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๐Ÿ˜‡5 Archangels You Need to Be Working with Right Now & Why ๐Ÿ˜‡

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Its no secret that times are tough. Although we don't need times to be tough to call on our angels, now is a time more important than ever to be praying and invoking the help of the divine on the daily. Sometimes it can be challenging to know who to call on, when, and why. I've got you covered!

Let's take a look at 5 archangels you want to have in your prayer pocket:

Archangel Chamuel

The Finding Angel

๐Ÿ˜‡Archangel Chamuel is definitely one of my main squeezes. He is the finding angel and helps us to be reconnected with lost objects and things we hold dear (exes need not apply). I have called on him to help me find my sleep mask (I can't sleep without it every night), keys, receipts, purses, wallet, name it! He can also help us reconnect with things even nearer and dearer to our heart. Just recently I went through a very upsetting incident where my dog got frightened and was roaming about disoriented on my block. I immediately called on Archangel Chamuel for help finding him and in no less than 15 minutes later we were reunited. You can also call on Archangel Chamuel to help job applications be better seen, help you align with the right job, or simply pick out the best avocado at the supermarket. I see his energetic light as the color yellow in my third eye. Keep a lookout for him!

Archangel Jehudiel

The Butt Kick Angel

๐Ÿ˜‡If you need to get something done and aren't - whether it be due to procrastination or forgetfulness, you need Archangel Jehudiel. He is the archangel that will remind you of things and ensure you get hustled to get things done. Archangel Gabriel can work like this too for writing and tasks related to children, so call on both if your task involves children or writing! I find Archangel Jehudiel works really well as an all around booty kicker. A prayer I offer to Archangel Jehudiel is "Archangel Jehudiel, I am holding you personally accountable for me to get this done." Other similar prayers can be: "Archangel Jehudiel, I am holding you accountable to help me stay on track with completing this project" or "Archangel Jehudiel I need your help to complete this by X date." Be prepared once you call on him to work, though, because he will take your prayer as fact!

Archangel Ariel

The Manifest Angel

๐Ÿ˜‡Who doesn't want to manifest more in their life? We all do, and that will always be a need and want we have as we grow and evolve. The what, where, and how might change a lot though over the course of our journey. Sometimes we need extra spiritual power to make manifestations happen. We need guidance by spiritual teachers here on Earth and extra power boosts from spiritual teachers up in the astrals. Archangel Ariel is known as the nature angel or manifestation angel because she works with the elementals: the fairies, water devas, tree spirits and more. She is all about not only protecting the Earth but reminding us of the abundance that Earth can provide. Work with her to help heal and protect the Earth, and she, in turn, will work with you to protect and heal pets, pocketbooks, animals, and more. She will teach you to manifest beyond your wildest dreams.

Archangel Michael

The Protection & Purpose Angel

๐Ÿ˜‡There is no greater force of bad assery in the angel squad than Archangel Michael (ok maybe they all are bad ass in their own ways). Either way, Archangel Michael and his Band of Warriors of Light are the best protection squad ever. You can call on them to energetically stand guard at the four corners of your room, or even your home or property, whenever you feel afraid and need extra protection. You can call on him to guard a piece of land or a private possession. I know I have called on him plenty of times myself in all manner of situations, places, and things! What also makes Archangel Michael very special is that he helps us with finding our life purpose. He carries that divine masculine strength that helps us become clearer on our life goals and working a plan. Call on him daily for one small action step you can take towards your divine life plan. In short: bad ass.

Archangel Raguel

The Harmony Angel

๐Ÿ˜‡Archangel Raguel is the angel of relationship harmony. Call on him before a difficult meeting, or to help smooth things over after a fight, or help you heal from a tumultuous time with a loved one. He will fill you with a sense of peace and courage that you can feel safe to talk to this person, open yourself up to softness once again, and realign with them if you so choose. He can pair nicely with Archangel Sandalphon who also brings soothing, healing vibes (and delivers prayers more speedily to heaven). Combine prayers to him with Archangel Jophiel if beautifying your thoughts is what you seek, or with Archangel Raphael if mending a broken heart is what you need. Either way, this archangel is all about bringing you more peace and love into your life.

If you love this post, then you will love my Archangel Cheatsheets! There, I go in depth into 10+ archangels you can pray with, call on for help and more. I provide corresponding angel colors, associated crystals, prayer invocations, and pronunciations for each one. Head on over to to explore!

๐Ÿ˜‡ Julie Ann Fae is a Certified Angel Card Reader who loves giving angel card readings with light and love. A student of the stars and the heavens, she weaves together magic of prayers, rituals, crystals, astrology, archangels, and more to give others guidance and healing to realign them on their path. Check out all of her card offerings at

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