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🍂Magic your Mabon: An Astro & Archangel Prescription🍂

What is Mabon?

Mabon is the autumnal equinox in the Wheel of the Year, initiated with the sun in astrology moving into Libra. It is occurring on September 22nd this year - although many celebrate Mabon for the full week long!

Why should we honor it?

Mabon and the autumnal equinox initiate a new three month cycle for us energetically. It is when we close one chapter from the past three months of energy, and initiate a new one. In many ways, this is sort of the "December" energy of the Wheel of the Year because a new Celtic/pagan new year is initiated on Samhain (October 31st).

Mabon is also important because it begins the process of launching us into shadow season, the sun is literally now "falling" from its highest peak of Leo season and we are beginning to look towards shorter days and longer nights.

It comes with its own forms of grief - entering shadow season. I know I always personally mourn the end of summer, being a summer baby myself. But Fall does have its high points and there is still hope and color alive in nature to behold 😊

Astro Prescription

When we look to the astrological chart of this autumnal equinox (an important practice because that astrology will "imprint itself") we can see a number of notes.

For one, the players in this Mars Retrograde are still in the boxing ring, with Mars in Aries at the end of Capricorn squaring over to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn at the end of Capricorn. Saturn is not yet direct (although it will be soon), but Jupiter is now back online and direct again. Its starting to look forward to finishing its time in Capricorn, and Saturn will be joining it by then too.

🔥 Bring on the F i r e!🔥

At Mabon,Venus at 18 degrees of Leo is trining nicely (harmonious aspect) over to the moon in Sagittarius at 10 degrees and also in wider orb to Mars at 26 degrees of Aries. Mars may be retro, but he's getting the support from his fellow fire friends: Leo and Sagittarius, so that is giving him an extra power boost, literally.

There's lots of fire abounding in this chart! You might even delight in doing a candle ritual for this Mabon, or seeing if you can (safely) light a bonfire and watch the magic of fire at play as part of this astrological prescription.

Watch for People Pleasing

Mercury in late Libra is squaring over to Jupiter in late Capricorn (at a wider orb) and most especially to Saturn (a tight orb of 1 degree). Its a time to watch for extremes in communication, excesses or feeling we cannot express ourselves, then later going overboard with it. In general, being out of balance with communication, particularly in our relationships with others might be an area to watch out for. One shadow aspect of Libra can be sacrificing themselves or their own needs in order to be "sweet" or "nice" to others (i.e. "people pleasing"). Capricorn instead wants you to focus on the long term, the big plan, the career and karmic responsibilities you might have to yourself or others.

Chart for September 22, 2020 at moment of Libra Sun ingress at 9:31 a.m. EST

Archangel Prescription

😇Archangel Raguel😇

When we look to the archangels for advice, its clear there might be some conflict or miscommunications in relationships as we look to balancing our own intellectual needs with that of what people might want or expect of us. To better bring in more peace, love, and relationship harmony in our life (will need it with this Mars in retro), call on none other than Archangel Raguel. He is the archangel offering soothing, healing, and peace to relationships. His aura color is light, pale blue, so you can wear more of that color and also work with the crystals aquamarine, turquoise, and angelite.

- Healing Affirmation -

"I now accept and release any bitterness in my relationships. Peace and serenity are my divine birthrights, and I accept them now."

😇Archangel Jophiel😇

With all of this Mars and Saturn energy around, sometimes it can feel like the simple, more beautiful pleasures of life are forgotten. It may also feel like we are heavy on the pushing and the doing, and not so strong on the self lovin'. With Mercury still in Libra at the time of the Mabon chart, Mercury will be trying to juggle you vs. relationship needs. We and our individual self might feel lost in the process.

Enter Archangel Jophiel!

Archangel Jophiel can help make things sweeter, more positive, and beautiful. She governs the energy related to beauty, beautifying our thoughts, our clothing, and overall how we think, and adorn our inner world with love. Radleigh Valentine likes to call her the "Feng Shui" angel because she can also help us reorganize and rearrange our spaces to be more beautiful.

- Healing Affirmation -

"I choose to think loving thoughts about myself and others, and my space becomes more beautiful every day in every way."

😇Archangel Azrael😇

With the seasons changing comes an internal change within us, just as it does in nature around us. Leaves fall and die, animals begin to gather food and provisions to feather their nests. It is at this time of year we look more closely at the relationships in our life. Are they thriving? Do they need healing? Can they flourish better? Do we need to make changes to them in our life?

With all this energy in Capricorn, there will be some tough days this Libra season for sure. Hard lessons will be had, and we have to process sadness and grief for what we have lost, have yet to sacrifice, or simply just did not see materialize and thought it would.

Archangel Azrael - the angel of grief- can help us with processing these feelings of grief. He helps assist the crossing over of loved ones to the other side and grief for those still in the physical world. Call on him for help processing these cycles of death and rebirth, loss and change. It is his realm!

-Healing Affirmation-

In time, all is subject to change. I allow change to be natural for me, and the process of loss and transmutation to be an easy one for me. Aho.

😇Archangel Jeremiel 😇

Sometimes with all the crushing on Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Fall boots, we forget that this is also a season of witnessing, darkening days, and (sometimes) grief. The truth is that Mabon - initiated by the sign of cardinal air - starts us off with intellect and the mind. We are thinking a lot more.

The warmth and light of the summer is waning, the days are getting shorter, and the nights longer. We reflect more on things we may have lost, celebratory times from the summer that now elude us, or perhaps things that have not yet come to pass (sounding kind of Lady Galadriel here, I know, but its true!)

Its as if those plaid flannels, leafy photos on your Instagram (you know you do them), and new boots distract us from what we can't ignore. We are processing and reviewing a lot in our hearts and minds. Its not until we get to Scorpio season that we truly digest and transform those thoughts into things.

But for now, we think. And we review. And we ponder. For all these reasons, we can invoke the help of Archangel Jeremiel; he helps with doing a"life review". Get to your comfy covers with a journal, cup of tea, and candle lit (so Libra approved) and begin to write. What has come to pass so far in this year for you? What hasn't? What do you want more of? Allow yourself to explore your growth and your manifestations. This is a time to consider that there's many more yet to come.

- Healing Affirmation -

I am willing to make an honest assessment of my life. I review and reflect on what I have done well, and what I can do better. Aho and thank you.

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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