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🧙⏳ Spirit Time & Surrendering to the Divine Plan 🧙⏳

Its funny how I can start a post, stop with it, then come back to it several days later and find it is even more appropriate than when I started!!! haha Life is funny that way. I found myself saying to someone last week, "We want things to happen on our time, but often they happen on God's time." Its a REALLY hard thing for me to do, to surrender and allow a flow state with the universe. I think its hard for all of us, to be honest, but I feel for some astrological signs its easier than others. People with strong Pisces energy often can access this feeling more easily, as they are connected to that flow state, so much like the ocean. I find Sag's, too, are often focusing their attention on the upbeat nature of what life can offer and just find ways to redirect their focus.

But for a Virgo like myself, its really hard. This year has brought forth a variety of things that have required me to be EXTREMELY patient. After pulling the "Not the Right Time" card from my Angel Answers deck for like the millionth time about two months ago, I finally had to confront reality and surrender. Sometimes, no matter how much we try and put our energy into something that needs to happen, it just simply is a matter of not right time, right place, or right methodology for that to occur.

Image Credit: Julie Ann Fae, Angel Answers Deck

I see that the universe has provided for my needs in that wait time, but, still, that urge to keep striving, pushing, and doing -- and not being able to -- really hurts me. I was reading from my Abraham Hicks book today and was pinning, highlighting, and penciling in notes to self like a Virgo Queen. Full truth: I used to be a voracious consumer of all things Hicks videos on YouTube, and then I had a rather off putting experience one time that caused me to take a pause. Shortly after that, my awareness was brought to a different spiritual teacher who ended up birthing SO much needed medicine I needed at that time. I think its important we follow where our heart is leading us (Jupiter in Pisces approved for this timing), and sometimes that lead is AWAY from things that seemingly make logical sense.

Its sometimes hard to make decisions that are in alignment with our own inner being (as Hicks would say), and not someone else's. This complicates our decisive manifesting powers in life, as we battle our heart vs. head logic. Hicks would insist, however, that choosing your path of best well being and good is actually a rising tide that lifts ALL boats.

"It is not your role to fix the feeling of lack within others; it is your role to keep yourself in balance. When you allow your society, or even one person, to dictate to you what you should want or how you should behave, you will lose your balance, because your sense of freedom -- which is core to your very Beingness -- is challenged. When you pay attention to the way you feel and you practice the self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you." (p. 385, The Essential Law of Attraction Collection).

People pleasing and going with the "crowd" is something strongly reflective of my south node in my astrology chart, and something I have had to learn to "unhook" myself from this lifetime. Becoming increasingly more independent and forging my own path is hard and requires courage, but it also feels so satisfying and so good. Also, we are never "alone". We always have guides -- angelic guides, crossed over loved ones, and spirit guides supporting us and holding our hands as we cross our path. Sometimes someone is needed to lead the charge first, and then others can follow.

What Hicks is saying here is focus on aligning and magnifying you as the best version of yourself. Make choices from within that alignment, and you will magnify the right people, places, and things to move you forward. Where there are haters, well...haters gonna hate.

"No matter what choices you make, there will always be someone who does not agree with those choices, but as you find balance and maintain your alignment, most who are observing you will be more inclined to ask you what your secret to success is rather than criticizing you for being successful. And those who continue to criticize you would find no satisfaction in your justification, no matter how compelling your argument is." (p. 385, The Essential Law of Attraction Collection).

I find that last bit really particularly interesting. You can explain and explain yourself away, but it will truly never be enough for some people. Those who want to find fault and flaws will find it. You cannot bump someone off their fixation to a particular vibration, only allow yourself to radiate your own so strongly enough that it doesn't matter to you what they think, do, and say.

Its a hard lesson to learn, and one we need to do alongside feelings of insecurity, guilt, and shame that might come up from standing in our inner wisdom, personal power, or self assertiveness. It reminds me of when I pull the "Be Assertive!" card from my Angel Answers deck. I usually get this card when I am wavering in insecurity after asking about if a particular desired outcome is going to manifest. To me, this card projects the message of "STOPPPP. Trust yourself. Trust this process. Stop projecting uncertainty into your manifestations. Stand your ground, and chose personal power over powerlessness."

Image Credit: Julie Ann Fae, Angel Answers Deck

Its important to remember that life is a journey, and (as corny as it sounds) so much of life is just that. Sometimes I even drive 1 hour to visit somewhere (typically deep in nature), only to spend an hour, to then drive an hour back. I don't ever regret it. Why? Because the journey is part of that experience for me. Driving and releasing my worries, fears, and cares on the road behind me, and greeting the open road in front of me allows so much joy. Jamming out to my playlists I put together, and just allowing myself to surrender to that now reality of getting from point A to point B can be like therapy for me. The getting to the destination part is the icing on the cake, but the journey is the baking and blending of ingredients all along the way.

The journey makes that ultimate manifestation that much sweeter. So soothe yourself as best you can in the now. Allow things to align in their best timing, and most importantly: trust yourself and trust the process.

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