🛑 5 Fairy Fixes for Frustrated Moon Cycle Feels 🛑

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I don't know about you, but sometimes the anticipation of waiting to get my period (better known lovingly as "moon cycle" in the spiritual community) and the accompanying PMS can have me getting like...

Its as if our body is pre-gaming for a big event, and fights are breaking out at the tailgate party. Only, unfortunately, its all happening inside of us. I know the frustrated pre-moon cycle feels all too well, and it can be a roller coaster ride of rage, then tears, then back to anxiety, with a few dashes of overwhelm, fear, or depression all thrown into the mix. All of this is then, of course, followed by the tender vulnerability that comes with the actual bleeding time while on your period.

In order to shift some of this energy from frustration to self-love, lets explore 5 of my fairy approved ways to keep the peace at the tailgate party...and beyond.

🛑 Know Thyself 🛑

I use a period tracker app to help me connect with my cycles at a deeper level. There are plenty out there, but the one I like to use is literally called "Period Tracker". This - combined with understanding the new and full moon cycles and how my body likes to play with them- helps me track my approximates dates of ovulation, when I am getting my period, and when I am PMS-ing. It also helps me take notes on symptoms, moods (there's even fun emojis for that part), and so much more. You can even mark days you are intimate on the app, and leave notes for yourself. Having this resource is a grounding rod for me to understand my body better, and be in better communion with it. Just like good decisions are best informed by data and facts, we, too, can bring in that more divine masculine aspect to this very divine feminine thing. Let tracking and taking notes for yourself like this be a resource for you to witness, love, and understand yourself. This is your body, and you deserve to be in communion with it - not left out in the dark.

🩸Top Tip: Check out The Wild Power Series by the lovely ladies at The Red School. Its a powerful 8 part podcast series by two amazing women committed to teaching women how to harness and witness the power of your cycle, and it still is a touchstone for me even after years ago listening to it. It looks like they are now starting a Menopause podcast series too!

🛑 Work It Out 🛑

So many things in life are made better by exercise (anxiety, depression, physical strength, happiness), and, so too, are the mood swings that come with your period. Prior to getting your moon cycle, consider working in some more cardio or cardio-dance type exercise, when your energy is more assertive and aggressive. When you are on your period, do more yin and flowing exercises such as a gentle vinyasa flow, stretch yoga, or Qigong. Don't over force yourself, but if you feel you want to go kayaking or roller blading...do it! You do what's good for you. Its your body and nobody else can tell you what's right to do with it, except you.

🩸Top Tip: Be prepared. I have an "Exercise" bookmark folder right on my internet browser to remind myself to exercise, and then in that folder I can hover over and choose from a nice variety of choices. I usually have a general idea what type of exercise I am inclining towards that day, but I often let my intuition do the talking too. Give yourself the right container and then go intuiting.

🛑 Work with Nature 🛑

I became a changed woman when I discovered Yogi's Moon Cycle Tea. That exact offering is no longer available, but it has involved into their Women's Raspberry Leaf Tea. Red raspberry leaf has been a powerful asset for me in diffusing the cramps army that comes along during my cycle, and it also helps me with my moods too. I have used with success the Yogi tea version and also this eco-friendly version. According to Dr. Weil, the first mention of use for red raspberry leaf extract was in 1597! And for good reason. It can really help women's menstrual cycles, particularly with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). Its also high in Vitamins A, B, C, and E, and it works to strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles (which can actually support pregnant women during labor as well). Here's some more info on it from Wellness Mama. I have also worked with the herbal supplement Black Cohosh (traditionally advertised for menopause but helpful for other reproductive system needs too); this was an original ingredient in the (now no more) Yogi Moon Cycle tea (you can thank my Virgo mind / Biology degree self for these powers of deduction).

Please, please note: I am not a doctor or licensed healthcare practitioner. I am simply advising from what has worked best for me, and what I have found from my own research. Always consult your healthcare provider if you have any unique concerns or considerations.

🩸Top Tip: Throw a little dark chocolate into it. A little bit of dark chocolate, a known mood booster (and how do you not love chocolate on your period?) is also healthy for you too. I like to buy dark chocolate baking chunks and then plop 1-2 of them into my red raspberry leaf tea. Voila! Dark chocolate red raspberry leaf tea!

🛑 Don't Skip the Greens 🛑

Sometimes when I know my period is coming on, I do a shopping trip where I buy allllllllll the comfort foods. I buy my Annie's Vegan GF Mac and Cheese and from frozen to heat Pad Thai. I treat myself to some vegan ice cream, and sometimes kale chips or something extra that catches my fancy. (I am plant based, so my version of comfort foods may be better than the "average" comfort foods...but still! ) I think its actually a good thing to go into this "nosh yourself happy" phase when your cycle's a comin'. The moon is ruled by Cancer, and when we are focused on our emotional needs, often food and the nourishment and comfort that provides goes right along with it. We just have to remind ourselves that during this time our body is also craving REAL support too. So much of our energy reserves and resources go into our reproductive system at this time, and that's why we can be more susceptible to breakouts or other immune system flareups (I learned this from Anthony Williams - makes so much sense but mind blowing when you think about it!)

Try and add some red replenishing foods (to support your root chakra) into your comfort o' wagon too:

- rainbow chard

- red chard

- red beets

- tomato soup

🩸Top Tip: Going green is so far from being boring. Break chard into sections, stir fry with olive or sunflower oil and garlic (from paste or fresh chopped, not as spice), then toss with red chili pepper flakes for a little bit of a kick! Spice up tomato soup by adding red harissa paste and topping with cilantro and nutritional yeast croutons. I make these croutons myself - simply cube bread and then sauté in sunflower oil, evenly coating with nutritional yeast until crunchy!

🛑 Love & Laugh 🛑

Instead of hating yourself for having these symptoms, send love to your womb space. Literally. Take your two hands and place them as an upside down triangle with your thumbs on top, at either side of your belly button. Visualize sending pink bubblegum light into this space and think loving thoughts about your body and the amazing capabilities it has. Call on Archangel Haniel - the archangel linked to women's cycles - to help you with your needs at this time.

P.S. This is such great news! I have been talking about this form of inequality for years. May many countries now follow suit!

Finally, whenever I get to maximum stress overload, one thing that sure gets me off my stress-o-coaster are funny memes or funny gifs. Watching a funny show or funny YouTube clip can also help us take our mind off our troubles, even if for just a short while. Sometimes we just need to "reset" our vibration - much like delivering this blog post did for me in channeling my thoughts and feelings into service for you all!

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at julieannfae.com.

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