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⏰Astrology and the Hours of the Day⏰

It's Sagittarius season, and let's face it, we're all a little bit crazed as the countdown to Christmas looms...

Not to mention, we have a myriad of things to be doing. There's a palpable woe-be-gone feeling to time management in the air! Either time is not moving fast enough, its moving too slow, or maybe is a mish mash of both.

Sagittarius is mutable fire and it excels in areas like future visioning, hopeful optimism about what could be, and wider beliefs, philosophies, and worldly experiences at large. Ruled by Jupiter, it doesn't excel in the qualities of precision like organization, attention to detail, and careful nuances like Mercury ruled Gemini (its opposite) would have. It also sometimes doesn't tap into the axis of health, feelings, and self care like its cousins Virgo and Pisces (squares these signs).

We really are ruled so much more by the planets and archetypal zodiac energies more than we even know. So, to bring a bit more learning to the table (very Jupiterian / Sagittarius approved) let's chat astrology and the hours of the day! (Also check out my astrology and the days of the week post if you have not done so already.)

Note: I realize these hours might not exactly correspond with your wakeup and work start schedule, but just have fun with the sequence of events, not necessarily get caught up in the exact hourly timing of it all!

7 a.m. - Wake up - Aries

Aries rules the energy of when we first wake up. Just like those first buds of springtime that need courage to pierce through the dark ground into the bright sky, we, too, need to have courage to get out of bed! Aries energy is what gives us that willpower to get up and get going. It is Mars ruled and our "go after it" energy.

Fairy Tip: Work with the color red to help you with waking up. Keep a red apple or dark red crystal like carnelian by your bedside. Embrace the power and capability that these objects can have, and when you wake up focus on tapping into that potential power and capability. Work with cinnamon and clove bud to spice things up a bit too!

8 a.m. - Eat/Get Dressed - Taurus

What could be more appropriate for Venus ruled Taurus than breakfast? The drive to nourish ourselves and ensure self care with good food is provided by Taurus here in early day. We've gotten out of bed, we've brushed our teeth, put out contact in (oh wait, maybe that's just me), let out our furbabies, and we are now ready to focus on body nourishment.

Fairy Tip: Good self care takes planning and quality time (very Taurus approved). Work carefully to do meal prep lists after you purchase your groceries, and envision your meals for the day ahead in journaling the night before.

9 am - Connect/Get social - Gemini

We've dressed and picked out what we want to wear (thanks Taurus!), and now we are getting connected. You're getting plugged in to get social. Gemini rules the next hour of our day. Mercury ruled Gemini is allllll about the sociability of things like email, messages, friends, and close associations. Also, what do you need to learn? Here, you check your schedule, check in on the progress of certain things and get curious. We check our text messages, respond to emails, and chat it up with people for the first time.

Fairy Tip: If you struggle with being social, work on getting curious. Gemini likes mind stimulation, so maybe have a puzzle nearby you can work on completing, or a game of solitaire going in the background. Use the latest book you are listening to as talking points with your newbie friends or colleagues. They might even respond in turn (its Harry Potter and the History of Magic for me!)

10/11 am - Late Morning Slump - Cancer

By about late morning, we are starting to get a bit tired. After all, our bed is hours away from us by now. Our heart starts thinking about lunch. We might also take a short self care break around late morning. Self care is now on the brain after some time of (hopefully) dedicated work. We've chatted it up, we've checked our emails, and we've just got a bit more to go until we can replenish ourselves with a true break to nap...I😉.

Fairy Tip: If you are a grazer like I am, the countdown to lunch can seem very frustrating. Prep healthy self care snack for yourself like healthy crackers (I love the "everything but the gluten" ones by Trader Joe's) and a quality European cheese (ideally made with love from grass-fed loved cows). Alternatively, make a small dish of coconut yogurt and keep some red raspberries on the side. If you are at home, top this with some agave syrup for ultra yum.

11 am/Noon - Shine Bright - Leo

By the time we get to midday, we are ready to be out and about! We might go out to lunch, or simply detach and take our lunch outdoors. We might go for a walk around the block, check out the latest celebrity gossip, or do some doodling in our journal. Leo rules the sun and it shines brightest at noon. It loves creativity, drama, self indulgence, and being seen.

Fairy Tip: As we approach the minutes leading up to noon, this is a wonderful time to get outside and get some sun on your face!

12/1 pm - Get Back to Work - Virgo

After we have lunched (and maybe socialized too), its time for us to get back to work. We shift from fixed fire to mutable Earth. This is the time we re-review our schedule and re-assess our to do lists. What else did I have planned for today? How do I break this down into smaller steps? This is also the time where we are digesting our lunch, and this Virgo hour will surely tell us if we invested in health wisely or not!

Fairy Tip: List making and calendar-ing can get overwhelming. Take it from this Virgo: emoji-fy your calendar! Bring in emojis to spice up your calendar, and make use of functions in Google Calendar like setting up recurring events. It will make it fun and save you time!

