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Astrology and the Days of the Week

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Did you know that astrology can be used to make informed decisions for daily energy? That's right. Each day of the week corresponds to a different planetary energy. You can also go hour by hour, although I won't get into that here. (I would recommend checking out HoraWatch app for that). Without further ado, lets take another Gif inspired romp into some astro enlightenment.


Monday is ruled by the Moon. This is a good day for planning and reflecting. You feel more inclined to stay home at this time (hence the "Monday blues") and it can be a day where you feel extra cranky. A way to work this energy is to treat yourself to moon-inspired comforts. What comforts you? What's a little indulgence that makes you feel more loved, supported, mothered and taken care of?


Tuesday is ruled by Mars. This is a better day to now take action on the intuitive ideas that came through yesterday. Your energy is likely to pick up more this day, and it is a good day to really get forward moving with tasks for the week. Use that Mars vibe and stay strong!


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. This is a great day for communications, getting organized, and getting things done in paperwork, written word, details etc. This can also be a good day to review written word intentions set from Monday or tasks left behind from Tuesday that need rework. Use the energy of this day to schedule meetings, inform better phone calls, revise plans, and write.


Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is an expansive planet about good times, higher learning, and higher truths. This is the day you take that e-course, you learn a new skill, chat with someone about your belief systems, learn a new higher mind task. This can also be a good time to just treat yourself to things that bring you joy as Jupiter rules joy.

Also, side note- pay attention to which planets you have retrograde in your birth chart as this will become more magnified on these days. For example, I have Jupiter in retrograde and I notice on Thursday start of day things are more messy than end of day. By the end though I reflect and realize that much has been learned and integrated.


Friday is ruled by Venus. I always love a Friday! I was born on a Friday and am also double ruled by Venus in my birth chart, as my ascendant and my moon are in libra. This day is good for one to one personal connections with others. It is where you indulge in the sweet things of life, like an enjoyable meal at end of day, a friend date, a romantic date, or simply just celebrate beauty around you. Is it any wonder why people love Fridays? haha


Saturday is ruled by Saturn. This is a good day for paying bills (as Saturn rules karma and is Father Time), making serious plans, or having more structured conversations, intentions, or overall presence. I always seek to deposit checks or do other bill related tasks other days of the week, but it somehow usually gets lumped to Saturday. Saturn is like that. It forces you to catch up with what you might have been slacking on. It can also be hard work and labor. It can be a day you might do more physical work, like laundry or cleaning, or responsibilities to family and friends (as Saturn rules responsibilities). Some of the day might feel like all work and no play, but just keep in mind the energy of this day is squeezed between the two sweetest planets of the astrals so you just might need that structure and that discipline.

I personally find I like my Saturdays for my spiritual business and work of the mind, or exploring, learning new things (perhaps because my Saturn is in Sagittarius).

its interesting, though, because many people choose to chill or celebrate on Saturdays. A good way to think about this is that Saturn is associated with Capricorn and that is on the same axis as the Moon. There can be a shadow side to Capricorn (as Cancer is their 7th house) in which instead of being responsible, its like they almost become apathetic or unresponsive and they lounge, eat, don't really do much etc. I think it depends people's planetary chart rulers and the influence Saturn has for them as to how this day goes. In general though, you will find Saturn repressing people will have this combination of responsibility/irresponsibility.


Sundays are easily my fav day of the week, and I think Oprah would have to agree too (Super Soul Sunday, anyone?). Sundays are ruled by the sun. So this is the day you get to! What lights you up? What makes you happy? What fills your inner child with joy? These are the things to do this day. This is the day you fill yourself up on that energy so that when the moon-day feels of tomorrow strike you will be more full and fierce because you took that time for your inner child.

I like to use my Sundays for literally getting time in the sun (if possible), painting my nails, listening to podcasts (love Mugglecast!), spending bed-cay time listening to positive talks and snuggling my furbaby, and then grocery shopping and getting prepped for good meals for the week. I don't want to hear a thing about work and I usually try and not check emails. For me what lights me up is freedom, learning, and good health. What lights you up?

I want to hear how you utilize the days of the week and how this aligns with your energy and routines. Feel free to comment below!

Astrology is a great resource for understanding oneself and practicing self-awareness. If you are seeking to know yourself deeper, craving the hidden wisdoms and making feel better knowings to self love, please contact me with interest in a reading. Email me at, subscribe to my email newsletter via the home page on this site, follow me on my FB biz page, or sub to my YT !

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