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In a While Crocodile... Musings on the 12th House in Astrology

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

So I recently came across this picture on Instagram...

At first I was terrified...

crocodile photograph

Then, I realized this was a deeper, more powerful metaphor (after all it is New Moon in Scorpio as I write this).

I realized that this picture (massive credit to the nature photographer who took this btw - follow him on Insta for sure) represents so much about 12th house energy in astrology. The 12th house is the last house of one's natal chart before it restarts and goes back to 1. It is a Pisces/Neptune ruled house of all the energy that came before it. It is a karmic house, sometimes known as "the house of the undoing" because it carries the energy of all our subconscious and unconscious patterns. The sign, planets, and aspects to planets in this house really reveal a lot about a person's unconscious behaviors.

When planets fall in the 12th house it's literally like being underwater...with a giant crocodile you can and cannot see. It's like being a snorkeler trying to look at that aspect through awkward goggles. It's like trying to make do with something so close to you, yet so foreign to you at the same time. The 12th house carries Neptunian energy, which is to say, that of the ocean...that great expanse, mass of bottomless, fathomless blue. When we get into Neptune vibes we lack precision. We sometimes lack clarity. All we can do is surrender and tune into our psychic senses. Our feelings. Our intuition.

There is wisdom here but its not easily tapped into if we try and be very 3D about it. We have to think broader than what we can taste, touch, smell, and see. We have to tune into what we feel.

BUT the magic of this house is that once we make what is unknown known, we begin to really work through some limiting beliefs, unconscious blocks, and heal karmic (and past life) patterns. (It's on the same axis as the 6th house, work house after all. It just happens to be emotional and spiritual work.) As an astrologer, when I first look at a person's chart I can quickly look to see what if anything is in their 12th house and how that might be super important for us to talk about.

I know, feel, and sense the 12th house quite strongly because my moon is in my 12th house, as well as my south node. My south node, ascendant, and moon are all in libra (at varying degrees so not all conjunct each other, although moon and ascendant are close). I spent a good chunk of my life giving life to libra energy in excess unconsciously until I began to know astrology. Astrology can be life changing. It levels up personal development to a whole new level. It is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about it. It can literally save lives. I know it did for me.

So, in the vein of knowledge is power, let's take a Gif inspired romp through planetary placements in the 12th house:

Moon in the 12th House

Sensitive to Surroundings

I have to start with what I know most intimately. Moon 12th house-ers are EXTREMELY empathic and sensitive to the physical environment they are in. Moon is surroundings, feelings, sense of safety, home, ruled by Cancer, water element. 12th house is also of water element, feelings, sensitivity, psychic ability. People with this placement tend to be very clairsentient and are highly alert to energetic changes in their physical environment. They could tell you the difference in energy between two rooms with no furniture, while blindfolded, just by the way it feels because of the people who were recently just in it.

They also sometimes may struggle to access their feelings consciously. Feelings are literally "underwater" and may have to work through some type of re-conscious-making process, through physical activity or systems, mental abilities, or things outwardly (talking to another, journaling, body movement etc.). They may not be able to tell you immediately how they feel. Everything can be muddied together until they have had time to process what is theres from someone else's. For example, I particularly experience this with my moon in Libra, as that is about the duality, and the self + another. It also is why I need to go through my mind (air element) in order to access my feelings (water).

Beautiful qualities about this placement are that moon in 12th house people secretly love the ocean and really desire to live by a body of water. They crave and NEED their bath times, shower times, and visit the ocean times. Also, their great sensitivity gives them a capacity for psychic gifts which can be used to tune into (and if they so choose) help heal others.

What I have found really healing for me is taking walks along the ocean, where the shoreline meets the sand. It is an energetic space in which one element changes into another, and it helps me release and tap into deeper feelings I may be suppressing. It is truly Neptune at its best.

Sun in the 12th House

Owning your Sensitive Self

If you are a Sun in the 12th house, your soul naturally carries a mission of spirituality and/or psychic sensitivity. It's like a built in Sun conjunct Neptune, or a mini Sun in Pisces. Your sensitivity is likely to be more readily visible than a moon in 12th house person, and you are likely to own it better. You will embrace the magic it provides (after all, Leo, the Sun, is quite magical when put together with Neptune, dreams). You will talk about it more openly. It doesn't mean you don't get empathically overwhelmed...because you do. It's just that you are able to process this energetic overwhelm on a much more conscious level so you can talk about it and work it more openly. The ocean and a connection to water is also important to you. Pursuing a spiritual path and utilizing your psychic gifts will also be important to your soul's mission this time around.

