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On Monday's I Mermaid...

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

It came to my attention recently that I identify as a Merfairy.

It is because of this I have taken to daytime salt baths, particularly on Mondays when I can listen to Wayne Dyer or Anthony Williams on Hay House Radio. I draw up the blinds, let any sun shine in, and mermaid on- sans fish tail and all.

WHAT the heck is a Merfairy you ask?

It is someone who identifies with protecting and working with the natural energy vibration within both the land: the forests, the meadows, the trees, the parks, the grassy fields, the rivers, the lakes, but also by the bays, the oceans, the estuaries and the lagoons. They tend to be petite but curvy, and a wee bit slippery when it comes to relationships but also fierce stewards of the land and sea.


I learned this through completion of Doreen Virtue's Certified Realm Reader Course (realm readings anyone?) and the reading of Doreen's book Mermaids 101. When I learned about the realm of the incarnated elementals and fairies I knew instantly I had a connection. As a little girl, my mom actually helped me start a club with my friends called STEC: Save The Earth Club (I am not kidding- I have pictures! ). In my parent's sun room I read to my friends about recycling and we planted a daffodil plot in front of my Mom's house. I have been always interested in the natural world, protecting, preserving it, and studying it through my Bachelor of Science in Biology.

However, I didn't quite know about the mer-fairy piece until I took the course and saw it and said "Oh my gosh that is me!" It explained why I have these over the top reactions when I see the ocean after a long spell away from it...Or how I learned I love my locks long and a little wild (or at least wild for Virgo standards) and how I tend to get cold easily, but how I also have that distinctly fairy , distinctly indigo-ish spunk.


It also explained my undeniable connection with the dolphin spirit animal. I would see wax candles melt and harden into the shape of dolphins, an egg cracked into a pan in the shape of a dolphin, dregs of tea shaped like a dolphin, incense ashes in the shape of a dolphin...just everywhere! One of my dear friends even gifted me a clear quartz shaped into a dolphin for this very reason.

As Doreen writes "Most people love dolphins, but Merpeople are fanatical about them. Merpeople also love whales, seabirds, seahorses, and other water dwelling beings. Many merpeople volunteer time or money to support charities or events that protect the oceans, lakes and rivers. Their favorite vacation destination is a tropical beach, and they either live near a body of water or long to do so. Merpeople also diligently pick up litter from beaches and lakefronts."


Mer-fairies are all for protecting both the marine animals and the land animals, and the preservation of all that lies in between. They are stewards of the land and sea. I learned my love and adoration for protecting the sea when I spent 6 weeks studying marine biology on the Big Island of Hawai'i as part of my undergraduate study. There, I swam amongst coral reefs and photographed coral reef bleaching by global warming, something that strongly affects me to this day. There, I participated in a pilot study to determine if a local bay was a hammerhead shark nursery (kind of like a gentler ocean pocket for baby sharks first born) and I witnessed the adoration of the sea by local Hawaiians as we prayed and offered ourselves in service to the ocean before we traversed in it to gather information on sea turtles, the sacred Honu.

So it goes without saying that the ocean is innate within me, just like laying with the grass or mud between my toes is to me. I want to leave you with the understanding, though, that we are all connected to the sea at a deep, spiritual level. No one of us is farther than the rest when it comes to calling salt, sand, and sea home. I leave you with this ...

"Hardy and Morgan argue that humans' diet chiefly consisted of fish and sea vegetables, which they obtained by diving or wading. This healthful "smart food" diet helped the human brain grow significantly larger proportionally than those of primates and land dwellers. Hardy believes that humans first developed tools to catch fish more efficiently, and because females gathered sea vegetables and fish while wading in cool waters, they developed more subcutaneous fat in their lower bodies. (This theory certainly explains why female Merpeople and paintings of mermaids feature hourglass figures.)

The researchers also contend that the humans' upright posture is ideal for wading and swimming. One reason why so many people complain of back pain is that the human body is not built for living on land. In fact, the moment we stand up, our bodies react to the stress by immediately hoarding our inner salt supply(pages 75-76, Mermaids 101)."

Fascinating right!!!???

Julie Ann is an Indigo, a clairsentient, and a spiritual teacher. She is a Fairy Soul and a fierce advocate of the environment and Mother Earth. She is gathering together wisdom from across the Mystery schools, and sharing, teaching, and healing. She offers personalized readings and private spiritual coaching/mentoring. Email her at, join her on Facebook, and find her journey on Instagram where she posts daily.

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