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Calling on Strength...

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

A cute manifesting story...

So I recently came into possession of this book by Doreen Virtue. Only, the funny thing is I didn't know I was receiving a book! I love this short story as a means to understand just how the angels really do work in clever and mysterious ways.

After some kundalini and meditation sessions, I found myself really feeling drawn to take up Doreen's Archangel Michael oracle cards. Being that it was a deck I didn't have yet, I turned to my trusty shopping love, Amazon, and began searching for the best means to acquire it. (Has anyone ever tried used oracle cards? Curious!) As a bit of a bit*h on a budget, I did find myself panning through the new and used sections of the listing. The way I look at is that the new and used section support someone else looking to sell something for themselves or their cause, and it supports you when you need to save a few extra dollars. It's win-win!

At any rate, I stumbled upon a listing that said $4.44 and I just felt and clairaudiently heard "this is it". (My primary clairs are clairsentience first and clairaudience second.) After all, repeated 4s is a sign that the angels are with you, especially seeing 444, or 111 either in time, purchase totals, or all just around musings within your day. (And how funny I am writing this on April 4th, 4/4!)

So with love and light, I purchased this item and went on my merry way. Being that it was without Amazon Prime it arrived a bit later than the 2 day window I know and love, but, lately, I am learning this type of delayed expansion is a wonderful metaphor for self discipline and Saturn in Sagittarius (which we are now in and I have my natal Saturn in...don't even get me started! more blog posts to follow ;-)

It was with exuberance, then, that I opened a yellow bubble wrap envelope that came in the mail about a week or so later...

I thought, curiously, that the package seemed a bit taller and wider than what I would have expected for oracle cards...

but there have been countless times where I have been surprised by the item in it and its packaging so I enthusiastically agreed it was likely just something normal.

Then, to my surprise I discovered that I had not purchased the oracle cards...I had purchased THE BOOK!

I couldn't believe it! I sat there, pondering how this could have happened. Truly, I didn't really understand even how I did it, but somehow I felt Archangel Michael smiling and nodding his head in the background around me. I knew that he orchestrated the whole thing because, it turned out, what I really needed was to HEAR uplifting stories about him and not worry about DOING readings with his oracle cards.

I settled into the knowing that all of this was truly divinely orchestrated. I mean even the number sequence matching made it so from the start! Then, within a short time thereafter I started taking to reading from the Miracles of Archangel Michael book several pages each night.

I cannot begin to tell you how therapeutic this became for me, in a time in which I was experiencing a lot of root chakra uncertainty and questioning of so many things. I feel that we are all connected and we all, truly, are each other's teachers on this Earth plane. Therefore, to hear other people's stories, and the carefully composed ways by Doreen that we can hear, experience, work with, and receive magic from Archangel Michael was truly beyond words comforting to me. I will honestly treasure this book forever, and I plan to reread it in times I need faith boosts. (In fact I have decided to proceed onwards with Miracles of Archangel Gabriel and Miracles of Archangel Raphael- blog posts for sure to follow!)

I especially enjoyed learning how to call on Archangel Michael nightly when I go to sleep for extra protection, and how to work with him in constant conversation to hear divine guidance, feel safe, and achieve steps towards one's life purpose. Lately, he has been my main squeeze while doing automatic writing for guidance. Remember that angels are the messengers of God/Source/Universe, so connecting with them is a means to receive God's love in words and meaning that we may more easily understand on this Earth plane duality.

Sending you love on this Wednesday night and urging you to keep on believing!

Much Love and Fairy Kisses,

Julie Ann

P. S. Talking about angels got you feeling some type of way? Contact me for an angel card reading at or on Instagram @julieannfae

Julie Ann Fae prides herself on being a channel to the angels and the fae, and being a conduit of divine messages of healing, love and truth in her spiritual healing and teaching work. As a Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Fairyologist, intuitive empath, and Virgo-Libra-Libra (a.k.a. learning fanatic), she instills hope, healing, and peace through her card readings, channeled messages, and miraculous life experiences. Sessions with her include laughter, love, and literary reccos. You can contact her on Instagram @julieannfae or via email at Also, ask to sign up for her bimonthly moon report- it's free!

Choosing to shop the above links supports my spiritual business at no additional cost to you!

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