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The Ruler and the Rebel: Saturn and Uranus in Same House

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This blog post title came to me in meditation today, and I could not love it more. People with this astrological placement in a same house (yours truly) are often left to feel that that area of their life is like:

See, Saturn represents authority, restriction, and rules. He is like the strict parental figure, the strict teacher, or the nagging librarian. He sets the rules of when to go, when to stay, what books to touch, what books to leave behind, what books you can't check out...all the things.

But, Uranus (pronounced "your-un-us" or "urine-us" if you prefer...what can I say it is a weird planet haha) is the cosmic weirdo. He is actually Saturn's Daddy. He lets Saturn rule the Earth, when in fact he rules the heavens above the Earth. When we on Earth think there isn't a way, Uranus breaks the mold and CREATES a way. Uranus innovates, it electrifies, and it invigorates with outside the box experiences, ideals, and off the beaten path avenues. It literally defies rules and thrives in disruption (for a higher good purpose).

It can be very stressful trying to balance these forces of opposites when they land in a same house in your astrology chart. It is like structure : unstructure, rule breaking: rule making, rebeling: following the status quo, and on and on...

When you have these two planets in close enough orb that they are conjunct each other it becomes even more magnified; a sort of cosmic building : unbuilding of forces.

For me, I have these two planets in both my 2nd house. They are both in Sagittarius and within a far orb to not necessarily conjunct but fairly close enough to be neighbors on the same block. I have Saturn in Sagittarius at 14 degrees, and Uranus in Sagittarius at 22 degrees. The 2nd house is the house of self made wealth, earthly pleasures, and money/housing/assets. It is Taurus ruled.

It has not been an easy journey for me figuring out this energy at odds to say the least. Saturn alone in the 2nd house can create restrictions, delays, frustrations, redos, and holding back of assets until certain lessons are learned. Then, it can all be integrated more fully and deeply. Uranus here (a natural astrologer placement too by the way) brings rebellion to the traditional norms of work. It is the money maverick quality, the rise above quality, the innovator, the technology maker. Interestingly enough, my Uranus is also exactly conjunct the asteroid Ceres (unconditional love), so when it comes to technology I do absolutely love it. Other positive qualities of Uranus are invention, servicing equal access in society, the sciences (I was a biology major!) and astrology/spiritual sciences.

I have had a painful amount of time from the universe to reflect on this area of my chart this year. Jupiter transited Sagittarius from the fall of last year until now (it will be leaving first week of December to move into Capricorn...this Virgo cannot WAIT). During that time, it magnified all the energy here: karmic lessons, soft spots, vulnerabilities, and belief systems I have when it comes to work and play (and maybe what work I can do that feels like play, paradoxically). It certainly has been a rocky year. I have explored the ins and outs of many different career pathways. I am sure there is more clarity to come in this story, as we are in the home stretch of this Jupiter in Sag transit and I have found (through my own experiences and learning from other astrologers) that Jupiter tends to deliver its result best at the end of its transit.

It's a bit of a hot air balloon phenomenon. While you are up there seeing all the sights, and exploring everything you don't fully realize the scope of just how far you traveled and all the sites you have seen until you land back down and review all the pictures. In fact, I stumbled upon this 2019 Year in Review video that my iPhone could make for me and I actually started crying. I was witnessing all these little things adding up to tell a much bigger and beautiful story of joy, learning, right detour, right place/right time and more..even this one Sabrina the Teenage Witch clip I videod somehow made it in there (no doubt my guides were involved in that) and I looked back at it with SUCH a higher perspective of its deeper meaning to me about other things. All the little moments with my dog Monty...the endless videos I make of his cuteness and daily musings, and our mini dates out and about with each all is so magical from a higher perspective.

While we are in it we can't see it. But when we step down and we recap the journey, we begin to understand. Then, we can go to work building on what we have learned.

I feel I am coming to a place where things are a bit full circle from where they were in January of this year. I took some time taking lots of detours to end up back here, but, ultimately, those detours gave me wisdom, and experience I didn't readily have access to in January. So, now I get to approach the same things with fresh eyes, fresh energy, and a portfolio of postcards in my pocket.

As I reviewed that video one more time and tears flew, these words came to me: "Its as if somehow, even in the midst of all that pain and suffering, you are a soul, living this beautiful life...and you just can't see it. All the little moments add up to make something actually really great...and it had just been there all along..."

As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."

I think there is plenty more to come with this story, as the tension between Virgo and Sagittarius is an aspect I will work through in my chart for this entire lifetime, but I feel, perhaps, slowly, painfully, I am coming to peace about what this transit has been for me. And funnily enough, the off the beaten path this blog post took for me turned out beautifully too. I fully intended to steer it another more straightforward way, but it turned out quite alright after all. As I am learning, detours aren't always the worst thing after all.

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