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👻10 Days of Tarot with Julie Ann Fae: Samhain Countdown!👻

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

NOTE: I will continue adding to this post, so please check back here daily!

Surprise! I told you lovelies in my Insta story and in my latest pick a card video (watch here if you haven’t seen it already!) that I would be doing something special at the start of Scorpio season.

Wellllll, voila! I've decided I will walk us through a guided tarot message of the day for 10 days, counting down to Samhain, our witchy new year in the wheel of the year (aka Halloween in Muggle land).

The card decks I am using are Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and The Practical Witch’s Spell Deck by Cerridwen Greenleaf. All of these magical photos have been taken by yours truly. Making an appearance is my pumpkin orgonite, mini witchy cauldron, two black tourmaline generators, and a previously Samhain charged quartz all on a beautiful orange and black Celtic tapestry. All of this was photographed in natural sunlight...the truest magic of all!

👻Day 1 Message👻

Today’s card is 10 of Wands from the tarot and “Housewarming Spell” (more on that in a bit). Although the sun is now shifting into Scorpio, it's going to take some time for those difficult squares from the end of Libra to all the planets at the end of Capricorn to wane off. The good news is as we progress deeper and deeper into Scorpio season, that tension will slowly become a thing of the past and we should see this overwhelm in work and exhaustion start to lessen (well, except for Venus moving into Libra but stay tuned). In the here and the now, though, things are still a bit...rough. We feel behind on work to do (thanks a lot Merc Retro) and sometimes just downright want to give up, back away, or throw in the towel (Ahem, Mars Retro). We are getting through it though. We might be cranky, we might feel behind, we might feel way out of balance (*raises hand high*) but we ARE here. We are still showing up. We will get through this. We will overcome these challenges...and that is really all that matters. We can tidy up our makeup and straighten our witchy hats once we get there 😉.

⚡️Housewarming Spell⚡️

“When you or a friend move into a new home, place a wreath on the front and back doors. Gather two bundles of dried hops or eucalyptus, tie them with green and brown ribbons, and hang them high on the doors. Walk through each door with a brown candle in a glass votive jar and aromatic cinnamon incense. Intone: ‘ Home of the body, I accept your shelter, Home of my heart, I receive your blessings. Home of my heart, I am open to joy. And so it is. And so it shall be.' "

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👻Day 2 Message👻

Today’s card is Four of Swords from the tarot and “Sit for a Spell”. It's clear we have been working really, REALLY hard (see yesterday’s card!) and we may need to take a time out and a breather. We may have actually lost sleep or feel cranky because we aren’t resting enough or eating enough. A good nap or time out for a tasty snack is a must do! We may have worked really hard and planted lots of seeds of hard work, but now is the time to give it a rest...even if just for a little while...and let it bloom and grow. Take some time outs from social media if you can, meditate, nap, take a bath. Do what you can to rest, rest, rest. You deserve it.

⚡️Sit for a Spell⚡️

“On a Sunday, or any day you need encouragement, set aside a half-hour of quiet time and brew up some willpower to help you in any creative endeavor. Light a white candle anointed with peppermint oil, and the light spicy incense (cinnamon works well, if you can get it). Take a sprig of mint, warm milk, and cinnamon sticks, and stir the milk clockwise with the mint and cinnamon in a white mug. Say aloud: ‘Herb of menthe and spicy mead, today is the day I shall succeed, in every word and every deed. With harm to none, so mote it be.’ Hold the cup and ‘sit for a spell’, eyes closed, envisioning your new horizons. Keep the cinnamon sticks on your altar as a symbol of the power of encouraging words.”

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👻Day 3 Message👻

Day 3 in our guided tarot message countdown to Samhain here! Today’s card is King of Swords and spell card is “Air Augury Conjuration”.

Girllll, after a period of intensive work and then rest you are now master of intellect! You’ve learned a lot and it has made you stronger. With Scorpio energy steadily becoming more full on, you are prepared to stand in your power and plan, persevere, and make best fit decisions accordingly. This is a great time for you to confront those follow up emails you have been ignoring, or that phone call you need to make. Embrace the energy of clarity of thought even further working with the colors blue and white and crystals such as blue kyanite, sodalite, and lapis lazuli.

