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🔙🪐A Girl's Guide to Astrological Retrogrades🪐🔙

In spirituality land, you will hear many people talk about retrogrades. Sadly, some people do put out inaccuracies or overhype certain ones in favor of other ones. I am sure this happens in ANY field, but I like to tell my Astro Fairy members that this is "fast food astrology". It comes from a well meaning place, but it lacks the nuances and depth that us professional astrologers know and apply.

Since we still have so many planets in retrograde and Saturn just went direct, I thought this would be a good time to give you all a teaser of my new Girl's Guide to Astrological Retrogrades curriculum I've got out now.

Let's take a look at my Mercury guidelines...


My Astrologer Rating: 8

(where 10 = highest alert)

Mercury is absolutely one you should pay attention to. Mercury is an adaptable trickster energy and he/she can change on a dime and wreak havoc in any of a number of ways. Particularly because we live in a time in which communication is so fast, instantaneous, and highly prized, slow downs, delays, or redos often frustrate us even further. I have seen things start and end during Mercury retrogrades, all because of communication breakdowns.

I have also seen deep truths come to life during merc retros, and "wow I can't believe that happened but better I figured that out now" scenarios too. However, when worked properly and with careful awareness (of your own chart and the medicine of that exact retrograde), I have seen true magic happen. Trust me! I applied my astrological knowledge to the June merc retro we went through and was able to work it in a deep and powerful way. It didn't change the fact it was still challenging for me, but I worked it with a plan instead of a buoy in the wind.

What also makes Mercury very interesting is that it absorbs the flavor of whatever it is with. I like to call it the "tofu of the zodiac", as it will blend and absorb to the pan it's in. If it's a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, you can sure as heck bet there's going to be some Saturnian vibes woven into that time. If it's a Mercury retrograde in Libra (like the one we're in this Fall of 2021), it's going to be Venus ruled and include themes around relationships without a doubt.

We go through Merc retros three times a year, so anyone who tells you this is a rare or unique transit is...well, full of it. The intensity of a given Merc retro really does depend on what's in your own chart. As a general rule, however, those Merc retros in already debilitated placements for Mercury may fare worse. This would include Pisces and Sagittarius and Aries/Libra to an extent as well. Pisces can bring added confusion and guilt / emotional thinking and Sagittarius can bring over-inflated beliefs, exaggerations etc. The foremost signs are in opposition to home placements of Mercury (Virgo and Gemini).

Top Tip: For the love of crystals, please please please please do NOT take to heart those people who say "Mercury is direct -- yay all our problems are saved!!" One needs to simply look at an ephemeris to understand this. When a planet goes direct, it actually goes "stationary direct". Yup, stationary as in stopped. It is taking a moment to pause and collect itself before going forward again. This phase can take several days. It then usually takes about two full weeks after going direct for it to clear all the degrees it skipped back into and catch up with where it was before the retro started (known as the post shadow period). So, yes it can take some time to come out of it all. Its not long in the scheme of other retrogrades, but its an important nuance to understand. Many people just don't understand how it works.

An important note...

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS prioritize what's in your own chart and the aspects a particular planet is under to best understand how a transit is going to affect you. Is that planet exalted in your chart (i.e. in a good sign)? Is it at detriment? What house is it in? How is it aspected? This is why setting up a time with us professional astrologers is always a great idea to anticipate how to work with a particular upcoming retrograde. Astrology is a language and professional astrologers are fluent in it. You wouldn't expect yourself to translate a Spanish textbook without a proper Spanish linguist, right? Astrology is no different.

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on her blog, sign up for her bi-monthly email newsletter and visit her offerings at

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