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♍ Vesta enters Virgo: the Priestess Comes Home ♍

On October 22nd, the feminine asteroid Vesta shifted from the sign of Leo (where it has been since August 11th believe it or not!) to Virgo. What does this mean for us who work closely with the divine feminine energies?

Let's take another look at Vesta and what it will now mean in Virgo...

What is Vesta?

Vesta is your priestess quality, the aspect of you that is present in your altar space and in the pure, faithful rituals you create. She corresponds to the "vestal virgins", sacred priestesses in Rome who guarded a sacred flame inside a temple and practiced altar making, cleaning, and living in sisterhood. Living and working together, these priestesses were honest and faithful to keeping the temple clean and maintaining guardianship of the sacred flame.

Who was Vesta?

These priestesses were no "virgins" in the sense of the word we would think it, though! They chose service in ritual and magic over creating children and family. They were free to choose whom they wanted to...*ahem* with and for that reason Vesta can also represent our relationship with discernment, sexuality, and intimacy.

These women were also revered for their priestess qualities and were given special privileges for their sacred work (before the patriarchy began to take over the divine feminine rights). The placement of this asteroid can also represent where we honor and respect our sovereignty, the wisdom, magic, and healing abilities we can provide. Needless to say, being chosen by a priestess to receive healing with was considered very sacred!

How do you study your own Vesta?

Vesta is plottable as asteroid #4 in your birth chart. Understanding your Vesta by house and sign can help you understand things like:

- your relationship with intimacy and whom you allow to receive it

- where you willingly offer faith, service and devotion in your life

- how you embody your inner priest/priestess

- what maintaining a home means/feels like to you

What did Vesta transiting in Leo teach us?

In Leo, Vesta taught us to be courageous. She practiced approaching spiritual ritual with the element of fire, bringing in raw power and endurance into the divine feminine energy. Here, she was persistent in her power, raw, and brave. What have you done or achieved since mid August? Just think about that for a moment.

How will Vesta do in Virgo?

The vestal virgins and Vesta are strongly linked to Virgo energy. Once you understand this true priestess nature of Virgo energy, you will forever respect it in a new way! (Trust me, I speak with love in saying that the "fast food versions of astrology" via memes and over generalized social media posts do NO service to ANY zodiac sign.)

Therefore, in many regards Vesta in Virgo represents the priestess coming home. (She also likes to be in Scorpio where she can confront intimacy and ritual with an equivalent other side of the coin.) With Vesta moving into Virgo this is a wonderful time for you to do such things as:

-make an audit of where you might have any "energy leaks" in your life

-actively work at cleaning things up in all ways: by your altar, in your home, in your phonebook, in your name it

-tend to and care for your altar: create one if you do not have it, dress up or adorn yours in some new type of way, keep it cleaned daily and treat it with as much respect you would a new crystal baby

-ask yourself who could I devote myself to or be more of service to? children, animals, and the underserved are always in need of our help

Lastly, I will say Vesta represents where we carry devotion in our life, and in strong transiting aspect within our own chart can also be a potent indicator of when intimacy is being formed, mended, or broken. I have witnessed this personally, and if there was ever a spiritual soul to love, respect, and witness Vesta, it would be, myself, as a stellium in Virgo. 🙃♍❤️️

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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