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Big Shifts Come in Small Packages, Part 1

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

On overcoming limiting beliefs...

I. cannot. believe. I am FINALLY writing my first blog post on this website! It is a bit shameful (but okay in the words of Louise Hay "Everything is perfect and all is well"...) but I have been visualizing the creation of articles on this blog for some time now but not putting fingers to keyboard to do it. See, my story is that I was a blogger and entrepreneur some years back in the aspects of my Muggle world gifts: that of teaching, tutoring, mentoring and aiding students. I wrote blogs within that realm (feel free to peruse my LinkedIn here) and received people affirming they liked my voice and what I had to say. However, huge events happened in my life (which I will likely divulge into here in my assorted blog posts) that completely commandeered the ship of my life into a spiritual awakening and radically new uncharted waters. My previous identity took a backseat, and assimilating lots. and lots. and lots. and lots. of new spirituality knowledge took front and center stage.

It is only recently that I am finally committing to return to my calling as a communicative healer in digital print format. I have been flirting with this a lot and essentially became a "closet writer" via all my scattered journals and notebooks and my Instagram posts (feel free to peruse them here). Behind the scenes I have been writing. A lot. I have scattered chapters of books, potential digital course outlines, blog articles. You name it, and it is in a journal somewhere. But for some reason I had this consistent block of revisiting this digital world I am here and now in.

And here I am... And boy oh boy oh boy it feels good. Makes me truly wonder why I took myself on this endless sea of torture going back and forth of "Am I ready, am not I ready".. Was it worth it? In effect, I know it has been. And here's why:

It has recently become affirmed so strongly into my awareness this affirmation: "big shifts come in small packages". The synthesis of this came into my awareness as a result of repeated incidents I experienced over this week which were so subtle, so gentle, so life changing... but in effect manifested and materialized and took place within the span of less than an hour each.

First, I connected with someone via Instagram who was interested in a reading (in case it isn't obvious I am a spiritual teacher and do card readings for my spiritual business; I like to channel and help you connect with your angels like whoa). Our connection was truly something angel-oriented because the synchronicities between us were absolutely magical and it became, in essence, a two way partnership of healing messages and synchronicities. It was through her casually mentioning something, and, in another way, casually demonstrating a manner of speaking that I felt like a match was lit in my brain. I just had this "aha" moment of "oh. my. goddess. that is actually a brand new way of thinking about that that I had never thought of before..."

And then in another instance, I manifested a creative coaching call with an amazing alchemist of energy, During our call, I yammered on about my desire to get myself situated into regular blogging because I KNEW this was part of my calling and my path as a communicative healer. I was frustrated with myself, with the state of my imbalance of giving and receiving, and my non-belief in this area. In that call, then, I encountered another matchstick moment where suddenly the question and answer "Well what's stopping you, really?" "Well...nothing. Actually." lit up like a spotlight across a night sky in my awareness. And, then, travelling further down this barefoot, Sagittarius-style footbridge I found myself literally visually, empathically FEELING the shift from non-belief to belief in my brain.

For me, when prompted with the "Well what about receiving $10,000 question?" Chelsea gave me I felt the left half of my brain say "NO. Not possible." but then I felt a shift; the right side of my brain tugging at me and a smaller voice saying "Yes, it is possible..." It was literally a shift from ego and disbelief, to love and higher self. And the coolest thing was I translated this through my clairvoyance and empathy, something I don't know if I could have done (or been ready to do) at any time previously. For me, I saw in my third eye what looked like a train coming down a railroad track, and it was like the track split open into two and suddenly the gear was shifted and the train, usually barrelling head first down the path of "No" suddenly switched direction and began its course on the "It's possible" track.

It was that easy.

Now, this is not to say I earned $10,000 in that moment...that is besides the point. Where the thoughts go, energy will flow as Abraham Hicks always teaches. So, in essence, if I continued to keep my focus on the train barreling down bear right instead of straight ahead I WILL manifest this. But my purpose here right now is a little bit different tonight. No, it was the fact that I caught myself making that shift from the path of fear to the path of love. Inner love. Self love. Higher self love. Of possibilities. Of awakening. It was truly a bat-to-a-car-mirror shattering kind of moment where I actually SAW my limiting beliefs.

It is actually my belief that I had been working up to becoming more familiar with these Aha/shatter-limiting-belief moments slowly over time, and now I am getting better and better at receiving and integrating them with support. But the point of my ramblings, is the WAY in which they happened. This is a piece I really want people to grasp..

We have this belief from movies, from media, perhaps even from some books that the sky is going to part and a beam of light is going to shine down on us from the sun and shine with that Ahhhahhhhahhhaha effect (don't deny know it's have seen this), or that the magic occurs in this head-over-heels-oh-my-God-I-know-the-secret-of-the-universe moment, but the reality is most of the time it DOESN'T work that way. It is the turning the key in the door and finally feeling it unstuck kind of feeling. It's feeling the way that you usually were inclined to react to something suddenly feeling like it's been nudged or pushed to pick up speed in a new way. It's literally Saturn in Sagittarius (which we are now in and zooming towards the end of by the end of this year 2017)'s the simultaneous paradox of contraction and expansion at the same time.

So I will leave you with this before I ramble on about my (yet another) aha moment of this week regarding one of my astrology aspects (follow up blog post surely to follow)...

Please don't hold yourself to a belief that you aren't making progress.

Please don't believe that you aren't improving.

Please don't doubt yourself that you can never change.

Please don't stop believing in miracles.

Please don't question your ability to learn, to grow, to create, to think differently.

You matter. You are a magical being, truly. You are capable of switching from fear to love at any moment. And that, my dears, is exactly where the alchemy occurs.

Sending you love and fairy kisses,


Julie Ann

Julie Ann Fae is an alchemist of ascension. She prides herself on being a channel to the angels and the fae, and being a conduit of divine messages of healing, love and truth in her spiritual healing and teaching work. As a Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Fairyologist, intuitive empath, and Virgo-Libra-Libra (a.k.a. learning fanatic), she instills hope, healing, and peace through her card readings, channeled messages, and miraculous life experiences. You can contact her on Instagram @julieannfae or via email at Also, ask to sign up for her bimonthly moon report- it's free!

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