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Full Moon in Virgo Issue #9

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

In the Energy

Our card pulled from Lucy Cavendish's Wild Wisdom of the Oracle Deck speaks to our need to feel our feelings and mourn for that which we feel we need and do not have. It is okay to feel vulnerable and to feel your feelings. When you are feeling so bare and broken and like all you can do is mourn, trust that source has a way that is unraveling for you. There is always another way. There is always a way. Don't give up hope. You are here for a reason and you get to receive and thrive in your life just like anyone else. When you feel deep sadness about the Earth, its peoples, or your own way in this miraculous watery world we all live in, feel, release, surrender, and trust. I know that is easier to say then do, but when you can implement this carefully and with mind and heart you assuredly succeed in all that you do thereafter. Remember we are not the same person again and again; our vibration is constantly tuning itself to our most common frequency. Sometimes things need to die or wither and rot before we can accept new things. Friendships change, relationships change, and what once may have worked is now broken. Let yourself mourn for the difficulties and then pick yourself up, brush the dirt and the dust off and take one stop boldly towards the new you that is you.

Fairies' Channeled Message:

My darlings,

What is it that you yearn for that you yet seek?

What is it that you think you need to overcome,

when, in fact, all is one.




Hope is near.

What if the blessing is already here?


Mother Moon

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