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🌎Julie Ann Fae's Eco Fairy Guide🌎

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I often get asked what products or techniques I use to go green and to be the eco friendly, sustainable shopper fairy that I am. Reducing plastic use and lowering my carbon footprint is one of my greatest joys, and the more we become a conscious consumer, the better we - and the world - become.

Check out my list with all manner of eco products, direct to artists, or fair trade shopping. For Amazon items, you can also use this handy dandy list I curated here. Note that shopping these links can support my spiritual business at no additional cost to you via affiliate partnerships.

🕯️Candles & Essential Oils

Aloha Bay Candles

I feature month ahead guidance in the Aloha Bay monthly email newsletters and I simply adore this company. They offer sustainably made products, most especially non-toxic, essential oil infused quality candles. You can sign up for their email newsletter here, and check out my monthly candle recommendations for them in each issue.

Tiff's Wicks Candles

This woman owned small business and Etsy seller makes hand poured and magical candles including zodiac themed ones, fantasy themed like LOTR and Harry Potter and sassy ones too! I have also learned some great candle care tips from Tiffany as well.

Support Link: Use code CANDLES10 for 10% off orders of $35+ here😘

GoodLight Candles

This company was actually started out by restauranteurs who wanted something more eco-friendly to burn on their dining room tables. So, they started producing their own candles. Pretty cool, right? As an added bonus, this company contributes a percentage of their profits to the Orangutan Land Trust, which is all about protecting orangutan habitat in the wild and helping ensure their rehabilitation. Shop their tealights here.

Jade Bloom Essential Oils

Jade Bloom is a no fuss Colorado based essential oil company. They are truly humble, affordable, and always friendly. I started my collection with them and they are one of my go to recommendation places for people.

Support Link: Click here to shop Jade Bloom😘


Roxx Polish

I absolutely adore my crystal infused nail polish collection. I save so much money by doing them my own way and its infused with crushed crystals so you really can't go more high vibe. I've even done some fun crafting with this crystal nail polish.

Support Link*: Shop Roxx Polish here w/code JFA10 for 10% off 😘

Bonus: Use Karma Naturals non-toxic nail polish remover to avoid with nasty chemicals while changing out your polish.

Pact Clothing

Pact clothing makes fair trade made undies, bras, leggings and more. I especially love their sports bras, stretch tanks, and leggings. They have a commitment to organic cotton and fair trade products, and it shows in the quality and care in which they support their fabric sourcers.

Support Link: Shop with this link and get 20% off 😘


MeUndies is an LA based underwear, sock, and loungewear company with bamboo/sustainably made undies. They have tons of fun, whimsical, and flirty prints which are sure to support and delight. As I have upgraded my wardrobe I have slowly become a MeUndies addict.

Support Link: Shop with this link and get 20% off 😘

Metal razor

I bought one of these metal, reusable razors for myself and it is literally pure shaving joy! The metal razor is a million times easier to clean, lasts forever, and no more throwing plastic razors into the trash...for reals.

100 Percent Pure

100 percent pure is a San Francisco based makeup company which also sells haircare and body care products. They have a huge commitment to be environmentally sustainable and support cruelty-free and pure products. I love their lip and cheek tint, lip balms, lotions, shampoos (literally cannot live without these), and so much more.

Support Link: Get $15 off your first purchase with this link here 😘

Southern Magnolia Minerals

Another makeup company I love to use is SMM Cosmetics/Southern Magnolia Minerals. Barb also offers lotions, face washes, and more. I love her eyeshadows which I use regularly in her videos, and I love the mascaras she has too. Mineral based makeup comes in a powder form, so it is super light and portable to work with. Wet your makeup brush and convert eyeshadow powders into eyeliners in a pinch!

Support Link: Shop Southern Magnolia Minerals here😘

Bonus: Upgrade your makeup brushes too! Sadly, many mainstream makeup brushes are made with animal hair and are not extracted in the best ways for the animal involved (super NOT fairy approved). I only use Eco-tools makeup brushes and have done so for years. Their brushes are always cruelty free, great to handle, and really pretty. I bought my first eyeshadow brush with them almost a decade ago and have never looked back.

Bamboo toothbrush

I became tired of throwing plastic toothbrushes into landfills when they were used up, and I had tried the recyclable kind and found they are not always that easy to find recyclable bins for! I decided to look for something even more sustainable. Enter: bamboo toothbrushes. As an added bonus, many come with charcoal bristles which clean and whiten teeth all the more.


Julia Cellini Art

Julia is my Hawaii based artist friend who paints beautiful and INCREDIBLE depictions of Celtic and Hawaiian goddesses as well as fae, fairy, and all things fantasy. You can check out some of her pieces on my Insta here and here.

Support Link: Use code FAIRYSISTERS10 to get 10% off orders of $15+ at her shop Moonglow Gallery, here 😘

Shinycraft2013 Pyrography

Chantal is an amazing UK based wood burning artist (officially called "pyrography and ink art") and she also loves and respects the pagan holidays. She makes the most drool worthy and amazing pieces to add to your altar set. I know I am saving up to buy a whole collection!

Support Link: Use code FAE10 for 10% off on her Etsy shop here 😘



I discovered SagedApp and am a regular spirituality blogger on there. Its a truly positive, supportive spiritual space with community forums, mini courses, access to live gatherings (in the Premium version) and more. Use this link here to download the app for free.


SacredU is a spiritual course site similar to Hay House but operating at a much smaller pace. One of my favorite teachers on this site is Tricia McCannon with her fantastic teachings on the divine feminine, and you will also find everything from mediumship to animal communication. Secret tip: many of the introductory modules are free to access and still quite rich with information.

Support Link: Click here to access the SacredU homepage

😋Fairy Foodie

🥤Laird Hamilton Supplements

Designed by the amazing big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton, he and his (amaze) wife Gabby Reece have a whole range of products including superfood powders, instafuel powders, snacks and more. They always have great and evolving flavors like matcha, turmeric, chai, hot chocolate, and coffee. I really just can't say enough positive things about this company. Also, their customer service is amaze and their website has TONS of recipes to inspire you.

Support Link: Shop their products here and get $5 off your first order😘


🔌Electric Lighter

I became a huge convert when I discovered that an electric lighter exists! These are the coolest things ever, as they are rechargeable and generate an electric spark strong enough that you can then use to light a wick or light an incense stick. I've stopped buying throwaway plastic lighters or awkwardly trying to refuel a Zippo lighter. You can use it to light your candle and then light your smudge from the candle flame from there.

🔋Rechargeable Batteries

So many things go to landfills and battery acid leakage is very much a real thing that pollutes the atmosphere. Instead of just doing your usual grab and go, swap out consumable batteries for rechargeable ones. I use these from Amazon and have done so for years. You pay a bit more at the onset, but then you never have to run out for new batteries...or feel guilt you are tossing old ones into the trash! Highly recommend.

🙃Got a product you want featured? Or want to show me your eco-shopping in action? I would love to hear about it! Shoot me an email at or a DM on Insta @julieannfaehealing

🔮Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

*Links of qualifying purchases may be affiliate via various business partnerships. Other coupon codes may result in perks for products over time. All of this supports my small business at no additional cost to you. Every recco has been hand tested by myself first and recommended with love.

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