⚡️Air Augury Conjuration⚡️

This spell card is so perfect for the new moon in Libra we had last week and are still integrating! “When the new moon is in an air sign -Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra- light the following incenses: lavender and sandalwood. Light one white candle and one blue candle and say: ‘Winged Mercury, God of air, I entreat you to bring me sight and true awareness. Like the wind, speed my way, Make everything new.’ This spell should give you sharpness and great clarity of mind. Listen to your intuition now; it will not fail you.”

👻Day 4 Message👻

Today’s card is The Fool and spell card is “Love Nest Spell”. Are some of you trying to manifest love, orrrr turn your home into a loving nest? With The Fool card here, you are encouraged to trust in your innocence and playfulness. You are starting a whole new chapter of life, and while you may not entirely know what you are doing or where you are going, there is a youthfulness and excitement about you. You just feel excited for this new chapter you are in, or coming into form. Be spontaneous and don’t forget your trusty companions of fur and feathered friends along the way!

⚡️Love Nest Spell⚡️

“To anoint your home a sacred space and turn it into a loving nest, rub any one of the following essential oils, undiluted, on your door jam: cinnamon, cypress, clover, dragon’s blood, frankincense. Walk through the door and close it securely. Take the remaining essential oil and anoint every other door and window. At the witching hour-midnight- light anointed white candles and place them in every doorway and windowsill, and sing: ‘My home is my temple, and here I will live and love and be healed. And so it is by magic sealed.’ ”

👻Day 5 Message👻

Day 5 in our magical Samhain countdown with tarot is “Six of Swords” and “Wednesday Wisdom”. After some hard work, some resting, some believing, and then some thinking, we are now ready to move forward and take action. We just :::know::: that certain situations are really not serving us anymore and it's time to make a change. There are a lot of leaves blown into the air with this card and the moon is full, so it's possible that the upcoming full moon in Taurus (on Samhain/Halloween night actually!) will be bringing in lots of movement and change for us all. You might not yet know who you are aligning with to make these changes or what or how its going to look like, but this card is a positive indicator changes are on their way. With the energy of six here this is about giving and receiving. Practice playing in that energy. Money can’t flow unless we play with it and give a little bit too, you know? Six weeks to six months may be important windows of time for you. Spell card message will be posted on my blog at 🙃

⚡️ Wednesday Wisdom ⚡️

“For abundant blessings or spiritual enlightenment, burn a white candle anointed with lavender oil on your altar during a wan moon on Woden’s Day (Wednesday). Place a single white rose in water, and lay a bunch of dried white sage beside rose incense. Light the incense, then take the sage bundle, light the end, and pass the smoke over your altar to smudge the space. Chant: ‘May grace be bestowed upon thy spirit, and so it is by magic sealed.’ ”

👻Day 6 Message👻

Day 6 today of our 10 day magical tarot + Samhain countdown! Today’s card is “Ace of Pentacles” and spell card is “New Moon: Candle Consecration”. We’ve certainly been going through it, with lots of shifting and reviving of energies. Today’s card bodes some good news though; there’s an opportunity at hand here. It might be something small, or it might be the promise of something big, but either way it bodes some indications of success and tangible results. This could be in material assets, money, or wealth of some sort. Because this is an Ace it's just the very very very beginning of this energy, so don’t despair if it's not there (my new favorite rhyme!) or if it's not fully formed yet. 🙃

⚡️ New Moon: Candle Consecration⚡️

“If you are looking for love, perform this rite and you will soon find a lover to satisfy your needs. On the night of the next new moon, take two pieces of rose quartz and place them on the floor in the center of your bedroom. Light two red candles and use this affirming chant: ‘Beautiful crystal I hold this night, Flame with love for my delight, Goddess of love, I ask of you, Guide me in the path that is true. Harm to none as love comes to me. Then I ask and so it shall be.’ ”

👻Day 7 Message👻

Day 7 in our tarot + Samhain countdown! Today the cards we have are “Two of Cups” and “Clarity Infusion”. Today is a good day to spend time with someone you love- whether that’s a furbaby, a lover, a dear friend, or simply someone you want to get to know a bit better (hehe). It's a day for exchanging energy in the vibration of love, and focusing on the balance and blessings that can come from partnering with another. In this card we see a couple cheers-ing each other at a sunlit beach with their two cats joining in on the duality fun. Their brooms are set down and their hats tipped on their chairs. They’re not traveling or working. Just for now, they are enjoying each other. 🙃

