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✨⛄ 5 Ways to Embrace Your Winter Fairy Self ⛄✨

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Its time to start looking at how to build our fairy castles this Capricorn season, and what changes we want to bring into our life this year. Its also a time to slow down, honor, and respect nature (as fairy souls do), so let's take a look at my five top tips for embracing your winter fairy self.

Give to Fur & Feathered Friends

As we step into winter, it becomes increasingly hard for the birds, rabbits, and other animals along the forest floor to keep warm and survive. Many will not last the winter, and many will struggle. We as fairy souls with our warm little homes don't always have those same pressures.

Although we can't make our feathered friends a cup of tea, there are other ways we can support them.


- Bundle your furbabies! It breaks my heart when I see a dog without a coat in chilly temps while their human plods along all bundled up. When I walked dogs at an animal shelter in Chicago, they were always asking for doggy coats. The reality is that unless your dog is a husky attuned to living in Siberia, they most likely are in need of extra support and warmth lovin'. If you don't have a furkiddo, consider helping donate coats to a local animal shelter or helping in other creative ways there too. Also, make sure you wipe their paws lovingly when you get home to soothe them of salt used on the roads, and you can always explore supporting them with little booties.

- Give back your seeds to nature. When I cook with peppers or other items with noticeably hard seeds, I scrape out the seeds and scatter them in the yard. Birds, squirrels, and other fur or feathered friends are hurting in the winter time trying to fight just to survive. You can do so much even from just your grocery leftovers. Likewise, you can scatter oats (dry, uncooked).

- Recycle hairbrush hair into nature. Often, we will brush our furbabies and then just discard of the hair (or even with ourselves). That excess fur and hair can actually make wonderful bedding for animal nests. Once you've got a ball of it (an easy task if you are just brushing your cat or dog), take that outside and leave it for the animals to find to make with it of their nests. You can also do this with lint fluff you scrape out of the dryer tray. If you like, put this in a ziploc and save it for your next nature hike, then leave it on the forest floor. To us its just "ugh" but to them it might spell life vs. death from chilly temps!

Work with Forest Scents

Its not always doable to get outside. We might get snowed in or we simply might struggle to get out in the less daylight hours. Work the forest scents and the colors white and green to bring in the forest spirit into your life. I love the essential oil Juniper Berry from Jade Bloom and Fairybell Powder from Southern Magnolia Minerals. You can also experiment with cypress oil (very good for grief and transformation) and balsam fir (invigorating, enlivening, exciting).

Winter scents will also help you bring in some cheer, especially when you might be dealing with the more unsavory bits of winter, like shoveling snow. You can anoint yourself before you go (I love it on the ends of my hair), don your favorite winter hat, and then off you go!

⛄Visit the Trees⛄

I started a daily practice to help my fairy soul self connect more in nature every day. Every morning when I am letting out my pup, I go to select trees in the backyard. I put my hand to them and communicate telepathically with the soul in that tree. Every tree has a nature spirit within it, some have two or more. If you look closely, you can even see faces on trees!

I ask them for help with things going on in my life. Sometimes I get words or just a clairvoyant vision. I then offer to them what can I help them with. As I continue to work with them, my bond deepens and exchanging healing energy between one another becomes more effortless. Sometimes I also make offerings to them, such as a flower or a crystal. I lay this often at the foot of their trunk in a nook or crevice I find, or wherever I feel called. (Try not to perch crystals too high up as they can fall out and be dangerous to people and animals.)

This practice has been deeply healing to me, reminding me each day I can go out and greet them. It also really helps you practice in the energy of giving and receiving, which is so so so important to manifestation and healthy living.

⛄DIY Hot Chocolate⛄

Mass produced hot chocolate mixes are made with "alkalized cocoa powder". That is definitely not fairy approved! I like to make my own hot chocolate using a cacao powder method and it is oh so easy.

You will need:

- coconut sugar

- coconut milk

- cacao powder

- marshmallows

- a favorite mug

- a small whisk

In a small saucepan on the stove, place 1 cup coconut milk (or desired other nut milk). Bring to a boil. Slowly add the coconut sugar and cacao powder to the heated milk mixture. Whisking in until desired sweetness and chocolatey consistency (taste testing encourages). Make sure you turn off the heat when you add in the chocolate and sugar, as you don't want the mixture to boil over. Also, do not set this going and then walk away from the stove. The coconut milk has a tendency to boil over if you do not watch it.

Top with some marshmallows:

And then pour into one of your favorite mugs:

Then sip and enjoy!

Comfy clothes and no makeup encouraged 😉

I also have upped my hot chocolate game with Laird Superfood powders and highly recommend!

⛄Take Time for Goal Setting⛄ Capricorn season is all about looking at the long haul of your life. It requires you to ask what are the short term sacrifices, investments, and plans I need to work in order to achieve my long term goals? Its a wonderful time to do some extra journaling and intention setting.

Take time to set with tarot/your spiritual tools and work out what could be some of the energy patterns you will work through this year. I offer Year Ahead Readings and I also newly redesigned a Year Ahead Spreads spiritual curriculum. Check out more on this below!

🥂Get your tarot and tea time on with my newest spiritual curriculum. I custom designed five different year ahead spreads as well as created an accompanying tutorial video. Check it all out here!

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

Select links may be affiliate. This supports my spiritual business at no additional cost to you.

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