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🔱🐬Atlantis vs. Lemuria: What's the difference?🐬🔱

Its the start of Pisces season, and I always think about our spiritual lineages from the ancient sea civilizations around this time. I recommend to people they start their spiritual journey with unearthing and discovering their lineage. For example, I draw my strength from the Celtic and Egyptian mystery schools, working with such energies as the fae, Goddess Brigid, Goddess Isis, tree and crystal medicine, divine feminine knowledge and more.

However, I do believe I have Lemurian roots and also identify with Atlantean technologies too - particularly that of astrology. I have had a lot of fun learning over time about other lineages of which I (and many) believe many lightworkers descended through too - that of Atlantis and Lemuria. Interestingly though, there are some big and major differences between Atlanteans and Lemurians.

Let's take a ride into these two powerful spiritual lineages...


Area Involved: strong ties to Greece, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, possibly also extending into the Atlantic Ocean

Key Themes: technology, societal innovation, Atlantean priests, demise

If Atlantis could be summed up in a few words, it would be "Brilliant, but scary" (thanks Ronald Weasley for this perfect quote!)

Atlanteans were technological geniuses that (prior to its demise) hosted a vast city of many diverse and intergalactic beings. Lucy Cavendish writes in her book The Lost Lands: "Admist the unfolding of this tragedy upon the screen of my mind are memories of beings and creatures, all sacred, who are like nothing I have seen before...they have human and animal and angelic parts, it would seem. And there are beings who are galactic in origin, with blue skin and scaled and feathery wings and molten fire burning from within their eyes."

The area Atlantis covered was vast and is believed to host Greece as its epicenter. Here is a beautiful map put together by Lucy Cavendish in her book:

Source Credit: The Lost Lands

Atlantis offered healing temples with crystal healing beds harnessing the power of the sun. They were inventors, astrologists, astronomers, medicinal practitioners, academics and more. Before the civilization fell, it was a thriving metropolis of knowledge, diversity, science, and innovation.

The problem arose when select Altantean priests in power identified a power source they wanted to exploit...Lemurians themselves. Lemurians (who predated Atlantis yet had migrated there) had the ability to shapeshift at will into different forms, and held great power centralized behind their third eye. Lucy writes, "As Lemurians were able to create their reality very quickly, due to their genetic flexibility, such things were commonplace."

All of this was identified as a tool for power sourcing and started to become a secret, subversive "underground" scientific experiment to harvest and exploit by select Atlantean priests. This was done under wraps, and many in the society where kept unaware of what was happening or hushed up. This may also contribute to why many with Atlantean past life lineages also carry unexplained guilt, particularly as might relate to our throat chakra (speaking up or not speaking up) and our heart (interconnectedness of all).

Many Lemurians feared for their lives and shapeshifted into dolphins and whales and fled into the ocean to avoid being caught or "harvested" for these experiments. Others willingly walked into the situations, being of trust and love and not knowing or understanding the deceitfulness that awaited them on the other side. A great rift formed itself between Atlanteans and Lemurians, with Atlanteans believing in the power of technology to advance and "weaponize" themselves for societal progress and Lemurians believing in a more pure, back to nature, tribal approach (more on that below). Some believe this conflict between Lemurians and Atlanteans still plays out to this day. That person you know you can never see eye to eye with? Perhaps they were someone you had conflict with way back in these ancient times. Interesting to think about for sure!

Fun Fact: Jason Momoa who played Aquaman in the movie, was born in Hawaiian and has Hawaiian ancestry on his father's side. Therefore, he is more closely linked to Lemuria. What a bit of karma for an Atlantean story to make a Lemurian their King!


Lemuria, on the other hand, might as well be considered the ultimate heart chakra, original heartbeat and mother-land of the world.

Area Involved: Hawaiian Island, New Zealand, Polynesian Islands, extending into Pacific Ocean

Key Themes: peace loving, tribal, heart-centered, nature focused, song, dance

Lemuria extended into many parts across the Pacific Ocean including most especially the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, Polynesia, and parts of Japan. Here's another beautiful map by Lucy Cavendish:

Source Credit: The Lost Lands

In Lemuria, respect, compassion, and reverence for the Earth were commonplace. Deceit rarely existed as people displayed their auric energies openly and people were highly telepathic. Lying was sort of not invented yet! For those who might fall ill or suffer from disease (although more rare), this could be spotted quickly in one's auric field and worked on for healing. Healing rituals were performed with salt and sea, and many Lemurians honored select crystals as well as protecting the land the environment.

They followed a plant based, raw food diet, often complemented with seaweed and fish sometimes. Loving and compassion frequencies dominated and a deep appreciation and communion with the land was always observed. People lived tribally and community and taking care of one another within a tribe was very important. In addition, each person was given a unique role and purpose within the tribe, so they never felt lost or out of place. The power of song and dance was celebrated and openly part of life and culture.

Lemurians also did a lot of bartering and exchanging with goods and services. The concepts of corruption, greed, lying and deceit were truly alien to them (although introduced to them as time went on and especially when they migrated to other lands). This may be why many of us lightworkers and spiritual souls enjoy bartering, swaps, and exchanges. It reminds us of times in which currency and sharing of goods was done with ease, flow, and in a higher evolutionary light.

Lucy Cavendish writes that those who established Lemuria were "Pleiadian, others were Arcturian, and others still were from a place called Sirius. There were beings from Orion, from Lyra, and from constellations our telescopes have yet to reveal to us...They would travel through time and space and create a world in which they could grow beyond their experience, where they would know both the pleasures and pitfalls of being alive, and in a body."

She writes how they colonized and formed Mu, or Motherland: "On this voyage they were prepared to establish a colony on a natural landmass that had been identified in the vast Southern oceans." In essence, these intergalatic beings came to provide higher consciousness to Earth (although incarnating in on-Earth bodies began a process that changed them and subjected them to the unique circumstances of life on Earth). She writes "the main groups that assist Planet Earth and the starseeds here are Sirians, the Pleidians, Ashtar Command and the Arcturians, and coming in now the Arkadians, the Hathors, the Venusians." Since time technically has no time and space and is circular and not linear, who knows what intergalactic originations are happening in our parallel lifetimes right now!

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