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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hey again! I am feeling so on my high flying disk (to quote the lovely Abraham Hicks haha) getting back into my blogging again. I plan to back list several of my fairy poetry items from previous moon report issues in the blog too- stay tuned!

Today I wanted to share this hilarious moon sticker I got from Sage Goddess:

When I saw this I knew I just HAD to indulge. It makes me laugh so hard literally every time I look at it. It's the little things in life that can really make us happy!

See, I track the moon like no other. I actually post the changing zodiac sign of the moon on my Instagram and Facebook page when it changes signs every 2-3 days. I value the moon because it is the representation of the divine feminine, and the intuitive marker on our subconscious behaviors, thoughts, and impulses. As a female astrologer and twelfth house moon baby I am intricately connected to the moon and I have found repeatedly over time that when I track the sign that the moon is in I can use it as a tool to self-love. I know my natal chart (astrology speak for birth chart) very well and also the current transits- its a mental olympics being an astrologer sometimes! I know which signs are my triggers and which are my excitements/exaltations.

For example, when the moon transits into fire such as Leo or Aries I know this is going to benefit my moods and creativity very well. I have an air moon in libra and this alchemy of fire and air creates what is called a sextile, a 60 degree, harmonious angle in astrology. During Leo moon times I notice more buzz in my business as it transits the top of my chart, my midheaven, which is associated with our career and public image.

When the moon is in Aries I may initially be acclimating to more anger, but then I settle into the positive aspects of the Aries-Libra opposition (this is a 180 degree or opposing aspect, sometimes considered harsh but also beneficial as it presents the opposing side of the coin to us). For me, my North Node is in Aries (sort of like where our karmic compass points due North for growth), and my Jupiter (the planet of expansion, growth, and overall bountifulness) is also in Aries, so basically anything Aries and I am like "bring it on!"

In contrast, when the moon transits in Scorpio, this transits my first house so Scorpio energy is an integral part of who I am and it triggers this familiar thrill-seeking, diving deep, driven part of me, but it also triggers any aspects of my shadow and my tendencies to cling to or stay in control of perhaps unhealthy situations and people. With Jupiter transiting this spot for most of this year I have been noticing extra energetic charge and cautionary "oops I did it again" cycles and patterns of behavior. This Jupiter-Moon-Pluto mashup that happens in my 1st house is a tough go those couple of days of that month but I am learning what anchors I need to ride those stormy seas.

What can tracking the moon do for you? Well I would LOVE to help you out with that! Email me at to learn more about getting an astrology consultation with me or how to receive help and healing via coaching, angel cards, or in all ways. I also do customized moon reports where I audio record how the upcoming full and new moon of the next month will be affecting you personally based on your natal chart...people love it!


I am a spiritual and fairy soul here to transmute messages of love, truth, healing and peace. Find me on FB at @julieannfaehealing or Instagram @julieannfae or email me at

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