Venus in the 12th House

Hidden lovers, much?

Venus in 12th house can be hidden love. You either have a propensity for attracting partners you choose to keep under wraps, for one reason or another, or you yourself are afraid to fully unleash your feminine side and put a start:stop to love by unconsciously acting out bad relationship patterns. You will be highly sensitive in the experiences with those you love (as this is like a Venus in Pisces) and offer that compassion, that grace, forgiveness, and empathy to their needs. But, much of your sensitivity will remain unconscious to you and you may, in turn, feel resentful or regretful of partners whom you feel you take on their energy too much. You may unknowingly lash out, thus creating blocks and barriers to love. After all, this isn't called the "house of the undoing" for nothing.

The wisdom here is that once you are aware of this sensitivity in love, you can work at cultivating positive self care routines to clear your energy. Salt scrubs work great! (You can learn more with my Chakra Clearing Curriculum available for purchase too.) Once you stop projecting your issues by beginning to love yourself first and create boundaries, you will begin to feel less resentful and more centered. As much of this may be karmically related, you will also improve these bad habits over time (Saturn, father of time, is also lord of karma).

Mars in the 12th House

I'm not angry, I'm not angry...OK, I'M ANGRY!

Mars in the 12th is one of the more cautionary placements to have for sure. It means that the planet of willpower, drive, sexuality and aggression is a bit...well, buried underwater. You might be a very intuitive lover (bonus points for that!), but you will also struggle with, at times, lethargy, feeling you don't have enough energy or are fatigued, or at its most shadow side passive-aggressive anger issues. It depends in what sign your mars is in and how it is aspected. Is it playing nice with other planets in your chart, or is it inflamed by Jupiter? These would be interesting things to see. The medicine with this placement is to be aware you have a propensity to suppress your rage and openly have kind of a toolkit for blowing off that steam and working it out. Build in a daily exercise schedule, have a kind of ready list of things you can do that are more Mars-productive when you feel like you might want to blow up at someone. Mars aggression is often impulsive and short lived so your blow ups likely don't last for long, but they can do some damage, especially to the peacefulness of other people around you. Building in ways to vent and encourage yourself you do have willpower and energy to do and create will really help you feel your energy is not being suppressed or swallowed up by the great seas. And if all else fails remember Hades...Pluto and Mars are like peas in a pod. And how much do you want to look like him? hahaha

Neptune in the 12th House

I love you, I love you... ok wait, its too much for me.

If you have Neptune in your 12th house, you love everyone. Like literally. Except maybe if your 12th house is Scorpio and you also have Pluto there..but still. It will be hard for you to escape the Neptunian vibes, with the planet Neptune in THE house for Neptune. Oneness and compassion will flow openly from you, as you have the strength of double Pisces with this placement. The flip side of that is that you will love everyone, including people maybe you are better suited to have some space from, or draw lines in the sand with. This paradox of boundary issues will sometimes elude you, and it will likely often be brought to better light by others around you ("Hey you really need to lay down some boundaries with that person"). Or, you yourself will have kind of a crisis of compassion and learn the power of the boundary ways. Get a good Virgo or Scorpio to keep you in check and then all will be well!

Mercury in the 12th House

Ummm, what? Say that again please.

I put off writing about this one until very last. How very Mercury in 12th of me, hahahah. (I do not have this placement but as super strong Mercury in Virgo in the 11th, I have great compassion for this placement). Mercury in the 12th can create a sluggishness, delay, limitation, or sense of confusion when it comes to communication. You just have more "huh?" moments with Mercury in the watery Pisces ruled house. Facts may be your thorn, but your rose is that what you skip a beat with in precision you make up for in straight up telepathy. You can really TUNE into people's thoughts because your Mercury is in the realm of the subconscious. With this placement you need to stop comparing yourself to others and saying you aren't smart enough, fast enough, or more. A shadow side of Neptune can also be guilt, confusion, and delusions. You are equally as gifted as anyone else in your mind, it's just that your mind prefers to work in more of the subconscious realms. I will say one thing though...

