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🦄✨Awakening Your Unicorn Squad 🦄✨

In the past month, I've started diving deeper into unicorn magic in a big way. I saw a unicorn deck in a Pick a Card video I was watching, and was super magnetically drawn to get that deck. This led me down a wonderful path of exploring all things unicorn and building energetic momentum in their pure angelic light frequencies. I've found unicorn energy can be most beneficial when we are scattered, healing, or overcoming a "starting over" energy, particularly after deep trauma healing work.

Let's explore more within my top tips on how I'm embracing unicorn energy...

🦄Why practice unicorn magic?

Unicorns are linked to higher dimensions of energy. It is believed that they were hunted off the Earth and fled into other dimensions in which they could remain safe, yet still serve in illuminating their purpose on Earth. They bring in pure white light energy and are particularly beneficial to children, pets, and areas that need high vibe angelic light of protection.

I know for me beginning to work with unicorn energy -with the help of some spiritual tools of course - has really been helping me soothe and comfort my inner child after some deep and intense shadow work I have done for about 7 months. It brings you into a feeling of safety, comfort, and peace. It also helps you accept yourself for who you are, as unicorns remind us to embrace our individuality and uniqueness. I know it sounds almost a bit too woo woo, but its all true!

How can we best embrace unicorn magic?

🦄 Unicorn Oracle Decks🦄

A great way to start working with the unicorns is through oracle card decks. There is even a unicorn tarot one out there you can find! I started with Diana Cooper's Unicorn Cards a long while back. These are very simple, singular imagery cards. Its more about the feeling you get from then than the depth of what you can read from the cards. I recently bought this deck called Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs and have been absolutely loving it. It features not only just unicorns but winged horses, and depictions of magical horses in all colors and magnitudes. I also really love that she brought in a wide variety of fantasy artists to put her deck together.

These cards remind me that unicorn energy can be dynamic and multi faceted. Its not just about unicorn inspired birthday cakes or unicorn inspired headbands and onesies. There's a real magic to these 5th dimensional (and some even higher frequency than that) beings, and they are hire to guide you, walk with you and hold your hand, and inspire courage, strength, and being true to your authentic self.

Best for: grounding, building a relationship with your guides, angelic energy

🦄Work with the unicorn lady herself, Diana Cooper🦄

I can't chat about unicorns without mentioning the absolutely lovely Diana Cooper. She's one of the best guides on 5th dimensional beings like working with the unicorns and dragon energy.

You can access lots of wisdom from her blog and Insta pages, but I highly recommend checking out her online courses and her guided meditations available. I especially love this book of hers on Audible. There are a series of several guided imageries that walk you everything from aura colors to clearing your energy to infusing specific pets, places, and people with unicorn energy. It is pure love!

Best for: soothing and calming energies, after a hectic day or after shadow work

🦄 Embrace unicorn decor in your space -- for kiddos too🦄

Working with the unicorns doesn't have to be all serious spiritual tools either. A fun card -- or even unicorn crystal growing kit! -- can make for some really great inner child fun. These are projects you can co-create with your little one, nieces, nephews, or little people in your life, or simply just for your own inner child. You will really find that this helps you embrace a childlike enthusiasm and help you detox judgements of what needs to be "perfect". I was going for a kind of "golden eye" look on my unicorn, but attacking them with the mini squirter pants that came with the kit it turned into a kind of yellow "slash eye" haha. Although its no where near perfect, I'm learning to not be mad about it! Embrace it. Embrace yourself and all of your flaws. That's what inner child healing is all about.

Best for: inner child work, play, embracing individuality, letting go of perfection

🦄Unicorn Coloring Books to Soothe and Flow🦄

I chatted about my love of coloring books in my Activating Your Inner Artist post previously on my blog. Coloring books are a quick way to access flow, destress, and creativity which works the heart, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Can't beat that! I love using gel pens and I have also used erasable colored pencils with my creations. For me they become like "art books", where I can go and reflect back on different pieces I finished and when (I always sign and date them!)

Working with unicorn magic in the coloring books has been a great joy and one that I gleefully pick up now while watching a spiritual talk or tuning into a fav podcast. Coloring is soul soothing and helps you practice detachment and flow in your mind as well. Cannot recommend it highly enough. There's a reason why the adults color along with the kiddos!

Here's some of my latest magic from this coloring book I bought recently:

Best for: grounding, creativity, sacral chakra healing

Unicorn energy is pure and uplifting. No matter what you choose, you really can't go wrong. Just start somewhere and keep going. Glittery gel pens do help 😉

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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