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👑A Royally Perfect Fit: Prince William and Kate Middleton👑

Continuing my theme of lovely royals astrology (see Prince harry and Meghan Markle here), I wanted to chat the royal astrology of beloved couple and future King and Queen, Prince William and Kate.

Are they not the most magical couple?

:::princess swoon:::

First, we have lovely Kate. Everytime I hear her speak or see her in photography or video, I am just in awe of her loveliness and presence.

Let's see what magic Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,

has in her astrology chart:

Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 (Meghan Markle is actually 1 year older than her!) in Reading, England at 7:00 p.m. She is a Capricorn with a Leo ascendant and Moon in Cancer.

It's no small wonder she is a 20 degree Leo ascendant with her gorgeous envious locks of brown hair...

Leo ascendants are definitely known for their long, showy hair a la "lion's mane". As a leo ascendant, she is also comfortable being in the spotlight...something that is a must for her life as a royal. Her Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius make her truly a woman of the people. She knows how to think and indulge in life's pleasures in a way that is serving to society, and she greatly values her friendships and community. Being that Aquarius rules social circles and gatherings of large people this quality makes her exceptional at being in and amongst the people. She won't get bored of the public, as she enjoys the mental stimulation and pleasure of being involved with others in large scale groups.

Her Mars in Libra means that she will act fairly for all involved (not always the happiest placement for Mars), but her Saturn there- as it develops with years of wisdom- will give her the grace to carry actions through with careful discernment. When she and Prince William sit upon the throne as Queen and King, she will surely be a fair and just royal to rule the roost.

What's especially intriguing about Kate's chart, however, is her sun in Capricorn (a natural fit for something like the monarchy which is as Capricornian as things come) and her moon in Cancer. Because she is a Leo ascendant, her chart ruler is the sun, bringing even more potency to this Capricornian sun of hers. Because her moon is in Cancer, this makes her exceptionally balanced (as Capricorn and Cancer are both on the same axis). She was, in fact, born on a full moon so she brings forward bright maternal, moon energy. She will always work hard and overcome wounds with her Chiron trine Sun too.We can see that she is a loyal and effortless mother, having had three children with Prince William already so far.

She's sort of the ultimate do-it-all role model. With her sun in Capricorn conjunct south node, the rules traditions, and structure of the monarchy is something she effortlessly picks up and fits into. South node represents our past lives and the energy we bring in from it. She may have even belonged to the royal family in past lives or been predestined to join it in this lifetime. She doesn't need to be taught...she just aligns with ease.

It's not what she wants to make all of her life about, however, with her moon in Cancer conjunct north node. Energetically, she wants to live this life rich with home life and family life, and enjoy the comforts and delights of being a mother. She gets all of that with Prince William, a Cancer, as we will see just below!

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 in Paddington, England at 9:03 p.m. He is a Cancer with a Sagittarius ascendant and Moon also in Cancer. His double Cancerian vibes make him a devoted and loyal family man.

Let's take a look at William, Duke of Cambridge's chart here:

Like Kate, he carries some lunar chart magic of his own...being born on a new moon when Kate was born on a full moon. He is truy Kate's energetic other half, with Sun in Cancer. Because he is born the same year as Kate, he also shares North Node in Cancer. They both truly share a love for home, family, and children. He too carries a certain pre-destiny to be within the royals with his Capricorn first house and south node in Capricorn in it. Further beautiful still, he has a moon in Cancer like Kate. Moon compatibility- particularly when in a same sign- gives a couple an effortless and intuitive syncing capacity when it comes to their subconscious, their inner world, their home life, and their private life. It is a wonderful piece of synastry to pay attention to when looking at couple's astrology.What makes this compatibility even more spot on is that the moon is at home in Cancer (it's ruling luminary) and Cancer rules the home and family. That is a whole lot of love for home and family going on!

(This gets even more magical when we consider that the U.K. is considered to be the heart chakra vortex of the world, and in country chart plottings is a strong Capricorn/Cancer chart nation. More on country charts in future blog posts!)

William has Venus at 25 degrees Taurus and Mercury in Gemini. With Kate's strong Mercury in Aquarius and William's Mercury in Gemini, together they are a smart, literate, factual, and forward thinking duo. His Mercury will also tightly trine Kate's Venus, allowing for effortless relationship communication about wants, desires, and needs.

It's important to remember that there is no such thing as perfect synastry, and some charts will have more tension than others. Kate and William's has a heck ton of effortless flow to it, however, and, to me, considering what they go through constantly living as such a public and overwatched couple, this feels almost like something they signed up for together...something predestined to ease some of the intensity of the public life they live together.

Lastly, we can see that William shares the same Mars in Libra and Saturn in Libra as Kate does, giving them that fair-minded ruling hand. (Side note: they have the same Mars which really helps for sexy time alchemy.) His Sun and Moon on his descendant make him a highly publicly seen figure (whether he likes that or not as an 8th house Cancer haha). And his Chiron on his Venus means that he has been wounded in some things with self-worth in relationships, so I think all of this harmony with Kate is especially sweet and much deserved for him. He will appreciate her beauty, even when Kate feels very detached from it (with her Venus in Aquarius).

The beauty of the opposites attract phenomenon is the two energies truly balance each other out from an astrology perspective.What the one is lacking, and craving, the other provides it with ease, and vice versa. In other words, they heal each other's 1st and 7th houses of identity and relationships. This is especially true for William and Kate with their sun and moon compatibility in Cancer- a truly spectacular aligning of energies to look for in relationship astrology. Kate will find William emotionally fulfilling and lighthearted to her, and she will provide that strength that stability, while also being a wonderful mother.

What I find most adorbs, further still, is just how perfectly the inner family of William and Kate fit perfectly into the larger family of the royals and the monarchy. With their magic Cancer and Capricorn energies, they are the ultimate do-it-all home, success, family, and career couple. They are most definitely destined to become a magical modern Queen and King one day.

Truly royal magic to behold!

:::cue the awwws:::

💖Julie Ann Fae is a professional astrologer, certified angel card reader, and soul coach. She weaves together the strength and magic of the moon, stars, planets, fairies and archangels with the healing arts of oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. See the wealth of reviews she has on her website to learn how people have been uplifted and inspired by her services.

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