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🗡️🔥Ceres in Aries: Mother Protectress🗡️🔥

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

On February 21st, Ceres moved from Pisces to Aries. This initiates a new zodiac cycle with the divine feminine asteroid Ceres, and one in which she shifts from deep watery nurturing to fierce feminine power.

However, Ceres is not the asteroid goddess traditionally associated with fierce feminine power. Let's take a look deeper at how we can manifest further into this new energy of Ceres in Aries.

🗡️ Firstly, who was Ceres?

Ceres was a goddess who lost her precious daughter to Hades. Hades wanted to claim her beauty for himself, so he essentially kidnapped her into the underworld. (Some believe Hades raped her, and some say Persephone played equally a consenting part of the story, drawn to some aspects of untapped sexuality. The jury is out on that part of the story!)

Either way, Ceres lost the thing she held most dear, and she wept for her daughter was taken from her. In her grief and despair, she stopped the flourishing of wheat fields, and in the process of her grief, the Earth turned turned barren and people began to become deprived of food.

🗡️ What became of things then?

The other Gods decided to intervene, and negotiated a pact with Hades where Persephone could split her time in the underworld 6 months of the year and 6 months in the outer world. (This was based on the number of pomegranate seeds she ate while in the underworld - effectively a binding spell Hades put upon her without her knowing.)

So became then, the process of the tides of summer and winter. In winter, Ceres wept and the fields died and turned dark and barren. With the return of Summer, fields and light flourished again (and her daughter was returned to her so there was greater happiness). The in between phases reflect the transitions of these two phases too, within fall and spring.

🗡️What does Ceres teach us / offer us?

Ceres is associated with mothering and Cancer energy, as well as our personal relationships with our mothers and the energy of mothering. She also represents the cycles of grief and despair, particularly for loss in our life and all things connected to children and childhood. People with a prominently affected Ceres in their chart may struggle with childbirth, or have deep emotional wounds from their own mother. Or, they may just carry a heavy emotional attachment to the children of the world.

🗡️What astrology is associated with Ceres?

Ceres is linked to Virgo because she carries the wheat and the medicine of food, and she can also represent our relationship with food and health. Ceres may be a champion of health and nutrition and the importance of healthy eating if one has it prominently aspected in their chart. It can also point to wounds or deep attachments to mothering/loss from not being mothered enough, so it is also linked to Cancer and Scorpio (attachment, death, rebirth).

Plottable as asteroid #1, your natal Ceres by sign and house can help you learn:

- how you were treated with your own mother

- how you yourself would like to mother others

- how you relate to health and vitality

- what your relationship with food is like

🗡️What will Ceres in Aries be about for all of us?

Ceres in Aries is a bit of a weird one, to be honest. Ceres being strongly linked to Virgo and the watery signs of Scorpio and Cancer would much prefer to be in harmonious earth or water signs (Taurus, Pisces etc.)

Here, in this placement we bring the divine feminine energy of the mother and attachment (similar to the moon in astrology) with that of Mars, the warrior planet. Its a bit like having a moon in Aries...these two things don't necessarily always fit with each other. This placement certainly brings a very fierce, fiery, and protective aspect to mothering and taking care of children. It can also bring in an energy of mothering yourself through exercise and taking action.

Often, if we are too dull, lackluster, or depressed in our life it is because there is not enough passion. An act of compassion to ourselves can sometimes be passion! This might be a time (until May 8th when Ceres moves into Taurus) where we look at exercise, strength, assertion, willpower, and drive within the context of our children/ furchildren and relationship with food/health.

For example, I recently stumbled across this video of Oprah interviewing James Corden on his decision to join Weight Watchers in my YouTube travels. I found myself watching it, not actually because I have need to do WW or pursue a diet (gratefully, food, exercise, and health are my strongest life areas!) but because it was interesting to view it from the lens of compassion and how we attach ourselves to certain behaviors and things.

I took some time to look up James Corden's astrology chart and he is a 29 degree Leo with a grand trine in fire (very creative and energetic) with Saturn in Virgo (his karmic work is in "cleaning things up", health, nutrition, boundaries with things). He also has a moon in Aries interestingly enough. Its interesting to me he would have made this video right around the time in which Ceres was getting ready to move into Aries. We can see him reflecting on how doing this work - around healthy eating and creating discipline - is actually one of the most compassionate things he can do for himself right now.

To me, this is very Ceres in Aries. How can we love ourselves more through strength and discipline? How can we make ourselves stronger and better able to protect and support our children? This is what Ceres in Aries will thrive in teaching us about.

🗡️So, what are some best fit ways to harness this Ceres in Aries energy?

When it comes to this placement, fire and themes of strength are key. Here are some of my top tips to harness this energy.

🔥Create a Strength altar

Find some ways to remind yourself of how strong you can be. Often, we forget just HOW much we have overcome in our life and how strong we are to have made it this far in life. Things you might want to include on this altar include: a list of your top 5 proudest phoenix moments, a token of where you have been / what you have come from (could even be from your heritage or ancestry), and a picture of you standing tall and looking strong / feeling fierce.

🔥Work with crystals fire agate and carnelian

Embrace fire infused crystals that help you harness strength and passion. Fire agate and carnelian are great for this, and you can also work with other deep, powerful grounding crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian, shungite, black kyanite and more. Add a bit of shine with pyrite and bring in anestral healing with apache tear.

🔥Work candle magic

Don't neglect the power of fire. Whether its simple non-toxic tealights or full blown themed candles. There is great magic and power in fire and flame. As the fire is lit, envisioning yourself transmuting your fears and worries back into ashes and being able to grow and rebirth from that experience.

My favorite candle magic is Tiff's Wicks Candles on Etsy at the moment! My blog followers can use code CANDLES10 for 10% off any purchase of $35 or more!

🔥Work with Goddesses Isis and Mary Magdalene

There is no better support team for divine feminine strength and power than Mary Magdalene and Goddess Isis. These two bring in strength from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools and the power to overcome deep traumas, shame, oppressions and more. I started my own spirituality journey working with these goddesses, and they got me through some very intense times of death and rebirth. And they still do. The Isis Oracle deck can be a wonderful place to start.

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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