🌸🌼Oh So Ostara: Embracing Spring Ahead 🌸🌼

We are at the point in the zodiac wheel in which we start fresh again, and its such a happy thing to behold!

Spring begins at the Spring Equinox on March 20th, initiated with the start of Aries season. Its in this window that we initiate a new 12 month cycle through each sign of the zodiac. This is different than the Wheel of the Year cycle which actually initates on Samhain / October 31st as the Celtic New Year.

Nevertheless, this birth of Spring IS celebrated in the Wheel of the Year and the pagan tradition as Ostara -- woot woot! Magic-ed up with beautiful imagery such as fresh flowers and symbols of eggs and bunnies, this pagan holiday represents fertility and the celebration of abundance being seeded and brought into fuller form after the long dark winter. It falls exactly opposite to Mabon, at the vernal equinox, when we are beginning to examine what needs to stay and what needs to go in preparation for the cold, dark winter ahead.

Needless to say, winter can feel like a long, dark treadmill we have to keep running on until warmer weather comes. This was also a time of great peril for farmers and those who lived always off the land in ancient times, as dropping temperatures could mean livestock dying away and risk of illness and possibly even death.

Ostara begins the celebration of the shift towards increasingly more amounts of sunlight, warmer temperatures, and summer harvest yet to come. We are not there in full yet (Taurus season begins to really show the floral flourishments), but Aries season brings forth that cardinal Fire. Its the initiation of the new and the assertiveness that we are not going back now.

Where in your own life can you boldly initiate the new? Here's some tips to help you embrace this Ostara energy.

🌸Work with warm colors like yellow, orange, and red. This helps you tap into the energy of sunlight and help realign yourself with its power.

🌸Purify your space and clear out what you no longer need. Donate the old, reorganize the current, and get ready to manifest within the space of the new.

🌸Take one small space in your home and boldly initiate it like new again. Take everything off that bookshelf or that dusty dresser. Clean it thoroughly, lovingly thanking each thing that is apart of it and equally asking yourself if you still do need all these things you were once clinging to. Put everything back with love, neatly and in a newly rearranged way than it was before. Step back and marvel at how wonderful that all feels!

🌸Work the energy of balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine. This is an important theme for Aries as it is on the axis of balance initiated by Libra. Use the crystal Shiva Lingam to help you tap into these energies, and work with unique crystal shapes like wands / points / generators for the divine masculine, and spheres / hearts / pillars for the divine feminine.

🌸Do some bird listening and bird watching. Spring is when the birds, rabbits, and squirrels become noticeably a lot more active again. Even the trees begin to wake up and you can see some of their branches beginning to bud at their very tips. Take time to sit and just LISTEN in nature. NO phones allowed. Pick one of your favorite crystals and just sit outside, burning some incense or sage and allow yourself to experience the soundtrack and sensory playground that is nature coming back to life.

🌸Make an Easter tree. I was really inspired by Mrs. Hinch Home's latest Insta story (absolutely adore her by the way!) making a darling little Easter tree with her family. This doesn't have to be anything too fancy. You could even find a simple bare branch outside, paint it in a bright pastel color, and then use it as the centerpiece as your altar. Adorn around it with bright crystals like yellow, orange, and green calcites and some chocolate eggs. Pop some artifical flowers (or real ones if you would like to maintain them) around the branch and place a chosen oracle or tarot card in the middle. The Ace of Wands or The Empress card would do very nicely to correspond to these energies.

Alternate Option: Create a Cherry Blossom altar! As modern day paganists, we don't have to conform to one way of doing thing. We can celebrate and honor within allll the traditions. The Cherry Blossom festival in Japan is a way nature is celebrated, revered, and marked as a herald of springtime. This is a time honored and beautiful tradition. Bring in the goddess Quan Yin and work with pale pinks and whites in your altar spread. Rose quartz, rhodocrosite and selenite would be good crystal choices, and you can work with geranium or cherry blossom essential oil. (Geranium oil is easier to obtain.) Sit by this altar eating some cherry ice cream or cherry inspired snack and think lovingly on your appreciation for all the people of the world who are celebrating this herald of energies into spring in the Northern hemisphere.

🌸Most importantly, take time to attend to be MOVING your body. Aries governs the head and the physical body. It is Mars ruled and about physical activity. It NEEDS to move! So get up, get moving, get cleaning or walking around -- just do something! We need to shake off the Neptunian slump that was the end of winter Piscean vibes and break free into the new. Movement is one of the most powerful ways to do so.

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at julieannfae.com.

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