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🤪Embracing Yo’ Weird yet Practical Self: Saturn with Uranus🤪

I know I have chatted about Saturn and Uranus in combination before, but as I was doing my virtual travels I stumbled across this image and it made me chuckle so hard. Tying to merge Saturn with Uranus is weird yet practical, bizarre yet monumental. Its the dissatisfied with the traditional yet somehow seeking, innovating, and moving forward in its own unique, stable way.

Uranus teaches us to embrace our individuality, teaching us to innovate and accept oneself. Saturn teaches us to overcome insecurities and put in the hard work to achieve goals in a certain life area. Obviously whatever house and sign you have these placements in can give you a huge bearing on just how all of this will manifest in your life. I have a Saturn conjunct Uranus (wide orb) placement in my own natal chart; it is in my 2nd house of Sagittarius and hits me hard when trying to find ways to balance my freedom seeking side with my security seeking side, particularly as it relates to self-made wealth, work, and income sources.

This year we have navigated through multiple squares of Saturn (in Aquarius) to Uranus (in Taurus). It's certainly been a year that over time has really poked and prodded at this already sensitive dichotomy in my own chart: trying to accommodate Saturn’s demands while also respecting Uranus’ need for rebellion and autonomy. We can see this playing out in society from everything to bitcoin to vaccines: where do you stand on integrating new technologies? We are coming up on the last (or at least last of the most potent) of these squares this December 2021. These are powerful and dynamic planets and together they represent a very complicated archetype to balance (“the ruler and the rebel” as I called it in my last blog post on this).

Let’s take a look at some of these dates and energies and reflect deeper on all of this.

In mid/late February (1the 17th to be exact), we had Saturn in Aquarius battling with Uranus in Taurus in an exact square at 7 degrees. Being that we were also in a Mercury retrograde in Aquarius at that time, there was such a huge pile up of energy in Aquarius then. (I remember this well because it was certainly a very difficult dark night / week / month of the soul for me, as this dynamic was squaring my exact natal Pluto also at 7 degrees Scorpio combined with a Mercury retrograde in my already sensitive 4th house...gulp.)

Back then, the story may have been more on the side of Aquarius. However, because Saturn is IN Aquarius, this gets really weird. It's like we need to go into the weird and different to access the stability. And then, conversely, Uranus is IN Taurus, meaning that the way to innovation is through stable, secure (more Saturnian) Taurus. Is your head spinning yet? If you have had trouble getting momentum done this year with certain manifestations (:::raises hand:::), then this inside-out and outside-in mashup of energies may also be weaving into that story.

Abraham Hicks and other spiritual teachers I value talk about how it is hard to manifest when we have mixed vibrations on a topic. This type of astrological dynamic can create a lot of that. We are trying to balance many opposites at once, and it can leave us sometimes feeling like we can’t get to what we want, or are just spending too much time spinning our wheels.

Some of these dichotomies are:

Freedom vs. Security

Innovation vs. Stability

Rebellion vs. Tradition

Spontaneity vs. Structure

And so on…

Because the planetary energies are inside out / outside in from one another in their preferred signs this complicates things further. Saturn would much prefer to be in Taurus, yet it is in Aquarius right now (Uranus energy). Conversely, Uranus would be highly exalted in Aquarius, yet it is in Taurus right now (stable, Saturnian, predictable energy). This is why in astrology we look at not only rulership but how in your own chart you have planetary energies at exaltation or detriment. It can make a big difference in how successful you can be with achieving the momentum in that sign!

ood.For example, I have Jupiter at 29 degrees Aries. Taking initiative, starting businesses, and being independent are like oxygen and effortless to me. I sincerely have a lot of trouble understanding people who don’t take action on an inspired idea as that inspires me so much! My Jupiter is well placed, being in a fellow fire sign to its domicile, Sagittarius. However, my Saturn is in Sagittarius, a not as great placement for Saturn because it would prefer to be in its neighboring sign instead, Capricorn. However, with time and patience anything Saturnian can be worked and understood. Weighing out these different aspects of planetary preferences is very important.

Another Saturn square Uranus mashup was June 14th at 13 degrees of Aquarius. This would have affected all of the fixed energies (Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus) with planets or luminaries (sun, moon) in that space. The truth is that this dynamic has been playing itself out alllllll year, but each of these times the two planets meet exact we experience a higher “pulse” from the universe on what this balancing act is all about.

The last of these power pulses for this year is on December 24th at 11 degrees Taurus. Hopefully by the time we reach this point, we will have more mastery in what this theme has been about for us all year. What houses are Aquarius and Taurus for you in your natal chart? Do you have planetary energies there? How have these themes been impacting you? This will be a time we can reflect and revisit, to make sure we smooth out any changes we need to make further at this time. Certainly with the added influence of the Venus retrograde at that time there will be much we will be weighing out and contemplating (Venus rules values).

Either way, what is certain is that the way to overcome stuck feelings in any sign is to look to its polarizing opposite. If we are too much in Aquarius (caring about what other people think too much, what society has to say or do too much), we need to look to Leo. Get creative. Blaze your own path. What would courage do? What would you do if you embodied confidence in yourself more?

If we are too much in our Taurus (fixated on something, a perceived value we cannot shake ourselves out of), we need to look to Scorpio. How could these energies be transmuted? What would you do if you knew you might die tomorrow? (I know the latter is a morbid thought but it is powerful to help you understand how you truly feel.) Both Taurus and Scorpio exist on the axis of needs vs. wants but approach it from different perspectives.

This is the beauty of working astrology: dichotomies and opposites already exist in it. When we can unearth where we are out of balance, we can then seek what needs to be fixed, healed, and readjusted for alignment. Remember, it is a journey, not a destination.

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