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✨🐑Play with Imbolc & Word Search Challenge!🐑✨

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

We are coming up on the next pagan holiday in the Wheel of the Year. One of the most delightful and playful things that comes up for me with Imbolc is the magic of sheep!

Sheep are strongly linked to Imbolc because this was a time in mid-winter when the ewes (sheep) would show pregnancy and baby lamps in the belly yet to be born at the start of spring. Its a time of winter, stillness, and chill but one bearing hope for future abundance yet to come.

I love this pagan holiday in particular, as to me it brings in a depth of purity and play often unavailable at the more busy pagan holidays such as Yule and Samhain. For me, Imbolc is the cosmic "midterm check in" to see where you are at in the start of your year. What planning or adjustments need to be made? Do you need to cultivate more time outs before winter wraps up soon? Imbolc is the perfect magical time in between winter start and spring bounding in which we get to pause, ponder, witness, wish, and wonder. Its a wonderful time to bring in the colors of white and green into your healing work, as well as work with candle flame for purity.

Imbolg or Brigid's Day as it is also known is a Celtic holiday also strongly linked to the Goddess Brigid. She is associated with strength, perseverance, creativity, healing, and fertility. She is Keeper of the Sacred Flame and teaches us not to back down from the intentions and direction we have set forth. Much as the sheep cannot undo what is now in their belly, they are committed to holding strong at this time to carry the gestation of their new lamb babies through. We, too, can learn from this at this time.

Sheep and goats also love to jump and play, and they remind us not to overly take life too seriously. As Imbolc lands smack in Aquarius season, it reminds us to be flexible, to shake off the seriousness and rigidity that was Capricorn season. Shake it off a little bit and find some play! After all, Leo is the 7th house of Aquarius and - like it or not - they love to enjoy some of the arts, creative, and theatrical endeavors that could entail with another person.

Another reason I love Imbolc is because it does have such strong animal symbolism, so it reminds us to honor and cherish animals and the wisdom they provide. This is the perfect time to spend extra time with your furbabies, or help support and lift up your local animal sanctuaries if you have one nearby you.

Many animal sanctuaries have Amazon Wishlists (or you can inquire with them if they have one) where you can help donate supplies, or you can make a monetary donation instead. You can also support them by liking their Facebook page, following their Insta and resharing their posts. Its a tough job managing and taking care of a farm, and often rescue organizations are greatly in need of helpful publicity to garner attention to spread the world. Especially in socially distanced times, many are hurting as traditional visits and trips have gotten lowered. But many are providing virtual field trips you can access for schools or business "outings"! Look into what resources might be available your way that you can help and support with.

As a fairy soul, I am so passionate about animals. Fairies are considered the "nature angels" who are assertive protectors of the environment and animals. You, too, can do your fairy part even just to teach young kiddos and others that animals are deserving of love, respect, and cherishment just like the rest of us deserve too.

In honor of Imbolc this year, I am doing two things: a chance for you to play (and receive!) and a give back. Read on for more below.

🐑 Imbolc Word Search Challenge 🐑

I've made up a special Imbolc and midwinter themed word search for people to do! This is chock full of all kind's of beautiful imagery and word associations associated with Imbolc. It will really get you in the Imbolc spirit, and help you raise your festive spirits for the pagan holiday.

As an added bonus, I am giving people who complete this word search (instructions below) the opportunity to cash in on ONE of my February membership content videos for $20 off! Normally, my month ahead content gets posted on Etsy in the first week of the new month, so you will have ample time to complete your word search and be on time for the new content when it comes out. It normally retails at $23.99 so I am giving an Imbolc-a-licious access price in honor of this special holiday.

✨How to Play✨

1. Complete the word search I prepared at this link:

2. Take a screenshot of your finished product (all words must be shown crossed out on the word side bar and highlighted on the puzzle) and email it to me at or tag me in an Insta story @julieannfaehealing. (Please DM me as well if using Instagram so we can communicate and to ensure I see it.)

3. I will give you a special coupon code to use on my Etsy shop to get in on the goods once ready! You can choose between Astro Fairy or Fearlessly Fairy for February to get in on the magic in astro or cards all month long.

This is available until February 13, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. EST.

🐑 Happy Sheep Card Reading Challenge 🐑

To further honor Imbolc and the animals it boldly reminds us to provide for, I will be donating 28% of any card readings from my website to one of several farm animal, goat, and sheep rescue charities.

The happy sheep helpers I have decided to support this year include:

Tiny Hooves Sanctuary

The Animal Place

Farm Sanctuary

Shepherd's Rest Goat & Sheep Rescue

You will receive a screenshot from me to verify that a donation has been completed (barring it is safe to do so without revealing any financial information).

✨How to Purchase✨

1. Peruse all of my card reading options at (please note I will not be doing this via my Etsy shop listings so as to secure even more funds to the animal charities)

2. Pay via PayPal for the reading you would like and then email me at to get set up with the details on delivery of your reading.

3. Look out for a donation / thank you receipt from me for the charity you helped contribute to.

4. Wait for a reading, listen, and enjoy the good work you have put out and received!

This is available until February 13, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. EST.

So there we have it fairy lovelies. I hope to see you word searchin' and supporting me in my quest to make happy sheep this Imbolc! Also, I will also be sharing about these challenges on social media (Insta and FB @julieannfaehealing), so please help me out by resharing these posts when you see them!

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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