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Updated: Oct 18

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10/18 💗Post New Moon in Libra♎, New PAC Video🔮, Mars & Merc Retro🌀, Eco Fairy Guide🌎 & More💗

10/3 💗Post Full Moon in Aries, 🔮New Pick a Card Video, 🍁Fall Fairy Play, ♏Merc enters Scorpio & More💗

9/19 💗New Pick a Card Video🔮, Magic Your Mabon🍂, Juno enters Scorpio🔪& More💗

9/5 💗Post Full Moon in Pisces♓, New Pick a Card Video🔮, Mars Retrograde ♈, Asteroid Goddesses 👑& More💗

9/4 💗Post Full Moon in Pisces, New Pick a Card Video🔮, Mars Retrograde ♈,Asteroid Goddesses 👑& More💗

8/22 💗Post New Moon in Leo♌, New Pick a Card Video🔮, Mars in Aries ♈, Birthday Sale! 🥳& More💗

7/12 💗Post Full Moon in Cap Eclipse♑, Pick a Card🔮, Angel Squad😇, Report Specials✨& More💗

6/21 💗New Moon in Cancer Eclipse♋,Warrior Goddess Vibes🛡️, Astro Report Specials✨& More💗

6/10 💗Post Full Moon in Sag ♐ , Summer Forecast Report ✨, Love Train HW 🚆 & More💗

5/24 💗New Moon in Gemini ♊ , New Faescopes! ✨, Venus Retro Special Report 💋 & More💗

3/8 💗Full Moon in Virgo ♍, Survey Contest ✍️, Vegan Verde Nachos 👩‍🍳 & More💗

2/23 💗New Moon in Pisces ♓, Self Love Reflections 💌 My Why for Fairy Foodie 👩‍🍳 & More💗

2/9 💗Full Moon in Leo ♌, Princess Themed Astro 👑⭐Portobello Mushroom Sandwich 👩‍🍳 & More💗

1/28 💗New Moon in Aquarius ♒, Magic of Imbolc SALE 🤑, Greta T's Astrology⭐, Love in the Astro & More💗

1/12 Full Moon in Cancer♋, Epic Saturn Pluto Conjunction🔗, How to Help Koalas 🐨 & More


12/29 New Moon in ♑ Capricorn, New Website 💻, JFal ⭐ & More

11/23 New Moon in Sagittarius ♐, Rami Malek, Year Ahead ⏳ & More

11/9 Full Moon in Taurus ♉, Freddie Mercury, Season Ahead 🍂 & More

10/26 New Moon in Scorpio ♏, Hayden Rorke, Samhain Party 🎃 & More

10/12 Full Moon in Aries ♈, Bill Daily, Samhain Party 🎃 & More

9/28 New Moon in Libra ♎, Larry Hagman and More

9/10 New in Pisces, Deer Medicine, and Barbara Eden

8/31 Newsletter relaunch, New Moon in Virgo, and Jeffree Star

Sound bites from my older version of moon reports can be found here.

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