DO get the help of a dear Virgo or Gemini friend to help you when it comes to important contracts so you don't overlook important details and especially during mercury retrogrades..

Pluto in the 12th House

Hidden Transformation

Pluto is small but mighty. Like literally. I tried making this gif of Hades (Pluto) the same size as the others but it just didn't feel right. It was just as powerful in smaller size. For 12th house Pluto peeps, its like your power eludes you. Also, the ways in which you can or could exert your power aren't always obvious to you. You carry this deep knowing, this ability to penetrate into the subconscious minds of others, but do you wield that torch for yourself too? Everything in the 12th house is like a big, karmic, spiritual mirror...that which you are attracting and annoyed by in other people (in your case perhaps people not exerting their power properly) is also something you need to work on for yourself.

With this placement, the way you transform is hidden to you but accessible through spirituality and psychic insight. You may be exceptionally gifted at helping others access what they need to know to transform but you need to make sure you give that medicine to yourself also. Am I right, or am I right?

Uranus in the 12th House

I'm weird, I'm random, but I'm lovable

Uranus in the 12th house is certainly a weird and quirky placement, as all things with Uranus can be. When we put together the ruler of the heavens with the ruler of the seas, we get this electrified on and off type of compassion and service to others. Uranus can also bring sudden and abrupt experiences or spirituality awakenings, so sometimes you might attract spiritual experiences as if out of nowhere, or spontaneously get involved with a group of people spiritually, only to find you leave them abruptly at some unpredicted point some type later. Uranus rules society, groups, and inventions. You are a dreamer AND an inventor....not a bad combo to have, even if it sometimes weirds people out.

Your compassion is there; it's just you struggle between your higher mind and your higher heart. Uranus creates detachment and separation. It can also sometimes be an absence of emotions when aspected with sensitive astrological forces like the moon or Neptune. It's not that you aren't sensitive and giving to others, because you very much are...It's just that sometimes it's kind of now you see it, now you don't. And that can be hurtful, weird, or intriguing to people all at different times.

Jupiter in the 12th House

Go Big or Go Home

Jupiter in the 12th is an interesting placement. In older texts of astrology, Jupiter was also considered to be the ruler of Pisces. (Most astrologers now would say just Neptune.) Therefore, this puts the expansive planet in a slightly similar dreamy and anything is possible house. You will have this capacity to dream big with this placement. You will have a lot of love to give (literally "big love" as Jupiter makes things bigger, and Neptune makes things more interconnected and loving). You will have this openness, positivity, and capacity to really believe in your dreams and with faith. Not too bad, huh?

You certainly would do well in a profession where you would service a lot of people with faith and positive belief. (Anthony Robbins has strong Sagittarius and Pisces elements in his chart). This overall can be a happy and interesting placement for Jupiter, but you will want to look carefully at what sign that Jupiter is in and how it is aspected. Jupiter is considered a "benefic" planet in astrology, meaning that it provides good things, butttt sometimes there is too much of a good thing. Some things we don't want in excess, like inclinations towards bad habits or vices of varying sorts. Watch for doing things in excess with this placement or getting lost in beliefs and not taking action. Overall, though, this is a sweet placement to have.

Self love

Ultimately, what all these placements share is the need for self compassion and forgiveness. We learn through working these energies that we can't fault ourselves for things we couldn't originally see. The energy in the 12th house is not always present, or known to us immediately. It takes time to extract it out. Sometimes it is mirrored upon us by other people (as 12th house is Pisces energy and that is the two fish of duality), or sometimes we extract it out ourselves through life situations, karma, therapy, self-witnessing, and spiritual practices.

Its like at the same time we are carrying out these unconscious patterns and pathways, we are also the next day waking up and saying....

Astrology is a great resource for understanding oneself and practicing self-awareness. If you are seeking to know yourself deeper, craving the hidden wisdoms it can provide and make feel better knowings to self love, please contact me with interest in a reading. Email me at, subscribe to my email newsletter via the home page on this site, follow me on my FB biz page, or sub to my YT to keep up to date with new and moon full info as well as live events.

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