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How to Open Your Heart Chakra: 5 Ways to Flow Like Pisces

As we navigate this Pisces season and this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces its an overwhelming amount of well... Pisces. Pisces, my opposite sign, is all about healing, compassion, letting go, and forgiveness. It is associated with Neptune- the planet that reminds us of the vast expanse of emotions, the ocean, the water element, and the expanse of all that is: conscious and unconscious.

Just like the ocean, there can be stormy seas and there can be smooth seas. We can absorb and feel A LOT during this time. We might be reminiscing about the past, and feel as though we are lethargic, low energy, or just plum confused.

Because of all these reasons- and, let's be frank- I write for my own healing awareness too sometimes- let's dive into some deeper ways to quell the angsty fires of the current Venus in Aries transit. Let's, instead, examine how to heal, soothe, and awaken our heart chakras.

1. Allow Life's Difficulties to Become Contrast Clarity

I learned the phrase "contrast clarity" from Abraham Hicks. It is a soothing balm to the soul to apply for mind resets, mind reframes, and all around manifestations amongst the chaos of life. After all, each person is manifesting as an individual, creating a complicated web of free will, manifestation, madness...and magic.

Contrast clarity is the awareness that what is happening now that you don't like is actually still serving a purpose. It is teaching you more of what you do want. When we are able to honor and accept the feeling that comes up, the emotion that is there, we get to heal and witness where we are at in our manifestation. Is it feeling good? Keep going. Is it feeling bad? What about it feels bad? Pinpoint that exact aspect you dislike and say to the universe ok...not subscribing to this aspect anymore, but "more please, universe" to these things I really do like.

It's why gratitude lists are so important. Gratitude journaling is actually just the act of focusing your mind on what you DO want more of. It also gives you a safe space to witness what's in need of tweaking and adjusting. When you view life and manifestation in this way, you begin to see how it is all a game, and you are just co-creating within it.

Not to mention, all this helps tremendously with self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

Photo Credit: Julie Ann Fae

2. Detoxification of Stored Toxic Substances

Another way we can align ourselves to more love is to purify our bodies to let more love in. Dietary changes and detoxification of chemicals are a really important part of living and being on a spiritual path.

In fact, changing one's diet and beginning to live more holistically is often a first suggestion I give to people you want to improve their energies and maximize their auric field.

Perhaps detoxification for you is less caffeine, less alcohol, eliminating gluten, corn, soy, meat, or dairy. There are any of a number of ways to tweak and improve your diet and lifestyle choices no matter where you are at. Even with myself, I have come so far in detoxing and I still find ways and reasons to tweak and refine my "cheats". (Although, I largely stay vegan, gluten free).

The sweet spot to remember here is Virgo and Pisces act together to fully activate the healing axis. Pisces allows compassion and self-love, healing of the emotional body. Virgo allows boundaries and discernment, healing of the physical body.

Remember, healthy boundaries = self love!

3. Work with Flowers & Archangel Jophiel

Who doesn't love bright, beautiful flowers in the spring and summer time? I especially love flowers that have multiple color variations, as it's always so impressive and magical. Connecting with nature and the energy of the sun is great for an open heart, strong auric field, and renewed sense of inner child play. After all, Leo, associated with the 5th house in astrology, is also associated with the sun. That area rules creativity, playfulness, joy, and the love/warmth for life. Embrace the energy of the sun. It will heal you and enliven you.

Work with the energy of pink and call on Archangel Jophiel. She is the feminine equivalent of Archangel Michael and is associated with nature, manifestation, the fairies, beauty, and joy. Check out my Archangel Cheatsheets available on my coaching page here if you would like a deeper dive into the archangels and all that they do.

Also, you can bring in the energy of nature even when its freeze and frost outside. Work with flowers, flower essences (I like Bach's), essential oils (I like Jade Bloom), and of course call on the fairies/angels of nature!

4. Work with Green & Archangel Raphael

Another way to embrace the energy of love and open your heart chakra is to call in the green. Green, associated with nature, is a reminder of the abundance of the world. We use green aventurine and emerald to support money manifestations, and we work with essential oils like peppermint to keep us alert, awake, and present to creative ways to manifest more moohlah.

Heart opening and healing, Archangel Raphael is associated with the color green. He is the archangel of relationships and also supports physical healing of body. Call on him (along with Archangel Raguel) if you are seeking greater relationship harmony or peace between people. Call on Archangel Raphael before a surgery or when trying to heal from an illness. Also, you don't have to wait to be sick to call on Archangel Raphael! He is available for help and support always. If physical healing, detoficiation, and improved physical health is your focus right now, then call on him daily. Again, check out my Archangel Cheatsheets here if you would like a deeper dive into the archangels.

Lastly, bring in the green foods! Dark green veggies like kale, green peppers, collard greens, swiss chard, spinach, and heirloom tomatoes are all greatly supportive to heart chakra healing. You can also work with lighter green foods like green apple, celery, and cucumber (juice those three together for magic!). Also, consider all of the beautiful green herbs: sage, cilantro, parsley, rosemary...the list goes on. Working with bringing in the green is all kinds of heart chakra inspiring.

👩‍🍳Check out my Fairy Foodie Features for more food inspo!

Photo Credit: Julie Ann Fae

5. Laugh & Allow More Play

Sometimes when life doesn't appear to be going your way, you have to just stop and laugh. Laugh at the imperfections of life. Try and loosen up the notion that everything has to be so serious all the time. After all, this is the fairy way, and fairies know how to manifest and embrace their inner child.

A fun tip: take a selfie of yourself being silly or laughing (like my one below) and look back on it when you need to. Remind yourself: I have laughed and let go before and I can do it again.

Here are some helpful mantras:

"It is safe for me to play."

"I allow myself to be at play."

"Play and laughter are easy for me."

"I welcome and embrace my inner child's needs."

"I am safe and welcomed in my nurturing of my inner child."

In time, you will be able to work each of these healing balms in turn, and then practice them together. In no time, your heart chakra will be a flowin'!

Julie Ann Fae is a spiritual healer and teacher who delights in bringing in the energies of the fairies. She is a professional astrologer and certified angel card reader and all around manifestation babe. She knows that heart chakra healing and astrology is a powerful tool, and she is sure you will come to understand that in time too. She would love to walk the journey with you, too, and engage you in feel better knowings to self love. Follow her email newsletter by joining at and catch her at more magical locations here. Also, treat her to a cup of tea here!

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