a heavy Cancer vs. Capricorn transit as we have gone through the past couple years. I know I have several friends of whom I do swaps with and the cards and metaphysical treasures we send each other always bring joy and true love to my heart. Friendships can heal heart wounds in this way. They are not to be underestimated.

DO: Embrace swaps, barters, and friendship dates (virtual if safest to do so). Be open to letting new friendships come into your life, and find ways to prioritize friendships in your life too.

DON'T: Neglect the fact that you still need to TALK out how this balance and exchange of energy is going to go. I have done many a swap and those that work best are those in which time and care is taken to map out what would make it equivalent, fair, or equal. That is Libran energy at its best and Libra trines Aquarius, as they are both air signs. it out!

👯Oh and one more thing...

Don't pressure Aquarians to have all the answers! Each of us need to do our part to come up with innovative solutions, and sometimes seemingly "traditional" people can come up with breakthroughs too. Uranian energy can often be hidden in someone's chart and not as obvious as sun sign. For example, Steve Jobs was a Pisces sun with Moon in Aries, yet he had Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus conjunct Jupiter in his 10th house (house of career and public status). I myself have a stellium of planets in Virgo, yet my Mercury is in my 11th house (house of Aquarius), my IC (root of the chart) is in Aquarius, and my moon tightly sextiles my natal Uranus, giving me extra elements of natural Uranian energy. Astrology is very complex, and its not quite as simple as just the embodiment of one sun or moon sign. So give the sun sign business a break, please. Its more complex than that, and let people surprise you in startlingly and unexpected ways!

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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