⚡️Clarity Infusion⚡️

“I recommend growing a pot of hardy sage so you can always clear energy and increase your psychic potential. Another useful herb is mint, which comes from the Latin mentha, and literally means “thought”. Woven into a crown, it bestows brilliance, artistic inspiration, and prophetic ability. Burned, it is especially potent. Here is a wonderfully simple tool for awakening the mind and attuning to the higher powers. Take dried mint stalks and dried sage in equal parts and roll together into a wand. Bind with multi-colored strong, and before any ritual, tarot reading, or spellcrafting, “smudge” your house with the wand by lighting the leafy end and passing the smoke around. This will purify your space.”

👻Day 8 Message👻

Day 8 in our tarot + Samhain countdown! Today is “Queen of Swords” with spell card “Telepathy Tea”. If there was ever a strong woman to brew a telepathy tea, it would surely be the Queen of Swords! Here, she sits on her throne that looks like it is made from crystals or ice. She has complete clarity of thought and takes no shizznit. She is clear on what she wants in love, in life, in money, in career...and frankly, just won’t settle for any less. This card encourages you to stand in your power through your own mind, your thoughts, and the words that you speak. Are you giving your power away to anyone you shouldn’t be? Or thinking thoughts that do you harm? Use your mental powers for good, not detriment. This might be an excellent time to write, read, learn, or listen, as your mental abilities right now are on point.

⚡️Telepathy Tea⚡️

“Dandelion root tea can call upon the spirit of anyone whose advice you might need. Simply place a freshly brewed tea, using this root, on your bedroom altar or nightstand. Before you sleep, say the name of your helper deity aloud seven times. In a dream or vision, the spirit will visit you and answer all of your questions. During medieval times, this spell was used to find hidden treasure. Geoffrey Chaucer, the English poet from the Middle Ages who was well-versed in astrology and other metaphysics, recommended this tried and true tea.”

👻Day 9 Message👻

Day 9 in our magical tarot romp leading up to Samhain/Halloween is here! For today we have a double dose of messages...angels want us to get some extra lovin’ on All Hallows Eve! We have the “King of Pentacles” and “Temperance” along with the spell cards “Self-Blessing” and “Blade Blessing”. It's clear we are wanting to achieve a level of success and stability at the level of King of Pentacles status. With Saturn and Jupiter finishing their slow march through Capricorn this Fall, it's been all about those types of questions. How do I become more stable? What do I need to change in my life to be more secure? How do I become more successful? They are questions we all have right now, and in trying times it's like we ask them all the more. With Temperance here, our angels want us to be reminded: balance, balance, balance….and patience, patience, patience. Good things will come, and we can work hard AND do self-care in the process. As long as we work steadfastly towards our goals and not give up (the King of Pentacles is in it to win it for the longgggg haul) our success is assured. We may have to make some adjustments and humble ourselves, learn things along the way..oh, yes. But we can persevere. We are building our castle...we just need to make sure we make space for a yoga room in that mix too 🙃

⚡️Blade Blessing⚡️

Note: I adapted this spell to make it a bit more fairy friendly, as many of us do not work with energy cutting tools but use crystals, essential oils, or altar grids instead.

“To imbue a new tool with your spiritual energy, perform this speedy spell: ‘Blade of _____ so strong, You will serve me well and long. Spells we craft; together we belong. Blessings and magic bind this song. So mote it be. And so it is.’ Pass the new tool through a white candle flame if safe to do so and repeat the words of the spell song. Keep this white candle on your altar so you can recharge and reconsecrate this tool as often as you need to.

⚡️Self Blessing⚡️

Note: Again, I made a few tiny adaptations to this spell. It's also perfect for the accompanying Temperance card we had today!

“The time you take to restore yourself is precious. Perform a self-blessing every day. Take dried sage and aromatic lavender and tie it up in a sachet bag. Breathe in the aroma deeply three times. Beginning at the top of your head, the crown chakra, pass the pouch down to your feet, gently touching your other sacred chakras: throat, solar plexus, stomach, and pelvis. Then, holding the bag of herbs over your heart, speak aloud: ‘Gone are the sorrows, illness, and woe, here wisdom and health begin to flow. My heart is whole, joy fills my soul, and blessed be me, aho.’"

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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