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💖Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: From Libra to Lilith💖

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

We all know the love story between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It is the Disney stuff of legend:

With that being said, let's dive deeper into the astrology behind this dynamic duo and what the moon, stars, and planets have to say about their magic, together and apart.

First we have Prince Harry. He is charming, humble, strong and secure with planets in Libra, Virgo and his Moon in Taurus.

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984 in Paddington, London. He has a sun in Virgo, moon in Taurus, and Capricorn ascendant. Here is his chart:

We can see that his North Node is at 29 degrees of Taurus, meaning that his karmic destiny is to embody his self worth and enjoy all of life's luxuries...which we know he does as a Prince! With his South Node equivalently at the final degree of Scorpio, he needs to watch not getting overly caught up in power plays, revenge, and intense emotional overtones.With Jupiter and Neptune in his 12th house, he has the ability to amass imagination and sensitivity in abundance and sometimes all of his sensitivity and abundance may be overwhelming for him to bear, yet still mostly hidden from public view. To the public, he appears part of a very traditional structure: the monarchy. We can see this energy by his ascendant in Capricorn and moon in Taurus (emotional bond to the current Queen), and Saturn on the midheaven (public life as traditional, structured, ordered).

Interestingly enough, his ascendant has been a hotbed of activity in recent time with the transiting planets. Jupiter is transiting in his first house, expanding his personal sense of self identity, and Saturn and Pluto crossed past his ascendant in recent time. The worst of these intense awakenings is now over for him, albeit still being integrated as these planets are long lasting and pack quite a punch. He has even had the North Node and South Node moving over his ascendant and descendant as well (only happens every 18 years), awakening and purging what he wants to keep (north node on his descendant, new fated relationships) and leave behind (south node on his ascendant, leaving behind old structures).

Transits of Saturn and Pluto, particularly to the ascendant, completely transform our self identity and how we interface with the world. Pluto changes us- puts us through hell first, oh yes- but then changes us and makes us hardier, stronger. And with the squares to his Venus he recently underwent, he has also learned lessons in love, relationships, fairness, and balance the hard way. With his Venus in the 8th house, this particularly relates to his need for privacy and to keep the secrets he wants to keep. He has learned he doesn't have to share all parts of himself with this new world of his, and certainly his most recent decisions with Megxit reflect this new embodiment of his wants and needs. In many ways, he is a new man...and is not taking any prisoners for doing and living the life exactly as he wants it to be...You go Harry!

Meghan Markle, now, is a lot bit more fiery. As a Leo with Aries energy displaying in the public perception parts of her chart (her midheaven), she likes to be seen. She also, however, values things to be fair and balanced with her libra moon. It is clear, then, that a mission Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have in common is to achieve more fairness balance, and equality in how they behave as individuals, as a couple, and in their dealing with the world. This especially makes sense with the reasons that spurred Megxit too.

Let's take a look deeper into Meghan's chart:

Meghan was born August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, California. She is a Leo with a libra moon and a Cancer ascendant. What's really beautiful is that her ascendant is in Cancer and her descendant is in Capricorn...the exact opposite of Prince Harry.This means that in the places and spaces in which Harry is soft, tender, and nurturing (with others, descendant), she is able to to provide that structure, discipline, and order to help make him feel more safe. And, conversely, where he is too strong, too strict, or too much in tradition and order (his ascendant in Capricorn), she is able to provide that softness, that tenderness, and that love (her Cancer ascendant). With Harry's Venus in Libra at 17 degrees, this lands within orb to her IC: her sense of home, family, and inner roots. This means that their inner world, their home life, is one of peace, balance, and beauty. Fairness is important to them both, and especially to Meghan with her pile up of moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Juno (marriage asteroid) all in Libra (!!).

Interestingly enough, Meghan's dark moon Lilith (fierce feminine asteroid) falls in Harry's 10th house in Scorpio. The 10th house is a public house relating to career, tradition, and responsibilities. Being that Harry is a Capricorn ascendant and is (or once was) part of one of the most traditional structures in the world, the monarchy, anything relating to his Saturn or 10th house becomes extra important to him. It's interesting, then, that his wife has her rebellious feminine asteroid in this part of his chart. It spurs some rebelliousness in him towards some of these structures and orders he belongs to, and certainly informs why some people might point a finger at Meghan as the source of where all these changes are coming from. Simply put, she is that spark of intense divine feminine rebellion he needed, and is not fully aware how she's doing it (a common Lilith type manifestation).

When we look at synastry, we consider not what makes two charts exactly perfect, but what brings them into balance. Here, we can see the beautiful ascendant/descendant overlap they have with each other and other evidence that the one spurs the other on into new challenges. Harry's Mars in Sagittarius trines Meghan's sun within 4 degrees, giving fuel and activity to her Leo sun to explore and travel to far off places. Her Juno in late Libra conjuncts his Pluto in wide orb (for an asteroid), creating a deep and intense marriage, bond, and commitment. Her Chiron at 22 degrees Taurus conjuncts Harry's natal moon within 1 degree, a tight aspect of at times painful circumstances, but ones that bring forth a lot of emotional healing. He heals her sense of self worth and money wounds, and she provides to him that Cancerian vibe his moon in the 4th house craves (a home and family of his own).

Lastly, and perhaps most beautifully to me, her Venus at 13 degrees of Virgo conjuncts Harry's mercury and in very wide orb his sun. Moon conjunct mercury is a beautiful conjunction to have in synastry- it means that you can talk through anything- many feelings, emotions, and subconscious wants, desires, and fears are brought forward to be communicated, and rationalized. It's a beautiful energy for a couple to help them really work things out. And of course it helps him to shower her with lots of complements. Who wouldn't love that? 😉

💖Julie Ann Fae is a professional astrologer, certified angel card reader, and soul coach. She weaves together the strength and magic of the moon, stars, planets, fairies and archangels with the healing arts of oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. See the wealth of reviews she has on her website to learn how people have been uplifted and inspired by her services.

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