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👑🤰Empress Yo'self: Embracing Your Inner Empress👑🤰

On April 14th, Venus will be moving into Taurus and this is a wonderful time to embrace our inner-empress-goddess energy...

The Empress in the tarot represents that beautiful fertile feminine quality full of abundant possibilities. She knows she has beauty and worth to give and attracts it easily. She does not waste her time chasing things that do not align with her worth, but instead magnetizes things to her that match her inner beauty.

With Venus now in Taurus, this is a wonderful time to take a second look at how you are tapping into this type of receptive quality and beauty in your life.

Let's take a look at some of my top tips to Empress Yourself.

👑🤰 Celebrate Sensuality 👑🤰

The Empress knows that she doesn't have to rush things. Real pleasure comes from taking your time to appreciate the beauty and the settings in and around you. Take the time to slow down, appreciate your body, appreciate all the features of yours and your partner's body. Whether its with you or another, love yourself and just honor all your features, without having to force, manipulate, or change any of them. This type of divine love and gratitude magnetizes so much receptivity your way.

👑🤰 Know When to Say No👑🤰

Just because the Empress is magnetic and sensual, does not mean she takes everything that comes her way in every moment. Oh no. She still knows how to assert her worth and practice discernment by walking away from situations that are not her worth and saying no from time to time. She is in that divine feminine flow, knowing what she has to offer and provide, and she is not willing to settle for anything less. Where there are adjustments and changes to be made to the person who advances her way, she speaks up willingly and openly, without fear for "loosing the person". She knows that anything that is divinely timed and meant for her will find its way, and nothing that is truly hers can be taken from her. She embodies quiet confidence and trust in the universe. Check out my crown of self respect blog post for more top tips on boundaries in this way.

👑🤰 Honor Beauty in Places, Timing and All Things 👑🤰

The Empress loves to treat herself to beauty - in clothes, flowers, jewelry, and decorative things for her home. Just like in nature, she knows that all beauty has many forms, many colors, and many variations. She embodies and favors this beauty through divine love of nature and respect for adorning herself with grace and ease. She loves music and the arts, and is receptive to beauty in all its forms.

Here's an extra dose of beauty and grace for you to listen to:

👑🤰When It's a Yes, its a Hell Yes 👑🤰

When it comes to love, there might be many who try to get her attention and affection, but she will reserve herself for one its the full mind and body YASSS person. She doesn't "settle". She lets time and divine timing take its course. She stays in her magnetic attraction frequency, continuing to revel in beauty and attract to her what is rightfully hers. When it is magnetized to her (through her energetic alchemy), she snatches it up quickly and without delay. She does not hesitate when it comes to getting what she wants, once she is sure that is the person / place / or thing that she wants. She is steadfast in her desire to only accept that best option she seeks.

All in all the Empress is a wonderful energy to play within, and a powerful one for manifestation. It represents the energetics of what could be and how that alignment works, so that one can more fully stand in the power of the Queen of Wands, Queen of Pentacles, and/or Queen of Swords. You can more fully embrace this energy by bringing some of these ideas into your space:

👑🤰Create an Empress Altar👑🤰

Create a space in which you honor this Empress energy. Set out a tarot card of the Empress from one of your most favorite decks. Draw some images of the Venus symbol in silver or gold and write out some affirmations on a piece of paper to tuck behind or under the card. Place strong and worthy crystals around the empress card. A piece of garnet, green aventurine, or labradorite might be nice alongside some quartz points. Keep sacred oils by this display, bringing in floral or richly feminine scents like frangipani or geranium essential oil. Set up a time to pray at or take affirmation time at this altar to really drawn in its wisdom.

👑🤰Set a date to BE the Empress👑🤰

Make a date with yourself to honor all things Venus in Taurus. Make a gourmet food platter for yourself. I love blood oranges with kalamata olives as a vegan option, and if you are vegetarian experiment with some high quality cheeses, crackers, olives, and fruits. After nourishing yourself, draw a bath and make it luxurious with essential oils, Himalayan sea salt and flower petals. Light candles around and keep lighting warm and soft. Allow yourself to soak in the tub, listening to a guided meditation of your choice, or just being in the energy of sweetness and pleasure. Affirm to yourself your beauty, loving on individual parts of your body, and your self worth. "I am beautiful. I am abundant. I am prosperous." (Check out my self love blog post for more inspiration on affirmations.) You might even like to record yourself reciting some of these mantras and follow up with them as an audio experience after you get out of the bath.

No matter what you choose, the Empress is about allowing yourself to receive, and to experience and dig deep into inner beauty. Its a time for you to really appreciate yourself and treat yourself. As you do so, you will magnetize more and more things to you that match that self worth -- whether they be new romance options, new financial options, new material adornments, or all three 😉

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on her blog, sign up for her bi-moonthly email newsletter and visit her offerings at

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