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💔🧭Finding Your Way When You Feel Lost🧭💔

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The changing of the calendar doesn't bode away anxiety and depression instantly. The changing cycles of the planets DOES create change on a longer term level, oh yes, but it is up to us to understand how to manage our moods, actions, and behaviors in the day to day.

I know the cycles of anxiety and depression all too well, and I wanted to share a few of my tried and true tricks I have learned here in this post. (Note: I am not a licensed professional counselor; I am simply sharing and informing from my own experiences as a human being living a spiritual life on this planet at this time.)

🧭Focus on one small thing that feels RIGHT🧭

Often when we go into deeper states of anxiety and depression, it is because we have let energetic vibrations compound. Just like a super sandwich, everything is layered. Its not just one thing, its oh so many (and paradoxically this is what makes you feel inhibited to talk about it all because you don't even know where to begin). What we need to do is break the "big sandwich" into its lettuce, then vegan cheese, then mustard, then pepperoncini (one of my fav sandwiches I make as a vegan foodie).

Ask yourself "what is ONE small thing I can do right now that feels RIGHT"? If you think of something and its too big, break that down into smaller parts. Think small, and I mean small. Sometimes for me its making my bed, tidying up my room, or putting on some mascara, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. Often we are in need of "resetting our vibration" and the energy and momentum of that one small positive act can get our mojo going again. If the anxiety or depression kicks back in after that one small act, repeat the process again, maybe reaching for something a bit longer - doing 20 minutes of yoga, meditating for 7 minutes etc.

Another tool that has helped me immensely (and I mean immensely- I have used this in some of my darkest hours) is the Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale. I've dropped a picture of this below. The Hicks scale teaches us that everything is on a continuum of emotion, and in fact, joy and powerless both exist on the same spectrum, just at opposite poles. In fact, this is actually one of the Hermetic Principles: its called "The Principle of Polarity" and you can read about it in The Kybalion. So, in essence...that millionaire or that person in ecstacy right now is NO DIFFERENT than you. You are each just on opposite ends of the spectrum, and you need to find a way to edge yourself the opposite end of the pole, even if its just up one notch.

The way I use this scale is by first gauging where I am on it. "What emotion am I feeling right now?" Then, go deeper. "What situation is causing this?" Then, decide what you want to shift. Ask "What can I do to shift these feelings?" Let your intuition do the talking. Maybe you need to listen to a positive song, or dance, or literally shake your body out. I sometimes uplift my vibration by "talking myself into the vortex" as Hicks would say. You can do this by beginning to write out what's good about this situation, or what else is good in your life, reminding yourself its temporary, and so on. Either way, the practice is to shift your vibration even slightly then reassess where you are on the emotional guidance scale. The goal is not to expect yourself to shift from powerlessness to joy. It is to meet yourself where you are at. This is where "force fed happiness" falls short. We have to meet our vibration where we are at, then raise it.

🧭Self Care is not optional, its MANDATORY🧭

Think of self care like brushing your teeth. You need to do it every day, ideally twice a day, morning and night. Self care and reconnecting with our higher self is like this too. It is ESSENTIAL we make time for connection with our oversoul.

Here's a quickie list if you need some inspiration:

- Meditate, 7 min

- Nighttime journaling, day's thank you's + prayer requests for future

- Coloring



-Listen to music


-Do some yoga

-Do some qigong

-Do some pilates

-Watch a movie and turn off your phone

🧭When it stops feeling good, WALK AWAY🧭

This simple adage has been a powerful game changer for me. It was a download that came to me one time. Often our vibration becomes "more sickly" because we "stew" in things. We are texting or dm-ing with someone, and we know it isn't feeling good, yet we reengage. Or, we are having an argument with someone, watching a webinar, reading a news article, or more and know we should walk away but we glue ourselves to the spot. Train yourself to remember this phrase, and detach from the situation. As Hicks would say "you don't have to resolve it this red hot minute". Sometimes we just need to recalibrate ourselves. Take space from the situation then return to it later when your vibration is different (if you even want to at all).


Often, when we are in these states, we isolate ourselves even further. This compounds all of our feelings. Whether its a good friend you know you can text to or call up, or a group you belong to and meet with weekly. Support is key. Therapy is key. Often, you can get free therapy through university partnerships in which students are counselors in training. (I have done it myself; you just need to be ok with the sessions being recorded or potentially supervised.) If it is a healer you are wanting to work with, ask them if they have a financial hardship discount. You never know what could become more accessible to you until you ask! Whether its a book club, an exercise club, or a hobby club you name it and its online now. You DO have option to feel less isolated and more connected. Until you get those synched up, check out the app "Think Up" which helps you with prerecorded affirmation repeating out loud. Its great!

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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