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๐ŸŽƒ Samhain Blessings! The Astrology of this Witchy New Year ๐ŸŽƒ

This year the peak of Samhain - the start of a new year in the Wheel of the Year in the Celtic/pagan tradition (and Halloween for muggles) actually coincides with a full moon!

Yes, that's right!

And with this full moon EXACTLY conjunct Uranus (more on that in a bit), the astrals will be quite literally cooking up some mayhem this Halloween 2020...

So what do the astrals have cooking up? Let's take a look at the astro chart...

๐ŸŽƒThe Full Moon Itself ๐ŸŽƒ

Full moons are always a little bit crazy. Emotions run over, things seem grander and more enlarged than they actually are, everything just gets a bit...extra. When the sun and moon oppose each other, as is what happens in a full moon, we are being forced to consider both sides of the same coin, at the same time. Wherever that planetary axis falls in our chart, we are very, very, very aware of what the lessons are there, as the full moon lights it all up.

With this full moon in Taurus, we are looking at themes around where we need to upgrade our sense of self respect and self worth. We may have let ourselves be kicked around a bit more than we should have, or simply are not stepping into our power fully. This full moon in Taurus is going to butt kick us to really look at that, as it opposes its opposite, truths laid bare Scorpio. There may be some surprises along the way with how that comes to pass (see below)!

๐ŸŽƒThe Full Moon conjunct Uranus!๐ŸŽƒ

With the full moon also EXACTLY conjunct Uranus, both at 8 degrees, things can get a bit...unpredictable. Sudden ideas might come through, or seemingly unpredictable events might pop up. We might be especially surprised by the actions of others, ourself, or even society itself goes through some type of shock and awe upgrade on a larger scale (pre-election race surprises of some sort, maybe?). What is certain, though, is that this will be flavored by Taurus - all the things to do with self worth, self respect, material assets, and worth. Look carefully into your own chart by house placement and aspects to determine deeper what this Full Moon in Taurus is upgrading for you. I know for myself this is all happening in my 7th house, so its allllll about the self worth upgrades in relationships and my relationship with myself.

๐ŸŽƒMars Square Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn๐ŸŽƒ

Adding to this astral cauldron, we have the reinforcement of the ongoing tension between retrograde Mars and late degree Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter will be squaring off with each other most tightly, followed by Pluto, then Saturn. We want to push forward so badly! But Saturn says NO, not yet. Here, the work we have been doing since mid September is encouraging us to review, reassess, revise our approach before we charge forward. We are doing this "redo" work begrudingly. Or, perhaps you are one of the willingly ones if you are knowing and working with astrology.

๐ŸŽƒNorth Node conjunct Pars Fortunae๐ŸŽƒ

An interesting side note to all of this is that the North Node transiting at 20 degrees Gemini will also be EXACTLY conjunct Pars Fortunae, the asteroid related to good luck and expansion ("Path of Fortune"). This tells us that we would do well to allow ourselves to be immersed in facts and embrace support of friends. Also, most importantly, it tells us to approach life with a sense of curiosity and play for this mysterious journey we are on. It's like we are all the fools, but being on a fool's journey doesn't make us any less than or undignified. We get to mysteriously trust the universe now, and allow ourselves to let go of rigid beliefs, learn new things, remain open and curious. More to learn perhaps?

๐ŸŽƒMercury Square Saturn๐ŸŽƒ

Another significant aspect to this full moon is the EXACT Mercury square Saturn happening then. This was building up all week, but will be at peak at time of the full moon. Folks, exact aspects like this on a full moon are especially unique, as for anything to become exact like this its a roughly 1/30 x 1/30 x 1/24 chance (I'll let you do the math on that one).

Its as if things are unpredictable, revealing, and mysteriously shocking, oh yes, but we're simultaneously frustrated we're behind, communication has gone awry, been delayed, is a bit off, or a bit of a struggle. And hello, we are still in the home stretch of a mercury retrograde at the time of this full moon too. We will be feeling some stress and tension. Roll with the surprises! I know I took some unpredictable unplug time mid week that I was not expecting to do.

It almost goes without saying, but with a major election rounding the corner in the U.S., there's a palpable "on edge" feel undercutting everything right now. The election is just one larger, more apparent manifestation of those feelings. We can, however, work on controlling more of the little things in our own life. We have control over the inner reality we create in and of ourselves, don't forget that. I know for me, I am doing what I can to get ahead of the curve in terms of to do lists tasks so I can more fully enjoy Samhain and the full moon (hard to do during a Merc retro but I'm trying!)

Ultimately, Mercury square Saturn nudges us here that there's more work to be done, more things to learn, things aren't quite done yet, but we are learning and growing and will get there. We can feel this edginess, and we can choose to slip into lethargy and depression about it (unpleasant side of Mercury square Saturn), OR we can choose to say, "Okay, universe. I get it. I am ready to learn and play. Let's work together and make some magic happen."

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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