1/2 pm - Partner Up/Get Social - Libra

After we have gotten back to work, we soon hit the "text your boo o'clock" feels and late afternoon meetings. The focus shifts from to do lists, health, and organization to key partnerships - romantic and not. This is a time once again we get social, perhaps we make that phone call we didn't get to make earlier today, or squeeze in 1-2 more last Zoom meetings in the day. Libra is Venus ruled so this post-lunch hour is overall a sweeter one. We are nourished, hopefully organized and clear on what we want to do, and ready to partner with others to achieve it (texts to your boo aside).

Fairy Tip: If you have some flexibility to plan your day, try and reserve key meetings for this time. Libra embraces harmony, balance, and partnership, so you will find your negotiations go well if you work more within this energy.

2/3 pm - Final Push - Scorpio

After we pass the partnerships hour, we enter into the "final push" of our working day. This is a time where we tap into REALLY what needs to get done. Scorpio is Mars and Pluto ruled, so it is tapping into a deep well of perseverance, strength, and energy. Here, we might also "make cuts". What did you think was on the agenda for today but needs to now be cut out? Scorpio isn't afraid of making tough calls. This is an opportune time to confront a daunting task, push yourself a bit more, or perform some research with deep precision.

Fairy Tip: If you are naturally prone to indecision, save "need to decide" things for this hour. Scorpio follows after Libra because it cuts out what Libra should have long stopped tolerating!

3/4 pm - Visioning Tomorrow - Sagittarius

We've done our research, made our tough calls, and now Jupiterian energy comes in to say "play"! Is it any accident Happy Hour is from 3-5 p.m.? The last hour before work is one in which we snack, delight in some memes or funny moments we need to laugh about to keep us going, and envision what's coming up in our near future. We might make plans to attend a happy hour (you can still do it virtually!), or simply delight in some extra indulgences at this time.

Fairy Tip: Sagittarian energy is also about visioning the future. This is equally a great time to do a needs / wants assessment of today and tomorrow. What needs to be added to your agenda for tomorrow? for 1 week from now? for 1 month from now? This is a great time for putting down ideas to plan ahead...maybe do it before the drinks start flowing.

4/5 pm - Home & Responsibilities - Capricorn

Nearing the end of our workday, our focus begins to shift to family, home, and responsibilities there. Maybe our kids are texting us questions about what's for dinner, who's picking them up from school today, or just simply complaining that the bus is late and can we pick them up. We begin to make final wrap up needs for work life and then shift to home life. We may also literally travel back to home at this time. Capricorn is on the same axis as Cancer, and this is alllll about home and family. Here, while the energy is in Capricorn things are expected of you, and you might feel your "duties" click into gear.

Fairy Tip: Capricorn can often feel over-responsible to tend to things and put their hand in many pots (also a Cancerian thing, just they do it on the emotional level). Be disciplined equally with yourself. Say "no" where you have to, and practice with questions like "Is this REALLY my responsibility, or can they handle it?"

5/6 pm - Chat it up with a Friend - Aquarius

After key responsibilities have been met with home and family, we then open ourselves up to friends and close associations. Here, you might text or call up a girlfriend to chat about the latest at work, or simply plan your next get together. This is a time you now embrace wider community and sociability at large. This might be when you attend a Meetup (many going on virtually these days which are often even easier to get to!), a networking event, or simply indulge yourself in the latest world gossip.

Fairy Tip: The healing side of Aquarius is that after discipline, responsibilities, and hard work we then shift to epiphanies, innovations, and community. Don't underestimate the power of social good! Consider slating some volunteering into this time slot if you can do so. I loved walking pups in need at my local animal shelter when I lived in Chicago. It can really help with depression too!

6/7 pm - Take a Nap - Pisces

Then, at last we come to the end of the zodiac. After a long day of many things, we are ready to drift off to imaginative no rules dream land! Here, we might take a well deserved nap, meditate, paint, doodle, draw, or whatever we like to detach from our thoughts. You might attend a yoga class, or read your latest fantasy book or mystery novel you are into. Whatever it is, let yourself drift off into the astrals and enterrrr the voidddddd!

Fairy Tip: Pisces is also a place where we pray and get spiritual. Take out a journal and practice automatic writing to talk to your angels. Its quite powerful and something not to be missed! This also engages more Mercurial people in a structured yet spiritual way.

P.S. I have just been reminded of the coolest clock in all the land! Check out this amazing beauty below! Called "The Jewel of Prague" (this is quite literally significant to me as I come from a Czech/Slovak heritage and one of my nicknames was Jewel), it features gorgeous clock parts that not only tell time but also reflect the zodiacal season, sun, and moon. :::::SWOON::::::

Photo Credit: Kon Karampelas, Unsplash

Photo Credit: Jack Hunter, Unsplash

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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