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⚡♉Mars ending in Taurus: Stronger than Yesterday♉⚡

Mars is approaching the end of Taurus, and as I write this it is within a 1 degree conjunction of the fixed star Algol (definitely one of those fixed stars not to be messed with). Its an extremely potent time of fixed Earth energy, as we are pushing to the limit the building up of self worth and energy investment we have been building towards all month.

Fixed star Algol is a powerhouse point in astrology. Often linked to beheading in ancient times (gulp), it is now viewed by modern day astrologers as a focal point of strong power and kundalini energy that must be worked and transmuted, otherwise someone will "lose their head" (mentally/psychologically that is). Many prominent Taurus infused celebrities have had this aspect magnified in their chart during public scandals (Johnny Depp has Mercury and Venus exactly conjunct at this point). Also, fun fact- House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi has her Mars conjunct Algol within 1 degree (actually at 25 degrees Taurus where the transit is right now as I write this), and she has certainly proved herself to be someone not to be messed with! She also pioneered new ground (Mars energy) being the first woman to be a Speaker of the House.

I've tracked Algol through many celebrity charts and people I have gotten to know, as it is a FASCINATING fixed star to really witness and understand. I often say its in the surprising little details and moments - fixed stars, asteroids, new and full moons - that astrology synchronicities can really astound you!

In addition, prior to reaching this spot at the end of Taurus, Mars transited through squares to alllllll the Aquarian energy we had this month (and there was a lot of it) as well as conjuncted Uranus, a powerhouse planet of rebellion, breaking free, and change (actually Aquarius' ruler).

In short, this Mars transit cycle has been about COSMIC UPGRADES. This would be particular to areas where this is specifically in your natal chart. For me, this has been in my 7th house, so it has been all about standing up to certain people, and drawing the boundaries and lines around what I will and will not tolerate for my own self worth and self respect in my life with other people. Understanding astrology within the context of one's own natal chart is everything!

Interestingly, Sam Smith released his Diamonds music video (linked below) about 5 months ago when there was a Full Moon in Taurus. This video is lit up with lightning strikes and self worth witnessing vibes like whoa! I was OBSESSED with this song when it came out, and still am!

And guess what:

⚡That video was released on a full moon that was conjunct, you guessed it... Uranus!

⚡Sam's Sun is at 28 degrees of Taurus, so it packs a punch with a 2 degree orb conjunction to Algol. Without a doubt, Sam is a change maker in this world to teach us about self worth and self respect!

So, what are some key themes we can reflect on from this time?


I said it once, and I will say it again...cosmic upgrades! Mars + Uranus + Taurus has been all about looking at our energy investments. What gets to stay? What has to go? What's "no longer worth it"?

Some of this change in the tide may surprise you. Uranus rules detachment and unexpected energies. It often works in mysterious ways that take us by surprise. I've been writing about this extensively on my blog, so you might be sick of me explaining this but I will keep explaining this because it is so vital to understand!

I know I went through several things in my life this month which were intense and eye opening to the changes I need to walk into in my life. This combination of planetary energies can really do that for you - if you are willing enough to catch that energy stream and follow its course to the end.


Some of these cosmic upgrades may manifest in particular within:

- self worth / worthiness

- self respect / deservingness

- how you make your money

- how you treat yourself to new things

- work / perseverance

- stability / housing

- earthly pleasures / money, sex etc.

Who are you allowing in your life to still walk footprints all over your heart when they never clean up the mess? Who do you surrender to forgiving and allowing to be in your life because you know that a relationship with them "is worth it"? This has been big interpersonal assessment time. Whether its the car you buy, the house you live in, or the friends you make, its been a time to seriously and honestly assess what gets to stay and what's got to go.


Lastly, this energy has brought forth the physical / tangible aspects of where to invest. Whether its new clothes, new crystals, bitcoin, or new Game Stop stock (gulp), this is a time where people are really looking at where to to lay down their time, money, and energetic investments. I'm not saying what's right, but I know for me I have been really tuning into what further crystals I need to invest in! Spiritual tools are often my investment of choice as well as clothing and lifestyle products that support a pagan and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The truth is this where-to-invest-in-the-new isn't really going to go away any time soon. Uranus moving through Taurus for several years (until 2025) is going to continue to shake up our money system and how we view and exchange goods and valuables. Hang on for the ride!

But for now, we can focus on closing this chapter of Mars transit Taurus and look forward to Mars moving into Gemini very soon.

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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