🤍👑How to Wear Your Crown of Self Respect 👑🤍

We've got a full moon in Leo coming up and we all want to stand in our individual power. I love in LOTR when Aragorn says, "My friends, you bow to no one" to the hobbits at his coronation ceremony. Its a perfect moment that captures just how much they all have gone through, and how important their individual paths and purposes were to cultivating a positive new future.

Let's face it - we all want to get along and live in a unified, peaceful, and easy going society. The truth is that the consciousness on this planet at this time doesn't exist that way perfectly. Although, I have hope we will get back to Lemurian times!

In the meantime, we need to navigate tricky situations in a public, social media interfacing world, and situations behind closed doors too. What we need to understand at the root of all of this is our relationship with ourselves and what helps align us with our own self love and self respect. Once we are loving and respecting ourselves more, we radiate that out to others and the world. We actually heal the world by healing ourselves.

So, in the spirit of Aragorn let's chat some topics around bravery, love, and self-respect...

🤍Accept Boundary Making as a Healthy Part of Life🤍

Something I have had to learn the hard way is that boundaries are not "nice", they are essential. Boundaries can occur in all kinds of ways- from spoken word to physical acts. There is so much I can say on this topic, but if this part is striking a cord for you I encourage you to make a commitment to learning more on this topic. Below, I am sharing some things I have learned along my journey that support positive boundary making and drama reducing in one's life.

🤍Ask yourself "Is it really worth it?"🤍

When I walk my pup, he will sometimes pull on the leash when he sees another dog and pull so hard he nearly chokes himself in the process. I find myself saying out loud to him "Forget it. Its just NOT worth it!!" This gave my therapist a good laugh, and it is quite funny that I am trying to console him in risk management. Too often in our life, though, we force or push energy into something that just isn't right timing, or just isn't meant to work out in that way right now. I have had to learn (and practice) the art of asking myself "Can I handle this right now?" Before you open up your email account while in a cranky mood or check your Facebook messages, stop and ask yourself this question. We can't expect other people to heal our bad moods. It works wonders to "check yourself before you wreck yourself". The only one you can adjust and realign your energies is you, so stop, do that, then come back to the tasks that engage with other people's energies. Practice spoken word energy boundaries at this time if you need to as well (i.e. "I'm sorry I can't talk right now, but I will get back with you later.")

🤍Take time for daily tasks that plug you in to self respect.🤍

I know I talk about this a lot, but its just so important. Starting your day with little acts of self care and self love can be SO helpful. Do you roll out of bed, check your Insta and your emails, then roll into taking care of kiddos or furchildren? What if you could leave your phone out of the equation, celebrate a quiet moment appreciating them instead, and then get started in the flow of you and your world. Build in some exercise, meditation, and self adornment activities and you will be good to go!

🤍Practice the art of walking away🤍

Its easy when our ego is triggered to talk back, re-engage with a comeback, or (often unconsciously) lash out. This actually only entangles us with someone in a power dynamic even more. Its often the harder path, but saying less and doing more to detach and walk away is the best medicine.

You can talk it out (if you are meant to) at a better time when your vibe isn't as fragmented. In the process of detachment like this, you will increasingly find it helps you preserve your self worth and respect. When we "loose it" in front of someone, sadly, the only thing that happens is that you have noticeably now given your power away. This is by no means easy, but the dance between walk away vs. reengage is a critical one to master for one's own self respect. Be the bouncer to your own ego, and you will find yourself in a healthier relationship with self respect!

🤍You don't have to share everything with everyone🤍

Back during the Venus retrograde of 2020, I ended up living without a phone for two months. In the process of all the emotions that entailed, I actually learned a LOT about my own impulse behaviors, and how I could cultivate more simplicity and privacy in my own life.

Here are some practices that have stuck with me ever since:

- Wait to share photos or memories on social media - at least a day, maybe two. Not only does this bear with it a wonderful safety component (people don't need to know where you are all the time), but it makes for excellent mindfulness. Savor theses snapshots just for you, or don't share them altogether. Its not about never sharing; its about mindfulness of when, where, and how you do. Whenever you share something, you are inviting people to comment on your life. Often, we are unconsciously just approval or validation seeking. Do you REALLY need that? Or can you just enjoy this moment yourself? Do you REALLY need people to comment on your life?

- Create distinct containers for where you share and with whom. After this time, I also separated my original Instagram account into two separate ones. I had been hemming and hawing over this for a while, and in that space came to clarity. It meant the loss of certain things I had built up on the one, but the then freedom to create in two containers, one private and one public. If you are an entrepreneur like me, I cannot recommend this highly enough. Also, make sure on Facebook you fully understand the "Audience" feature in which you can toggle between sharing with friends vs. the public on your profile. You can also create a list of people amongst FB friends that limits what they can see too, further filtering and adding privacy for yourself as needed.

- Regularly build in phone detox days or times. You will be AMAZED at what this can open up. Also, many apps you might have (i.e. podcasts, Audible, Spotify) can also be accessed from the web, so you aren't missing out on listening to positive and enriching things. This process cultivates more space, simplicity, and ease in your life. It really is wonderful, and certainly a tool for self respect.

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