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❄️️5 Crystals You Need for this Winter Solstice❄️️

Its hard to believe that we are FINALLYYYYY putting to bed this which-way-was-up year that was 2020. It almost feels it really the end...after all this time?

Yup, we are ALMOST there.

In the Wheel of the Year, Yule on December 21st is a key moment in which we hinge into a new cycle. This is kicked off by the winter solstice where the astrology in that chart "imprints itself" over the next 6 months.

In essence, we are closing a cycle that was initiated at the summer solstice on June 20th. That one was particularly crazy because it was during a time when so many planets were retrograde - Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. The summer solstice that was alsooooo initiated with new moon eclipse energy attached to it. Talk about a bit of mayhem!

This time around we have a much more calmer picture, although we will have some interesting energies building as we navigate in 2021.

Based on this astro chart, let's now chat my 5 top astrological aspects for this Winter Solstice and my crystal recommendations within them. Also, as I like to do, I will actively work in the energy of the divine feminine.

❄️️Change on the Horizon❄️️

Saturn & Jupiter enter Aquarius

One major aspect that is initiated at this year's winter solstice is the shift of major outer planet players Saturn and Jupiter from Capricorn into Aquarius. You guys, this is a biggggg deal. Think of these planets like the "bouncers" of the universe. They decide which energy stays and goes and which energy gets to party.

With the shift from Saturn ruled Capricorn to Uranus ruled Aquarius, we can expect more innovative solutions and breakthroughs in 2021. It won't happen overnight, as this energy will take all year to incrementally build and play in that space (and Saturn will go on with this energy beyond 2021), but it will be a noticeable shift we will all feel, regardless of sun sign.

💎Crystal Recommendation: Opalite. With its beautiful blue pearlescent tones (very Aquarius approved), opalite is an overall happy stone used for business success; we will need it as we rebuild this world economy! It can also bring in more energy of love and reduce depressed states, something of which we all are eager to shed behind as we say "Bye Felicia" to 2020.

❄️️The Builders are Here! ❄️️

Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn

With the Sun and Mercury at 0 degrees of Capricorn, there will be major building energy going on! This is cardinal Earth energy and it is all about hinging from the playtime, exploration, and expansion of Sagittarius season to focus, commitment, and responsibility. With Mercury here, he will pick up this Saturn energy easily and contribute to the crafting and doing of all things stable, responsible, and business-y. It might feel a bit odd to have this energy set in 5 days before Christmas, but such is the at odds nature of the Gregorian calendar vs. the Astrological calendar! Working and understanding what this energy is all about will keep us in flow, while others may be in denial. This is the time to build our snowmen!

💎Crystal Recommendation: Petrified Wood. With its stable tree resin magic, petrified wood is one of my favorite fairy approved crystals. If you look closely at them you can even see an imprint of the tree deva within them! I often see a little smiling face or some indication of a tree soul that is still preserved there offering its wisdom. This crystal is my ultimate "I need grounding" crystal. Work with it at this time to remind you of the maturity, safety, and stability of the trees. With much shifting and changing in the outer planets, we will need our (literal) rocks right now.

❄️️Epiphanies Abound ❄️️

Sun and Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus

Interestingly, the Sun and Mercury moving into Capricorn will slowly begin to trine Uranus in Taurus, particularly as we get to about a week in to Capricorn season. This has the potential to add new layers to the projects we are building and help us detach from the way of doing them before which may have gotten stale, mundane, or boring. We might suddenly have epiphanies of how to build better, stronger, and more ingeniously. Uranus tends to provide "revitalizing energy" when it is in harmonious aspect to other planets, and we will find this period of time to be more enlightened, more stimulating, and more reviving...even though we will have entered the start of winter! Capricorn rules business/systems and Uranus is related to society/people, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get some new financial news from our governments...stimulus checks perhaps? We will be pleasantly surprised that exciting solutions or exciting new ways to create, build, and achieve security in things might just be appearing as if out of nowhere. Whatever this energy is that comes in then, we need to remain unattached to any one specific outcome and just let the magic unfold.

💎Crystal Recommendation: Dendritic agate. I lovvvvvvvve myself some dendritic agate. It is this beautiful white crystal with black and gray inclusions (sometimes you can even find pale green in it which is green opal). To me it is just everything about the purity of winter. It has inclusions which look like tiny growing branches or moss fragments. Also known as the "Stone of Plentitude" this crystal helps you with heart healing, cultivating a sense of stability, and overcoming negativity and bitterness of the heart. Just like petrified wood, I have found little faces inside my dendritic agate pieces too...very fairy approved!

❄️️Turn Up the Heat❄️️

Uranus conjunct Lilith // Venus trine Chiron

Uranus in Taurus will be exactly conjuncting Lilith in Taurus at this time too. Uranus represents radical freedom, invention, and rebellion, and Lilith represents female rebellion, women's rights, and healing from guilt, shame, and oppression. With this pair up, we can expect some big epiphanies to come through in our self worth, particularly for women and female-identifying individuals. We might suddenly break free from some shackles of "I am less than" or achieve a burst of insights on how we can transform in our radical, unfiltered, passionate aspects of ourselves. It could be break up time for any relationships that have long been too stale, too oppressive, or too much out of alignment, as Uranus bodes detachment and Lilith rejection. The good news is it will be coming from empowerment, and this may have been a much belated need/desire so it is likely to be warmly welcomed.

With the additional heat-is-on pairing of Venus in Sagittarius trining over to Chiron in Aries, this flow of fire energy gives the ability to transmute, purify, and heal wounds through passion and drive. We learn what we need to learn to soften that ego and tell ourselves are perceived "weaknesses" are, in fact, far less than we originally thought. We have the ability to really purify deep ego wounds that may have been there at this time. There is no greater purification tool than the flame of a fire! Do some fire gazing at this time (also a wonderful Yuletime ritual) to really bring in this energy into your auric field.

💎Crystal Recommendation: Carnelian. Carnelian, in its shades of juicy oranges, yellows, and whites is a perfect embodiment of the power of fire in all its shades, colors, and forms. Work with this crystal when you need more strength and creativity.

❄️️Brilliant Strategy❄️️

Saturn/Jupiter conjunct Pallas Athena in Aquarius

Interestingly, Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius is also going to quickly conjunct the divine feminine asteroid Pallas Athena at 4 degrees of Aquarius. This is a slightly wider degree of an orb for an asteroid, but these are potent planets and Athena is a potent goddess.

Athena was the goddess of war, wisdom, and strategy. Men would go to her to seek counsel for strategy in war and their endeavors. She became so revered for her wisdom, wit, and capabilities that she was allowed to even have a seat in governmental gatherings (a privilege normally only granted towards men). She represents that ultimate strategist quality of ourselves: the ability through sheer intellect and keen eye to transform and evoke a win. She also can represent our androgenous qualities, as in her attempts to gain more notoriety among men, she had to give up parts of her femininity.

With the meeting of these three minds all in Aquarius (an already inventive, thinking air sign), we can expect new strategies to unveil themselves. Something that may have been puzzling us for weeks, months, perhaps even all year suddenly becomes "clearer". We feel enlivened to test out a new idea, experiment with a new path, and we are completely in our power. Stay detached from outcomes of what other people may think of you in the process. In the year of 2021 detachment is going to be key!

💎Crystal Recommendation: Selenite & Nephrite Jade. Nephrite jade is a wonderful stone for prosperity and business success. Together combined with the healing, clearing, and purifying properties of selenite, you can easily cast a clear and successful vision ahead for your future....whatever that might have in it 😉

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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