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I Love Jade Bloom!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Woot woot! So great to be back again at my blog. I am committing to more blogs than I have written ever before (1 a day would be great!), and it feels so great to be resetting myself and aligning myself with that goal.

This blog post is all about my love for a new essential oil and holistic wellness product company I discovered recently called Jade Bloom. I was always :::interested::: in essential oils, but never quite knew how to dive in to the e.o. pool. I had been introduced to both majorly talked about companies, Young Living and DoTerra, and I also noticed that Sage Goddess (whom I follow and love) also introduced her new essential oil line. I think the diversity of styles and approaches to e.o's is great!

For me, though, the vibe of JB really swung me. It's not to say I won't ever consider buying from the other brands, but for the prices I can afford via JB, the commitment to customer service (I SWEAR sometimes it feels like Amazon I even tried to Google Search if Amazon owns JB lolol), and the value they put on education my heart is sold on JB. For example, take these purchases I made which have become oils I am working with regularly and lovingggggg:

For $14.95 I got a bottle of Lucid Dreaming blend (LOVE this one btw) PLUS a free bottle of Boost, an energizing blend --> full size bottle and I got free shipping. And I got it in like 2-3 days...I mean COME ON!

Seriously! They were doing a buy and get Boost blend free with a minimum order and shipping min was $10 (!!!) (it may be changed to $15 now but still this is amAZing):

If you are interested in those oils read on & click images below!

Lucid is amazing for helping me fall asleep and get to a zen place. It also is supposed to help with dream recall! It's got cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, kashmir lavender, german chamomile, and rose bulgaria eos in it.

Boost is all about waking you up and revitalizing you. It's got rosemary, juniper berry, juniper needle, lemongrass, clove leaf, black pepper, and nutmeg.

In fact two orders later with even SWEETER deals (plus just wait til I tell you about Oil University) enticed me to sign up as an affiliate. The best way to promote abundance is to share more of what you love, right?! If you shop any of the images in this blog it supports my spiritual biz at no additional cost to you, and we both get to be happy e oil lovers together ;-)

I've got more JB stuff to talk about, but multitasking Saturday feels are starting to set in (whoever said multitasking rocks need to try vacuuming, baking, and laundering all while mid-blog posting and then see how they feel about the subject lol),so I am going to pause here and save words for another blog post!


Pssst: Shopping any links in this blog supports my spiritual biz at no additional cost to you! Just click the pictures !


I'm a quirky spiritual healer and teacher here to uplift the masses through inspiring, divining and communicating from realms of greater good to be of service and to inspire. I specialize in astrology and working with the angels and am a Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Fairyologist, and Certified Realm Reader.

I would love to connect and help you deeper!

Explore around my blog, leave a loving comment or two, or email me directly at Hugs!


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