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Koalas in Need: What is Happening, How to Help, and A Visualization you can do to help for FREE

Noses burnt, hands, feet, burning and aching, the koalas scramble up trees in hopes they can escape the fierce flames...

They are more vulnerable than other animals that can hop away or fly away from the scene. From what I have come to understand koalas climb up trees when they seek for protection, and this is unfortunately not serving them well in the instances of the vast and vicious wildfires.

The koalas that do survive are suffering from severe burns. You can see here in this video which is truly heart wrenching the nature of what is going on, and the work of an AMAZING earth angel soul. She literally took the shirt off of her back to create something safe to grab the koala within, as she spotted him crawling trying to escape the fires.The noises he is making are because he is in absolutely severe, unimaginable pain.

Koalas are severely dehydrated and are desperate for water. Many a story of volunteers and passersby have footage of koalas desperate for water and seeking out help where and how they can. People are doing what they can, where they can, but more help is needed.

Their coats are darkened with the soot of the fires (they are normally supposed to be a pale grey-white) and their lungs have been filled up with smoke. These hot temperatures (remember that Australia is in the Southern hemisphere so while those in the Northern hemisphere are having our winter they are having their summer) and wildfires are among the worst there has ever been.

It is estimated as many as 30,000 koalas have died.

It will take years for the population to recover.

What do donations go towards?

Some of the koalas will need permanent home care due to the severity of their injuries, and this will cost funds in the process. Proceeds are being used to support volunteers working tirelessly in animal hospitals, foster homes, and home care situations. They are also setting up portable water stations at decimated burn sites to allow the animals in that location access to fresh water. They are also using the funds to truck large amounts of water to these portable water stations which becomes expensive with the transporting and acquiring of it. They are also using proceeds to build supplemental koala hospitals and aide in not only the care and recovery of injured koalas but also support breeding programs to enhance the recovery of the koala population. The Adopt a Koala options fund costs for current koalas already on-site and the Port Macquarie Koala Animal Hospital, for example, is providing up to date information on where they are planning to use their donation towards (much of which I have written for you above).

What are my reflections?

It has been truly gut-wrenching to witness what is happening to poor, innocent, defenseless animals. I know my fairy soul cried deeply when I first learned about this in early December, and I cried in a live FB live about it. I have continued to grieve as I witnessed more and more over the coming weeks. Being a passionate environmentalist and animal activist, I have been doing as much as I can to spread the word through my social media accounts. Knowledge is power. I have also offered to donate proceeds from reading purchases to go directly to support koala animal hospitals.

I myself have donated and I know we can do more by spreading awareness, love, light, and encouraging donations.

Although you may not be able to rescue a car full of koalas, there are absolutely things you can do to help. I encourage you to work this list, and also share this blog post with your friends and in social channels.

Donate to Support the Koalas Here: Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Friends of the Koalas Non-profit Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Receive and Give with my Current Reading Special

I have decided to extend out my reading special. I am now donating 50% from all proceeds of Teaser level card readings from now until January 28th to the koala animal hospitals. Visit to see more about reading types.

Spread the Awareness

It is easy to forget getting back into our daily lives that this type of crisis is happening on the other side of the world. Keep it in your mind and heart and conversations with love. Share this blog post. I have also begin compiling a "Help the Koalas" playlist on YouTube. Share a video with a friend. These are beautiful and amazing animals and they deserve our help. This is a way we can show the world our lightworker light.

Send Healing Light and Visualizations of Love

Most of all, you can send love and light through the power of intention and visualization. I have prepared a channeled 15 minute audio visualization you can do quietly, aided by archangels, angels by name, and ascended masters to support in this healing method. Please access it via my Soundcloud below in this blog post, or linked here.

Julie Ann is a lightworker and a fairy soul who is a professional astrologer, certified angel card reader and soul coach. She believes in the power of witnessing the natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth and embodies a nature based approach in all that she does. From pagan holidays to her work in tracking the stars to plant based eating in The Fairy Foodie, her content is positive, uplifting, insightful and not to be missed. Sign up for her bimonthly full and new moon email newsletter filled with lots of magic, love and what we all want...contests, events, and discounts! Find out more at

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