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🥴☿ Mercury Goes Retro Soon into Start of 2021 ☿🥴

I know many of us are quite bruised and battered from the Mars and Venus retrogrades of last year, but the truth is retrogrades are part of life.

And guesss whattttt, our first Mercury retrograde of 2021 is here!

I know, I know, I know. But before we go all despondent and "ugh" let's take a few moments to reflect and witness on why this just might be a GOOD thing for us all. And we'll look at some of Mercury's musings along the way.

🥴What sign will this Mercury retrograde be in? 🥴

Aquarius. Mercury will go retrograde at 26 degrees of Aquarius on January 30th-31st, so this retro will actually be impacting late degree Aquarians / early Pisceans the most. Mercury will go direct on February 20th-21st at 11 degrees, so it will retro through about the second half of the Aquarian sign.

🥴 What can we expect with this retrograde? 🥴

As an astrologer, when we consider a Mercury retrograde we consider a lot of factors. How does Mercury do in that sign? Are there any "complications" during that transit that could inflame that merc retro all the more?

Mercury does quite well in Aquarius, actually. It is very intellectually stimulated there, and Mercury is strongly linked with friendships and interpersonal associations, of which Aquarius does a lot of.

With this particular Merc retro, it won't be interacting with Pluto, Chiron, or Neptune (phew). These three planets/planetary bodies impact death/rebirth, wounding/healing, and consciousness/unconsciousness respectively. It also won't be having too much interaction with Saturn which is in Aquarius because they will mostly miss each other (although Venus will - more on that later).

In fact, the start of the retro goes off quite smoothly (a welcome relief after the intensity of these Pluto and Capricorn energies we have dealt with this January). This is because many key players will be out of orb of Mercury when it starts its retrograde in late Aquarius. As we get deeper into February, however, things do heat up a little bit.

🥴What will happen later into the retrograde as compared to the beginning? 🥴

By Merc retro end, many planets near and dear to us all (Mars, Venus, Jupiter etc.) will be playing a game of Jenga with each other as they intricately weave in and amongst each other. There's also a capacity for gossip or overblown communications at this time too...

🥴What are key dates to watch out for? 🥴

As we get into the window of time between February 9th and February 14th, Mercury will start to tightly square Mars. They won't ever exactly conjunct because one is moving direct (Mars) and the other in retro (Mercury). However, this can increase some tensions as we approach Galentine's Day.

Mercury and Mars will play out some of the tensions that Uranus and Saturn/Jupiter will be going through on and off this year. Fortunately, by the time this happens Mars will be out of the orb of Uranus (where it was in January), so that should add a bit of pressure release to the situation.

In general, though, much of the no-hope feels of January will be lightening up, despite the fact that we will be in a Merc Retro. Aquarius is a very different energy than Capricorn and is associated with The Star card in the tarot (hope, optimism, wish making).

🥴What types of scenarios can we expect from this?🥴

Situations might come up in which actions (Mars) are out of synch with communication (Mercury). Are you indulging too many pleasures such that you ignore time and communication with your friends? Or, are you not valuing your need to "do the work" in favor of gossip and over indulgence of communication with friends? These are things to pay attention to.

By this time, Saturn will begin conjuncting Venus in Saturn, so this brings a more serious, structured, and stable element to relationships at this time. You might find yourself getting quite serious about your money situation in the week leading up to V-Day, and/or looking at long term goals or planning in your intimate and friendship connections.

🥴What about Jupiter - that helps things though, right?🥴

Yes! Jupiter will be most active in this story between February 10th and February 16th. Jupiter will conjunct Venus at that time, amplifying and exaggerating all things Venusian. This can be a sweet pairing and bring in "extra sweetness", harmony, and good cheer particularly with friends and those we love. On Valentine's Day, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will all be in bed together within 2 degrees of each other. This spells communication, sweetness, and happiness. 🥳

Just watch for over indulgences at this time (hello V-Day chocolates lol) as Jupiter tends to overexaggerate things. Mid degree Leo's, Taurus', and Scorpios will be most impacted by that as Aquarius opposes or squares them. However, equally during this time, Saturn will be squaring Uranus, so some tensions might be playing out between self worth and evolution/innovation on the societal scale. This may serve as a distraction or simply just a reality check that there is more afoot in the world than our personal and intimate love lives.

Overall, its going to be an interesting and tricky time as different planets switch on and off to square or conjunct each other - primarily Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter which govern quite a lot of our lives. The trick to maneuvering these energies will be releasing stubborness, getting creative about solutions, choosing harmony over discord, and being willing to make adjustments as needed. Merc retro gets a bad wrap, but if we are willing to slow down, adapt, talk it out, and move forward we can always still succeed. Even in situations where we "don't succeed", we can learn a lot about people from these situations too. In fact, I have noticed quite a lot of significant things in my life were sparked in Mercury retrogrades!

The reality is they are not to fear, as they're always going to be here! 🥳

Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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