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🧚☀️ Making Summer Fairy Dust for Prosperity & Play ☀️🧚

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

As we navigate this energy of summer and all the playful magnetism that causes in our life within manifestation, why not "spice it up" a little bit more with making some Summer Fairy Dust?

As many of you know, I've developed a regular habit of "visiting the trees". It is a great source of comfort and often bears intuitive visions for me. It is a beautiful, understated power to hold oneself still and present in the energy of tree medicine. Every tree has a soul in it and some have many! You can tell by the hidden faces you can find in the tree (if you look carefully every tree absolutely has one). I have two trees in my backyard that are my besties, and they are of totally different energies - old and young, wise/methodical and playful/exuberant, but they refresh me and support me on my spiritual path in oh so many ways. I put my hand up to their bark, listen for their words, and often leave offerings of crystals, dried flowers, or more at their base. When I ask for guidance I also send back to them healing energy in the chakra colors they are calling for at that time. We have a mutual, balanced, and giving relationship.

This particular Summer Fairy Dust recipe was made in honor of them, but it also became a playful outlet for my inner child and a mini manifestation ritual in its own right. Play with this, invite the kiddos into the scene, and just let yourself be silly about it! The energy of manifestation and abundance works best when we are in a playful vibration about it all.

🧚 You Will Need:

- Calendula flowers or other dried flowers of your choice

- Coconut sugar

- Mortar and pestle or other crushing device

- Glitter

- Small crystals of your choosing

🧚 How to Make It:

1. Carefully spoon 3/4 portion flowers and 1/4 portion sugar into your mortar and pestle (or other crushing device / food processor if you so choose). Grind and mix these two ingredients together, focusing on your desired manifestation with each stroke and grinding motion. If you are using a food processor, just use caution as you do this and don't close your eyes.

2. Once you feel it is at the consistency you want, speak your intentions over the mixture. For example, "I, Julie Ann Fae, manifest with this mixture the ability to achieve clarity, purpose, and peak performance function for the next 3 weeks of my life. I manifest this in divine and equal timing so that it is so. Aho."

3. I like to also add glitter at this point because glittery things attract the fae, and fae are wonderful at helping you with manifesting (provided you help them out too, with taking care of and cleaning up for the environment). I chose an orange-red color as I was working with the base and lower chakras.

4. Next, top off your mixture with a small crystal or set of crystals of your choosing. I chose a white druzy agate here for the color pop, but you could certainly use chipstones like rose quartz, snowflake obsidian, or even mini clear quartz points. This part is very intuitive, so just do you with it!

5. Finally, take yourself outside with the mixture and begin to play! Carefully sprinkle the mixture in key areas that you are grateful for and want to flourish, like a small corner of your garden, your favorite trees, a favorite park bench etc. View this as you magnifying and bringing the energy of abundance into your world because you are already abundant. Owning this part of yourself - as a giver and bear of abundance - will make you feel so good. Feel free to invite your kiddos into the experience. You could even do a little dress up party and put on some fairy wings or a fairy crown, or (my personal favorite) just simply skip around and giggle while you do this. If you have any bubbles on hand, you could complement this experience with blowing bubbles. This is alllllllll for your inner child, so let the silliness come out and just play, play, play without judgment.

And that's it! Trust that your seeds of abundance have been sown, and thank the universe for letting you play in that magic of giving and receiving.

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on her blog, sign up for her bi-monthly email newsletter and visit her offerings at

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