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💧😢 Pallas in Pisces: Watery Warrior Queen😢💧

On March 7, divine feminine asteroid Pallas Athena entered Pisces. She left Aquarius, where she shifted into on December 7th of last year.

Let's remind ourselves of what this warrior queen is all about, and what her shift into Pisces means for us all on a spiritual level.

💧Who is Pallas Athena?

Pallas Athena was a divine feminine goddess who embodied many things. Being a strategist of war and law, she was a champion - even among men at the time - for being a visionary, oracle, strategist, and wisdom keeper. She is known as Pallas Athene, the "Warrior Queen" and represents where we have acute strategy, skill, and mental strength in our lives.

💧What does Pallas Athena offer / teach us?

Pallas Athena embodies the sacred practices of creative visualization, prophecy, and oracle as she was often looked to as THE oracle and guide on many subjects. Also, due to her tendencies to renounce aspects of her femininity in order to conform more to the men at the time, she often links to our divine masculine components and/or androgynous qualities we can exhibit in our lives. She is a champion of embracing both genders and not conforming to stereotypes of women.

Look to where you have Pallas Athena in your chart - by house and sign- and you can learn:

- how your lead and exhibit fierce strategy (e.g. mine is in Scorpio and I am highly adept at reading people, Plutonic energy)

- where you choose to be a champion and leader among women

- where and how you practice divination and serve as a wisdom keeper

💧What astrology is Pallas Athena linked to?

Pallas Athena excels in positions of power and leadership - whether it be in government, politics, law, or other areas of strategy, balance, and skillful attributes. Therefore, she does well in the Leo and Aquarius axis of the zodiac where she can be seen and commune amongst large groups of people. Equally, she can do well in Libra where she can implement her fair-minded, law, and justice oriented approach.

💧What did Pallas Athena do for us in Aquarius?

I think Pallas Athena in Aquarius helped us to innovate, seek wisdom through groups, and overall offer up new ways of approaching our problems and seeking out solutions. We've since embraced even more ways to be strategic with things of society and science - like mask wearing and rolling out vaccinations. I think we as a society are also finding ways to reinnovate our lives and seek outside the box solutions to challenges like unemployment, social distancing and more. Pallas Athena has given us a much needed jolt in some of these areas, supported by the planets Jupiter and Saturn which moved into Aquarius in December of 2020.

💧What will Pallas Athena now in Pisces offer us?

I think, in fact, there has been SO much energy in Aquarius - particularly with the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and heavy pile up of planetary energies there, that we need a bit of a break from this intensive Uranian thinking. Pallas moving into Pisces is going to offer us just that. Pisces is all about the intuitive-thinking feeling components of our lives. Its where emotions weigh just as much as logic (if not more so), and we tap into our feelings to let them be our guide.

Pallas in Pisces will bring back in the watery component to our strategy and plans. What do our FEELINGS tell us? What does my intuition have to say about the matter? Pisces is ruled by Neptune which governs the areas of spirituality like surrender, God-like energy, and interconnectivity of all things. It rules oneness, spiritual consciousness, and tapping into the sensitive psychic part of ourselves. Pallas Athena now in Pisces makes for an excellent time for divination now, as well as letting our feelings weigh into the decision making story too.

💧How can we best embrace this energy?💧

Learn something new in divination! Pallas Athena loves law and strategy, and what better time to embrace something new in divination than now! Treat yourself to a mini course, get a private reading to go deeper, let yourself learn in a new type of topic. Whether its past life regressions, akashic record readings, how to manage being an empath, angel cards, or tarot -- there is MORE than enough to learn and explore!

Work with Watery Goddesses

Work with Quan Yin, goddess of compassion often called "Mother Mary of the East". She teaches us to feel and embrace all of our feelings, so that we can use our emotions as our point of strength. You can also call on Green Tara, who is the goddess linked to end suffering and offer protection. Her mantra "Om tare tuttare soha" is exceptionally healing.

Listen to your feelings

Feelings are their own form of emotional intelligence. They can offer and teach us things too, if we are willing to listen to them. What does your body say about this? What does your heart say about this? Take time to tune in and listen.

Make daily divine time

Whether its 10 minutes to meditate or 50 minutes to do yoga, take time to surrender to the divine. Even setting up a mini altar with one tealight, one oracle card and some flowers can be enough. Sit by that space and let yourself journal your feelings and your gratitudes for a week. It will work wonders on your soul. I promise!

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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