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⚖️♎Beauty and Balance: Full Moon in Libra⚖️♎

On March 28th, the Sun in Aries will be opposing the moon in Libra -- my natal moon sign! I couldn't pass up the chance to chat about a moon in Libra which I know oh so well. Let's examine just why this particular full moon is a magical one for communications, intellect, and rebalancing.

A full moon occurs whenever the sun opposes the moon exactly, and with the sun now in Aries this full moon is in the elements of fire and air. Hello spring! (More on my blog post on Ostara here.) Aries represents cardinal fire, initiating action and forward movement after the sluggish energy of Pisces. Libra, Aries' opposite, brings in a calming energy to pause, process, allow, and integrate in a more peaceful, loving, and balanced way. Together, Aries and Libra represent a powerhouse of Mars and Venus energy so its a great time for reharmonizing in relationships and one's own relationship with oneself.

Let's take a look at some unique aspects of this Full Moon chart in greater detail. For a live walkthrough of this chart check out my Astro Fairy membership! I go over charts within a given month in live walkthroughs week by week and membership includes additional perks like private reading discounts, a FB community and more.

⚖️Sun conjunct Chiron and Venus⚖️

With the Sun transiting at 8 degrees of Aries, it quickly forms into a planet party with Venus and Chiron also there. This makes for an exact conjunction between this luminary, planet, and planetoid all with the full moon energy opposing it. This is powerful! Chiron represents a chance for healing, and with Venus in the mix there this is a chance for truly deep healing in relationships. We may have to go through the wounding part first (Chiron's way), but once we experience that lesson, we integrate it, and become more able to teach others about it (also part of Chiron's story).

Do: Take advantage of this time for healing relationship wounds.

Don't: Assume that if conflicts come up all is lost. Take a break, integrate what is really going on, and come back to the situation.

⚖️Kite Pattern between Sun, Mars, Saturn & Moon⚖️

Astrological charts can form any of a number of patterns: kites, yods, grand trines, name it and we astrologers have a name for it! I have a kite in my own natal chart, and it is a unique aspect in which there are two sextiles, a grand trine, and an opposition. The last part forms the "spine" of the kite, and it is said that when those energies are worked in harmony the kite can be made to soar! Here, we have harmonious energy flowing in all things air element: Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. Saturn in Aquarius is bringing in that work within new groups, technologies, communities, and associations. Mars in Gemini is bringing in the drive to ask questions, probe for new information, research, and get curious. And the moon is there bringing in that desire for harmony and partnership. Its a beautiful (although temporary since moon moves fast) synch up between all sides of the air element spectrum.

Do: Embrace communication, research, curiosity, speaking your truth, and open mindedness at this time.

Don't: Introvert yourself. Even if you can't get out, there's still always someone to talk to, something to listen to, something to learn or seek out!

⚖️Mercury conjunct Neptune⚖️

Mercury is transiting at 19 degrees of Pisces at this time, and therefore approaching a very close conjunction to slow moving Neptune at 21 degrees of Pisces. This can bring in a certain amount of confusion and almost Mercury retrograde-like feels. Mercury is like the tofu of the zodiac -- it is very versatile and will take on the flavors of whoever it is with and nearby. And yet, it can be counted upon as a stable source! With Mercury in Pisces, its already deeply intuitive, sensitive, romantic, and artistic. (For more on Mercury in Pisces read my blog post here.) These are the positive attributes of Mercury in this placement. The more shadowy aspects can be deception, not seeing things clearly, or deluding oneself. This might be a time to triple check that email before you send it, and rethink if you actually read that right.

Do: Embrace this time for romance, artistic endeavors, and tapping into your feelings.

Don't: Freak out if miscommunications arise and confusion. Remember this aspect and that you might just have to slow down and do a redo.

⚖️Mars conjunct North Node⚖️

Mars, transiting at 14 degrees of Gemini, is in close conjunction to the North Node, also transiting in Gemini, at 12 degrees. Mars in Gemini is innately curious, exploratory, and willful to explore new friendships and networking partnerships. The North Node represents our cosmic compass due North. Where are we stretching towards? What is our soul wanting us to call in? This is what the North Node offers us. Its not as intimately powerful as the position of a planet or a luminary, but it does represent a kind of karmic magnet, a guide for what direction to go (and what to let go of with its opposite, the South Node). With the North Node here close to Mars in Gemini, this is a wonderful time for us to nudge ourselves to sign up for that new course, ask that question you have been wanting to ask, research that thing, or take action on some new networking endeavors. Pay attention to the house this 10-15 degree orb of Gemini is in your natal chart as that will give you more clues as to what is going on for you personally at this time.

Do: Allow yourself to take action. Get curious, make phone calls, send those emails, do that research.

Don't: Get caught up in the energy of the South Node. Don't make assumptions or over-generalize or worse...evade problems altogether!

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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