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🛡️5 Fairy Approved Ways to Feel More Safe & Secure🛡️

Its no secret we live in a turbulent world. People have mixed opinions, confusion happens. We deal with all manner of things in the day to day - from intense world events to needy kiddos (and fur-kiddos) to just plumb...mean or rude people. People react out of what they think is going on in their own head, and it can be so far from reality its scary.

Sometimes it can all have us like...

I know I myself personally have been through some intense stressors, past and present. So what's a fairy gal to do about it?

Let's examine some of my top tips to transmute energy from fear to love.

🛡️Work with the color red🛡️

Red is linked to the root chakra at the base of the spine. This is the base of our kundalini energy and where energy is initiated from that goes up the chakras above it. You can literally stamp your feet on the Earth if you need to, or walk on the ground barefoot to call your attention back to this chakra. Red is also associated with the planet Mars, the planet related to action and willpower/drive.

Have some fairy fun with red by working with the crystal red coral (I love it in a chunky bracelet), and pop on a red lipstick. I love the lip caramels by 100 Percent Pure. I recently bought the Cranberry lip/cheek tint and paired it with a deep plum lip gloss and it is fairy heaven in shades of red!

🛡️Have a good laugh🛡️

Laughter raises our vibration, and helps us be more in the present moment. It also improves mental health! Even if just for a little while, when we laugh, we can let go of our troubles. Have a "funny moments" YouTube playlist to whip out at the ready. Here are some videos that get me laughing to start you off:

Children Interrupt BBC News Interview

Animal News Bloopers

Work from Home News Bloopers

Also, check out laughter yoga!

🛡️Get creative: crafting and cooking🛡️

Whether its writing, coloring, or cooking (some of my personal favs), or crafting, painting, or all of the above, getting creative gets us out of our head and into our heart. We tap into more of our sensory modalities when we cook, and we can get into a delightful flow focusing on bringing something to life to savor and to eat.

Painting, coloring, and crafting all help us tap into our left brain which doesn't follow rules, order, and structure. All of this helps us feel more free and safe to be well...ourselves! These creative acts of flow are also associated with Pisces energy, so we are often healing aspects of our subconscious when we stop thinking and start creating.

A tip: if you are stuck on what to create, check out some of this autumn wreath making inspo...I simply love it all!

🛡️ Call on the dragon guides 🛡️

Fairies and dragons are both elementals that can work well together. We can call on our own personal dragon guides to support us in feeling more safe in this 3D world. Call on your dragon guides to literally burn up the way before you. This is a great technique to do if you are driving somewhere and anxious about what will await you when you get there, or just simply unsettled to go into work, get in a car etc. Literally visualize dragon flames burning up all the negative energy along that path to your destination, so you can(thereafter) feel more safe and secure in moving through it.

A tip: work with dragon's blood incense and warming essential oils like clove to really bring this home. I love Jade Bloom essential oils.

🛡️Reframe It🛡️

It can be really easy to get lost in what other people think of us. And with social media giving people an excuse to judge, spy, snoop, gossip or become "buttinskies" into people's lives, its no wonder we can feel more anxious and afraid at times. I recently was cyberbullied, and it was so unsettling. I will never, ever, ever understand from my empath heart how people can hurt and abuse others.

Reframing can work magic in our lives. My EFT coach shares the prompt: "And what are you making this situation mean about you?" If we refocus on our own growth and forgive ourselves for how we got into the situation in the first place, we can then feel free. It also checks us before it wrecks us with damaging and limiting belief systems. People are simply reacting out of their own unhealed wounds, and that is NOT our responsibility to heal. It is our responsibility, however, to make boundaries with these people and commit to never allowing ourselves to be abused by them again in the future.

Ultimately, we are not responsible for the way other people think or feel about us. Everyone has their own individual free will choices, and we need to teach others to just "move along" instead of going out of their way to personally attack people. If you don't like something, just move on. Its that simple. Trust me, the energetic cost of engaging in a battle with someone will leave you battle scarred and feeling like "why did I do that". So, just move on. Or better yet, if its not your vibe, don't subscribe!

I always feel there is something for everyone, and we live in a vast, big world. Let people mix and mingle with the right matches for them. Let it go if they don't get you. Perhaps they were never meant to get you or really celebrate you in your light anyway.

You can even teach this reframing question technique to your middle and high school aged kiddos to help them navigate this crazy and complex social media world we live in. As a former public school teacher, trust me, I can attest the children of this world need support in this medicine too.

Lastly, don't forget to snuggle your furbabies (or find someone to snuggle at your local shelter!) It is pure magic!

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

Please Note: select links with qualifying purchases my be affiliate. This supports my business at no additional cost to you. All products I share are always lovingly picked out by me.

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