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♒Pallas Athena enters Aquarius: Brilliant Solutions Abound ♒

Have you been following along on my asteroid goddess posting journey? If not, catch up here, here, and here.

In today's post we will be discussing the asteroid goddess Pallas Athena and her shift from Capricorn on January 18th to Aquarius on Dec 7th.

🦉⚔️ Pallas Athena: Goddess of War &Wisdom.⚔️🦉

Sometimes known as Pallas Athene, the "Warrior Queen", Pallas Athena represents where we have exceptional strategy, skill, and mental strength in our lives. Athena was a goddess who was skilled in the art of political and social awareness. She was also linked to war, government, law, and justice. She was revered by men for the battle planning, strategy, and unique brand of wisdom she could offer. Part visionary, part lawyer, part wisdom keeper, and part political strategist, she embodied many things.

🦉What was Pallas Athena's lesson?🦉

Sadly, in order to perpetuate her acceptance among men, she, at times, would suppress aspects of her own femininity in order to be better accepted. She was even cited as publicly denouncing women a few times, such as in the trial of Oresetes who was found to have killed his mother but was voted off on a technicality (it's a long story). Her betrayal to women from this very prominent trial was not received well by other female goddesses and elemental beings at the time, but such was her power that she began to turn the tide towards that of the patriarchy with actions such as these. (Source Credit: Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George)

It is a very interesting thing, indeed, when in our quest to overcome and assert ourselves against the side we are fighting, we become like them in the process. Are you so willing to establish your place in society that you will forsake others feelings and values - potentially even those of your own? Such is one of Athena's archetypal weak points and areas of caution.

This is a great task in our quest as women to rebalance the divine masculine // divine feminine energies of the world. One is not better than the other, and we are not meant to "overturn" one for the other. The quest is to work to keep them in balance, and to be able to acknowledge and speak up when they are imbalanced (of which is most definitely the case now).

🦉What can studying our Pallas Athena offer us?

Pallas Athena can represents where we exhibit androgynous qualities in our chart, or where we pioneer in a cause underrepresented among women. She also embodies the sacred practices of creative visualization, prophecy, and oracle as she was often looked to as THE oracle and guide on many subjects.

Look to where you have Pallas Athena in your chart - by house and sign- and you can uncover things about yourself such as:

- how your embody your own masculine energies

- how you can be skilled at wisdom and claircognizance

- how you can embody great strategy, skill, and mental acuity

- how you might feel called to be a leader of people

🦉What astrological associations does Pallas Athena have?

Pallas Athena is associated with the astrological signs of Libra, Leo, and Aquarius. She embodied sacred prophecy and visions of the future (very Aquarian), yet she was also a lawmaker (very Libran), and she could also lead, endure in times of courage and trial, and be a source of strength (very Leo).

In general, she excels in positions of power and leadership - whether it be in government, politics, law, or other areas of strategy, balance, and skillful attributes.

🦉What did Pallas Athena in Capricorn offer us?

I did a double take when I checked when Pallas Athena entered Capricorn. It was in the start of 2020, January 18th to be exact. There was a VERY major Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn about a week prior to this, and much of the astrology of 2020 has been a HUGELY Capricorn story with Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto all transiting in Capricorn.

When we contemplate the fact that Pallas Athena represents war, strategy, skill, balance, and justice, its interesting to see just how much of these attributes have manifested in the year of 2020. We've had a "war on a virus", strategy, balance, and skill through important technologies that embrace social distancing, and even a resurgence in social justice in the country as racial inequalities were magnified once again.

Its clear 2020 has been no cakewalk, and what I find comforting is that perhaps Pallas Athena has been there, guiding us all along the way. I know for me when certain wishes, hopes, or dreams shut down (very Saturnian to be blocked and need to relearn or redirect), I had to adapt and course correct. Strategy is ultimately what wins the game, and this is something Athena knows (and perhaps has taught us) so well.

🦉What will Pallas Athena in Aquarius now offer us?

I think the one aspect of Pallas Athena that might have been more suppressed during her transit in Capricorn was her visionary and oracle qualities. Capricorns, I love you, but your skills are in practicality and perseverance, not necessarily imagination and foresight.

Aquarius follows after Capricorn because its where we are too mired in tradition, rules, and dogma (Capricorn actually rules the church) that we then need to break out and become more free. Its where we embrace different ways of thinking, replace outdated or unexciting ways of approaching things, and find new vigor for life. Its where after so much hard work and heavy responsibility, we seek to connect with friends and share in common ground. It is the ultimate "friends" energy.

I think Pallas Athena moving into Aquarius (along with the very important planetary shifts coming up in Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius) will bring us more strategy and unique solutions in how we still connect with our friends yet embrace social distancing. Perhaps our ability to virtually connect will become enhanced in certain types of ways, and we might be pleasantly surprised and delighted by how this could take place. I recently saw a virtual conference that had educators signing up with different avatars to interact in the conference with gamification (ironically scheduled after we move into these Aquarian shifts soon). Its things like that I would predict might become more common place.

As is always the case with Uranian energy, and the power of the divine feminine, be prepared to be amazed and surprised. Things always occur in ways that are the least of what we would expect!

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