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🥢🔥Wand Making at Beltane for Power and Purpose🔥🥢

The time is upon us in which we celebrate Beltane in the Wheel of the Year in the pagan tradition! Beltane is one of the juiciest pagan holidays, embracing the element of fire and indulging such themes as passion, sensuality, pleasure, and fertility rites.

Celebrated on May 1st, I always find this pagan holiday sneaks up on me! It comes quickly after Ostara, the time in which we first break free into new energies after the long winter. Stepping increasingly into more fertility and greenery, abundance, ripeness, and manifestation become more pronounced. Taurus is the time of the Empress (for more on that check out this post on my blog).

Beltane indulges the Taurus / Scorpio axis, as it falls in the middle of Taurus season. This means you guessed it.. sexy time 😈. Its one of those pagan holidays where the sacral chakra gets fully celebrated and indulged, and its a creative and passionate time. Use this time to honor your creativity energy in all its forms.

In order to fully embrace this "Wands" energy in our life, I wanted to share a beautiful -- and simple -- crafting ritual I did recently to honor this pagan holiday. And not to worry, this is kid friendly and can easily be done solo!

P.S. I have to give credit to one of my favorite spiritual teacher - healers, Athena Perrakis for the inspo on this magical craft!

🥢You Will Need:

- an 8-12 inch wood branch, lovingly picked

- sari ribbons, varied colors

- hot glue gun

- crystals to adhere, tumbled is best

- glitter or unused sparkly eyeshadows

- small quartz points, 2-3

🥢Step 1: Pick Up Sticks🥢

Firstly, you will want to take some time to head out into your backyard or your favorite nature spot, and find a few good "stick" contenders 😉😉 (Note: you can get fancy with the type of tree wood you use and its magical properties, but for easier accessibility I have stripped that part to make this easier to do.)

In order to make this fairy approved, do not take more than you will use (ideally 1 best fit one and 1-2 for backup) and always, always look for sticks that are clearly not being already used by animals i.e. not in a nest, off the beaten path. Take a moment and stand present with these sticks. Ask your higher self - does this want to work with me for wand magic? Listen for a clear "Yes" from your higher self or guides to get the thumbs up.

I also find it fun to look for sticks that have a bit of character - a knobbly part, really smooth texture, or energetic draw to you in some type of way. One of the sticks I found had an almost "womb like" space within it.

I will say it does help to have a stick with a smoother texture, as it will help with adherence of your wand swag. Also, it goes without saying but this craft is best done when the sticks are dry, so collect them on a drier day or bring in chosen ones and set to dry before proceeding.

🥢Step 2: Set Up Your Craft Space🥢

After you have picked your stick and are sure it is clean and dry, set it out on a mat / workspace with your sari ribbons, chosen crystals, and other adornments. I decided to also anoint my wand with Seed perfume from Sage Goddess. You could alternatively use essential oils.

🥢Step 3: Get to Work Gluing🥢

Now, carefully using your glue gun - and working quickly before the glue dries - begin gluing and arranging your special adornments "up the ladder" of the wand. I started out by anointing my Sari ribbons with perfume and then wrapping them up and down the wand, adhering with glue in parts. As you do this, visualize something you plan to use this wand to remind you of in manifestation. After all, this simple craft is all about fertility, passion, and creation energy.

When you are done with the sari ribbons part it should look something like this:

Then, begin adhering your crystals to the wand. Be sure to alternate their arrangement or place them in a specific mindful pattern that feels appropriate to you. I found it helpful to actually arrange my crystals out on my workspace first to see what they would like look before gluing them down. I placed my biggest crystal in the middle and smaller quartz points between larger tumbled stones.

Then, we get to dazzle it up with glitter! Use non toxic glitter powders in a matching tone to your crystals and/or sparkly eyeshadows you aren't using too much of. Dab the wand with a dollop of glue and then dust glitter over that spot. Shake off the residue on your mat / workspace and repeat as needed if there are any gap areas. Remember, have fun with this! Its not meant to be perfect.

Repeat this process of alternate crystals, beads, and glitter to your choosing until you finish.

🥢Step 4: Step Back & Charge It Up🥢

Once you have finished the above, its time to take a step back and admire your work. Snap some wand selfies and assess your handiwork. Here's how my lovely wand turned out:

Note: The top side of my wand has the crystals, and the bottom is smooth / only with ribbons. Don't overload both sides as it will get way too heavy!

Feel into your wand and practice casting a circle open with it. Say out loud, "I now consecrate this wand and this space around me to serve all for the highest good. I use this wand to open up an energetic circle to call in this manifestation of _______________ . I ask for my angelic guides and help to do so. Aho, it is so."

Then, place your wand in a place you can readily see and remind yourself of this magical craft you created. Let it be a tool to remind you of play, pleasure, and manifestation. Repeat the above consecration process as needed and often. Bring in the element of fire via tealight candles (obviously not close to your wand) and water (preferably charged with a new moon) to further enhance this ritual.

Lastly, I lovingly returned any sticks I did not use back to Mama Gaia and/or let my dog play with them.

And that's it! If you decide to proceed with this creation, I would love to see it! Be sure to tag me in posts or stories on Insta @julieannfaehealing and/or email me at I would love to reshare in the joy of work with you!

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on her blog, sign up for her bi-moonthly email newsletter and visit her offerings at

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