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♐Juno enters Sagittarius: Getting Flirty with It♐

On December 18th, the Asteroid Goddess Juno will be shifting signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius. What will that mean?

Well, things are going to get a bit more flirty around here...

Did you miss my Juno enters Scorpio post from earlier this Fall? If so, head here.

While Juno was in Scorpio from September 20th, we excavated such things as:

- repressed feminine rage

- transformation through raw power

- identifying the source of imbalances of power in our life

Take a moment to your reflect on your life, particularly the divine feminine component of your life since late September of 2020.

What's changed?

Here are some journaling prompts for you to consider:

What's changed in my life since late September?

What have I been energetically working on this fall (i.e."increase self worth" or "manage anger")?

In what ways have I tapped into my raw power in the past couple months?

In what ways have I NOT tapped into my raw power in the past couple months?

What can I do to change that?

Been missing out on my asteroid goddess posts and need a refresher on Juno?

Here's a quickie:

Juno is the anti-Lilith. She stays where perhaps she should speak up and go. Juno, or Hera, was Zeus (aka Jupiter)'s wife. She was loyal and committed to their marriage, despite the fact that Zeus would lie and a lotttttt. She wasn't passive, oh no. She enacted her revenge on him, and on the women he slept with. The trouble is she and him were definitely co-creators in an imbalanced and toxic relationship. Through dishonesty, lies, and deception they stayed together, when perhaps it would have been far healthier for them to dissolve their marriage and find ways to stop hurting the people that got ensnared in their toxic nest.

When Juno is in positive aspect to a partner's Venus or Moon, this can create wonderful emotional bonding and commitment. However, "an excess of Juno" combined with a relationship where the power dynamic is out of balance creates a recipe for disaster. If Juno is prominent in your chart, or prominent in the synastry chart of you and your partner, balance, honesty, and shared commitment to the relationship will be key.

💍Is Juno just about marriage?

No. We can be in a long term committed partnership, and never get married. Also, in my experience as an astrologer, I have noticed Juno to also be present with other types of long term relationships one might have in their life, such as with that of a parent, mentor, sibling, teacher, or long term friend. Sometimes I even advise my clients to look for friends with the attributes of their Juno so they can really attract loving and committed friendships that way!

💍What can we expect from Juno moving into Sagittarius?

With Juno moving into Sagittarius, a Jupiter ruled sign, we can expect things to lighten up a bit in relationships. We will be encouraged to approach more play, spontaneity, laughter, and indulgences in our interactions with our significant other (or whoever the type of person you have in mind for this is).

💍What's the best sign for Juno to be in?

Juno is about fairness, equality, balance and partnership so she does love some Libra energy. However, we need to watch for the shadow side of Libra which can be people pleasing, forsaking one's own needs for another's, and overall dimming our light to fit in. In truth, balance is important to any sign and any relationship, so it is moreso not the sign your natal Juno is in but the power dynamic you embody. Are you fair? Are you honest? Do you tolerate things from your partner you should not? These are the things Juno teaches and wants us to grow and learn within. Juno is about embodying the committed yet balanced version of the divine feminine archetype.

💍What do we need to watch out for?

Because Jupiterian influences can create a bit too much excess (this is why Capricorn follows after Sag, to tone it down), we need to watch for over doing the indulgences bit. Whether its too much partying, drinking, or flirting with other people we shouldn't be flirting with (or worse), we have the potential to throw ourselves out of balance and also the relationship. Remember, healthy Juno interactions involve honesty, balance, trust, and equality, so try your best to consider the other person's point of view when you make certain choices. Don't expect your partner to "clean up after you" if you get too drunk, or cheat on someone with the belief "that you can get away with it". (This sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many people deceive themselves in these ways!)

Also, likewise is your partner being unfair, dishonest, and potentially disloyal to you? Step up into what you will and will not tolerate. You deserve better.

Couples often fight about money, so over indulgences need not be drinking or partying (although certainly those things do snatch up a lot of money). You or your partner also might overshop, overhoard, or over impulse buy. The trick here isn't to pressure yourself to be perfect. Its to find healthy ways to manage your indulgences. And always, whenever and how possible, choose honesty instead of betrayal. Talk through your feelings with your partner. Maybe you or they can help with the impulse buying! Feeling the desire to cheat on your partner? Treat that as an audit of your relationship. Do you really want an open relationship instead, perhaps? Or is "the spark gone"? Do you need to make changes? If you can identify and talk through these needs rationally to determine how to rebalance them- with your partner or a therapist- you will win all the positive aspects of Juno instead of the harsh ones.

💍How long will Juno be in Sagittarius for?

Juno will continue through Sagittarius into 2021. She will retrograde in April of 2021 but still stay in late Sagittarius. She will go direct in early August (still in Sagittarius), and then finally enter Capricorn in mid November 2021. So, you have ample time to learn and play in this energy - hopefully within the honesty way!

So my fairy lovelies, get out there and flirt it up...responsibly 😉

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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